Air Ambulance Services Cape Town

Many people in Africa don’t get medical attention within the golden hour which is very crucial in saving lives. Our Air Ambulance service will address the emergency medical needs of people who want to relocate for better medical treatment within Country and Abroad.

All our Air Ambulances are available with ICU facility, all the air ambulance needs, air ambulance flights in Cape Town, air ambulance helicopter in Cape Town, rescue operations in Cape Town, disaster managements in Cape Town, and medical evacuation in Cape Town.

Our mission is to provide unconditional transport to needy people irrespective of their financial abilities. Each of the Our air ambulances will be manned by a full-fledged medical crew trained in critical pre-hospital care protocols to address emergency victims and critically-ill patients. Our Air ambulance aviation fuse for the one aim to save the life, challenging mission for to save the life of our people, our medical and technical experts from highly qualified aero space medicine and medical exports, pilots and all ground staff only has one aim to serve the society. Our team ready to fly equipped with advanced cardiac life support systems, advanced trauma life support systems to save some one in deed.


Why Choose us for Air Ambulance Services in Cape Town

  1. Affordable Air Ambulance Cost in Cape Town
  2. Advance ICU support system in Air Ambulance
  3. Medical Doctor Escort from and to Cape Town 24/7
  4. Multi speciality Doctors availability in Cape Town for Escort
  5. Aero Nurse will available from and to Cape Town
  6. ICU to ICU transfers from and to Cape Town
  7. Medical Equipments: Ventilator, Telemedicine Infusion pump, Cardiac monitor , Defibilter
  8. Multi-trauma Air Ambulace from and to Cape Town – Spinal cord/head injury / organ transplantation
  9. Air Ambulance flights/helicopter organ transport in Cape Town
  10. Babies and children needing emergency in Cape Town
  11. Medical attention,ACLS, ITLS Care

Air Ambulance Cost from / to Cape Town

Air Ambulance from Air Ambulance to Air Ambulance Cost From (USD) / hr Air Ambulance Cost Up to (USD) / hr
Cape Town Tokyo $5,500 $8,800
Cape Town New York $6,500 $10,400
Cape Town Los Angeles $6,000 $9,600
Cape Town Seoul $5,000 $8,000
Cape Town London $5,200 $8,320
Cape Town Paris $5,400 $8,640
Cape Town Osaka–Kobe $5,600 $8,960
Cape Town Shanghai $5,800 $9,280
Cape Town Chicago $6,200 $9,920
Cape Town Moscow $6,400 $10,240
Cape Town Beijing $6,600 $10,560
Cape Town Rhine-Ruhr $6,800 $10,880
Cape Town Houston $5,500 $8,800
Cape Town Washington, D.C. $6,500 $10,400
Cape Town São Paulo $6,000 $9,600
Cape Town Hong Kong $5,000 $8,000
Cape Town Dallas–Fort Worth $5,200 $8,320
Cape Town Mexico City $5,400 $8,640
Cape Town Guangzhou $5,600 $8,960
Cape Town Tianjin $5,800 $9,280
Cape Town Mumbai $6,200 $9,920
Cape Town Singapore $6,400 $10,240
Cape Town Nagoya $6,600 $10,560
Cape Town Shenzhen $6,800 $10,880
Cape Town Boston $5,500 $8,800
Cape Town Istanbul $6,500 $10,400
Cape Town Philadelphia $6,000 $9,600
Cape Town Suzhou $5,000 $8,000
Cape Town San Francisco $5,200 $8,320
Cape Town Taipei $5,400 $8,640
Cape Town Jakarta $5,600 $8,960
Cape Town Amsterdam $5,800 $9,280
Cape Town Rotterdam $6,200 $9,920
Cape Town Buenos Aires $6,400 $10,240
Cape Town Chongqing $6,600 $10,560
Cape Town Milan $6,800 $10,880
Cape Town Bangkok $5,500 $8,800
Cape Town Busan-Ulsan $6,500 $10,400
Cape Town Ulsan $6,000 $9,600
Cape Town Suwon $5,000 $8,000
Cape Town Atlanta $5,200 $8,320
Cape Town Delhi (NCR) $5,400 $8,640
Cape Town Toronto $5,600 $8,960
Cape Town Seattle $5,800 $9,280
Cape Town Miami $6,200 $9,920
Cape Town Madrid $6,400 $10,240
Cape Town Brussels $6,600 $10,560
Cape Town Chengdu $6,800 $10,880
Cape Town Wuhan $5,500 $8,800
Cape Town Frankfurt $6,500 $10,400
Cape Town Sydney $6,000 $9,600
Cape Town Munich $5,000 $8,000
Cape Town Hangzhou $5,200 $8,320
Cape Town Wuxi $5,400 $8,640
Cape Town Minneapolis/St. Paul $5,600 $8,960
Cape Town Qingdao $5,800 $9,280
Cape Town Detroit $6,200 $9,920
Cape Town Phoenix $6,400 $10,240
Cape Town Nanjing $6,600 $10,560
Cape Town San Diego $6,800 $10,880
Cape Town Dalian $5,500 $8,800
Cape Town Fukuoka–Kitakyushu $6,500 $10,400
Cape Town Manila $6,000 $9,600
Cape Town Shenyang $5,000 $8,000
Cape Town Changsha $5,200 $8,320
Cape Town Foshan $5,400 $8,640
Cape Town Vienna $5,600 $8,960
Cape Town Ningbo $5,800 $9,280
Cape Town Melbourne $6,200 $9,920
Cape Town Abu Dhabi $6,400 $10,240
Cape Town Rio de Janeiro $6,600 $10,560
Cape Town Lima $6,800 $10,880
Cape Town Baltimore $5,500 $8,800
Cape Town Kuala Lumpur $6,500 $10,400
Cape Town Santiago $6,000 $9,600
Cape Town Barcelona $5,000 $8,000
Cape Town Denver $5,200 $8,320
Cape Town Kuwait City $5,400 $8,640
Cape Town Riyadh $5,600 $8,960
Cape Town Rome $5,800 $9,280
Cape Town Tangshan $6,200 $9,920
Cape Town Hamburg $6,400 $10,240
Cape Town Jeddah $6,600 $10,560
Cape Town San Jose $6,800 $10,880
Cape Town Bogotá $5,500 $8,800
Cape Town Portland $6,500 $10,400
Cape Town Stuttgart $6,000 $9,600
Cape Town Berlin $5,000 $8,000
Cape Town Zhengzhou $5,200 $8,320
Cape Town Montreal $5,400 $8,640
Cape Town Riverside–San Bernardino $5,600 $8,960
Cape Town Tel Aviv $5,800 $9,280
Cape Town Yantai $6,200 $9,920
Cape Town Stockholm $6,400 $10,240
Cape Town Brasília $6,600 $10,560
Cape Town Dongguan $6,800 $10,880
Cape Town Warsaw $5,500 $8,800
Cape Town St. Louis $6,500 $10,400
Cape Town Pittsburgh $6,000 $9,600
Cape Town Karlsruhe $5,000 $8,000
Cape Town Jinan $5,200 $8,320
Cape Town Perth $5,400 $8,640
Cape Town Shijiazhuang $5,600 $8,960
Cape Town Tampa $5,800 $9,280
Cape Town Athens $6,200 $9,920
Cape Town Nantong $6,400 $10,240
Cape Town Harbin $6,600 $10,560
Cape Town Sacramento $6,800 $10,880
Cape Town Copenhagen $5,400 $8,640
Cape Town Charlotte $5,600 $8,960


