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Oncology is the study of cancer. An oncologist is a doctor who treats cancer and provides medical care for a person diagnosed with cancer. They may also be called a cancer specialist. The field of oncology has 3 major areas based on treatments:  radiation oncology, medical oncology and surgical oncology.

An oncologist who is highly trained to investigate, diagnose and treat an individual with cancer or suspected cancer. These doctors can treat many different types of cancer in various parts of the patient’s body.

Cost Estimation of Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment in Lagos Average Cost in Naira (NGN)
Bladder Cancer Treatment ₦ 14,17,500
Bone Cancer Treatment ₦ 13,54,500
Brachytherapy for prostate cancer ₦ 12,28,500
Brain Cancer Treatment ₦ 20,47,500
Breast Cancer Treatment ₦ 15,12,000
Cervical Cancer Treatment ₦ 15,75,000
Chemoembolization ₦ 9,45,000
Chemotherapy ₦ 4,72,500
Colon Cancer (CRC) Treatment ₦ 11,97,000
CyberKnife ₦ 18,27,000
Cyberknife for Prostate Cancer ₦ 17,64,000
Esophagus Cancer Treatment ₦ 16,06,500
Fractionated Stereotactic Radiation Therapy ₦ 21,10,500
Green Light Laser PVP Surgery ₦ 19,53,000
HIFU ₦ 11,97,000
HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) for prostate cancer ₦ 11,65,500
Head & Neck Oncology ₦ 10,08,000
Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) ₦ 19,84,500
Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) ₦ 21,10,500
Kidney Cancer Treatment ₦ 15,12,000
Liver Cancer Treatment ₦ 15,43,500
Lung Cancer Treatment ₦ 14,80,500
Malignancy Surgery ₦ 13,54,500
Medical Oncology ₦ 10,08,000
Oral Cancer Treatment ₦ 10,71,000
Ovarian Cancer Treatment ₦ 14,49,000
Pancreatic Cancer Treatment ₦ 15,43,500
Prostate Cancer Treatment ₦ 16,69,500
Radiation Oncology ₦ 19,53,000
Rapid Arc with IGRT ₦ 20,79,000
Rapid Arc with IGRT for prostate cancer ₦ 21,10,500
Rapid Arc with IMRT ₦ 19,84,500
Rapid Arc with IMRT for prostate cancer ₦ 21,42,000
Skull Base Surgery ₦ 21,73,500
Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) Novalis Tx Frameless ₦ 23,31,000
Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SRS) Novalis Tx with Frame ₦ 22,99,500
Stomach Cancer Treatment ₦ 23,62,500
Surgical Oncology ₦ 16,69,500
Uterine Cancer Treatment ₦ 15,43,500
Whipple’s Procedure ₦ 15,12,000

List of Best Oncologists in Lagos

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What are the signs and symptoms of Different types of Cancer?

Breast cancer – There is a lump in the breast and axilla associated with or without ulceration or there will be bloody nipple discharge.
Endometrial cancer – Bleeding from vaginam.
Cervix cancer – Bleeding after sexual intercourse.
Ovarian cancer – Nonspecific symptoms such as abdominal distension, and dyspepsia.
Lung cancer – Persistent cough, breathlessness, blood in the sputum, hoarseness of voice.
Head and neck cancer – Non-healing ulcer or growth, lump in the neck.
Brain cancer – Persistent headache, vomiting, loss of consciousness, double vision.
Thyroid cancer – There will be a Lump in the neck.
Oesophageal cancer – Painful swallowing predominantly with solid food, weight loss.
Stomach cancer – Vomiting, dyspepsia, weight loss.
Liver cancer – Jaundice, pain, and mass in the right upper abdomen.
Pancreatic cancer – Weight loss, jaundice.
Colon & rectal cancer – Bleeding per rectum, alteration of bowel habits
Skin cancer – Non-healing ulcer or growth, mole with a sudden increase in size or irregular border, induration, or pain.
Testis cancer – Swelling of the testis, back pain, dyspnea.
Kidney cancer – Blood in urine, abdominal lump.
Prostate cancer – Urgency, hesitancy, and frequency while passing urine, bony pain.
Bone cancer – pain and swelling of bones.
Lymphoma – Fever, weight loss of more than 10% body weight in the preceding 6 months, and drenching night sweats which constitute the B symptoms, lump in neck, axilla, or groin.
Bladder cancer – Blood in the urine.
Blood cancer – Bleeding including bleeding gums, bleeding from the nose, blood in sputum, blood in vomitus, blood-stained urine, fever, lump in the neck, axilla, black colored stools, or groin, lump in the upper abdomen.

FAQs related to Oncologists

What are different procedure performed by Oncologists?

Surgery. The goal of surgery is to remove the cancer as much as possible.
Radiation therapy – A high-powered energy beams is used to kill cancer cells such as X-rays or protons.
Chemotherapy Chemotherapy uses drugs to kill cancer cells.
Targeted drug therapy
Bone marrow transplant – Bone marrow is the substance inside a bone that makes the blood cells from blood stem cells. A bone marrow transplant, also knowns as a stem cell transplant, it uses your own bone marrow stem cells or those from a donor.
Hormone therapy
Radiofrequency ablation.
Clinical trials.

What are the food that can prevent Cancer?

There are listed 13 food that may prevent the Cancer disease
Carrots. Several research found that eating more carrots is linked to a decreased risk of certain types of cancer
Olive Oil.
Citrus food
Fatty Fish

What are the ways to care a Cancer Patient?

Make The Room Comfortable And Positive.
Use A Time Table To Remember Medicine Timings.
Create A Treatment And Appointments Calendar.
Control The Number Of Visitors.
Take Some Time Off.

What are the causes of Cancer?

The most common reason for Cancer are:
Smoking and tobacco use.
Being overweight or obese.
Poor diet.
Lack of physical activity.
Sun exposure.
Virus infections and other infections.
Radiation exposure.
Exposure to cancer-causing substances
Family history and genetics
Chronic inflammation

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