Best Bariatric Surgeons and Cost in Zambia

Are you looking for the Best Bariatric Surgeon in Lusaka city of Zambia? You can now Compare Bariatric Surgeon in Zambia based on Rating and Reviews from past patients.

There are only few Zambia Medical Board certified Bariatric Surgeons in Lusaka.


Required Qualifications for Bariatric Surgeon in Zambia

Bachelors Degree in Medicine in Zambia

General Surgery Degree

Bariatric Surgery Specialization

Bariatric Surgery Cost in Zambia

Bariatric Surgery in Zambia Average Cost in Zambian Kwacha (ZK) Average Cost in US Dollar (USD)
Biliopancreatic Diversion ZMW 239,036 $11,952
Gastric Ballooning ZMW 250,272 $12,514
Gastric Band Surgery ZMW 250,068 $12,503
Gastric Bypass Surgery ZMW 242,917 $12,146
Gastric Plication ZMW 206,347 $10,317
Gastric Sleeve ZMW 239,036 $11,952
Revision Gastric Bypass Surgery ZMW 243,122 $12,156
Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass ZMW 213,702 $10,685
Sleeve Gastrectomy ZMW 239,036 $11,952

Top Bariatric Surgeons in Zambia

Bariatric Surgery Questions in Zambia

Who is the Best Bariatric Surgeon in Zambia?

Find the Best Bariatric Surgeon in Zambia based on Reviews here.

Which is the Best Bariatric Surgery Hospital in Zambia?

There are only few Hospitals providing Bariatric Surgery in Zambia. Find the Bariatric Surgery Hospital details here.

What is the cost of Bariatric Surgery in Lusaka, Zambia?

Bariatric Surgery cost in Lusaka depends on multiple factors including type of surgery, surgeon experienced and available services. Find Average Bariatric Surgery cost in Zambia here.

What is Bariatric Surgery Success rate in Zambia?

Bariatric Surgery success rate in Zambia is Average.

Can I get Insurance coverage for Bariatric Surgery in Zambia?

Bariatric Surgery Insurance coverage in Zambia depends on Insurance product you have purchased. C

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