Documents required,

1) Case Summary of patient with all relevant medical reports.
2) Passport,Visa, ID Copy of patient & attendants.
3) Full Filled medical Form & Fit to fly certificate.
4) Destination Hospital Details


Air Ambulance Trip Plan Cape Town

Prior to the trip, our Patient Transport Specialists and Medical Team work with you to develop an itinerary that meets the needs of the patient. We’ll research the flight options, and after reviewing the itinerary with you, we purchase the airline tickets. We’ll also arrange all ground travel to and from the airport.
Prior to the flight, our medical team does a complete physical assessment of the patient to ensure physical condition is stable enough for airline travel.
During the trip, Senior Doctors and Paramedics are constantly in attendance, to ensure the comfort and safety of the patient during the commercial flight. They also provide all medical care, including the administering of medications, and assistance with meals, hygiene, mobility, and other care issues.
Once the trip is complete, We’ll conduct a post-trip medical assessment and provide a verbal report on the patient’s current condition once we arrive at the receiving facility. We follow up by completing and submitting all required paperwork.


Cape Town International Airport

Cape Town International Airport
Airport type Public
Operator Airports Company South Africa
Serves Cape Town, South Africa
Location Matroosfontein, Western Cape, South Africa
Hub for
Elevation AMSL 46 m / 151 ft
Coordinates 33°58′10″S 018°35′50″E


Frequently Asked Questions for Air Ambulance Cape Town


What is Air Ambulance cost in Cape Town?

Air Ambulance Cost from or to Cape Town depends on multiple factors like Air Craft type, Number of Attendants, How soon you need Air Ambulance from Cape Town, Required equipment and Facilities in Air Ambulance. Find more details here

How much time is it required to arrange for Air Ambulance Services Cape Town?

We provide 24*7 Air Ambulance Services. Once you confirm Air Ambulance requirement, we will start processing immediately. For actual timelines contact us.

What are facilities available in Air Ambulance Services Cape Town?

We provide all required facilities in Air Ambulance including Emergency patient transfer with ICU setup, Senior Doctors, Paramedics, etc.

Can I have direct Air Ambulance from or to Cape Town Hospital?

Yes. We provide both Air Ambulance and Ground Ambulance services with ICU to ICU transfers.


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