Dr. Bekele Alemayehu

Dr. Bekele Alemayehu is an expert cardiologist in Ethiopia, he has high ratings, and patients have good experiences with him. He has been practicing in Ethiopia for the past many years; his patients keep recommending him to others. Booking Dr. Bekele Alemayehu appointment is easier. You can contact us, and we will get you Dr. Bekele Alemayehu’s appointment at your preferred time. Dr. Alemayehu is currently serving his patients at Gesund Cardiac and Medical Center with a high success rate. 

Dr. Bekele Alemayehu Experience

Hospital Position
Gesund Cardiac & Medical Center Cardiologist


How much is Dr. Bekele Alemayehu’s consultation fee?

You can find Dr. Bekele Alemayehu’s consultation fee here.

Where can I find Dr. Bekele Alemayehu’s reviews and ratings?

You can find Dr. Bekele Alemayehu’s reviews and ratings here.

How can I book Dr. Bekele Alemayehu’s appointment?

You can book Dr. Bekele Alemayehu’s appointment here online.

Rating and Reviews,

Rated 5.0 out of 5
5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
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Dr. Alemayehu is a phenomenal Cardiologist.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 15, 2024

When I walked into Dr. Bekele Alemayehu’s clinic, I was greeted by a warm and hospitable environment. A genial handshake and cordial demeanor from a doctor had such a calming effect on me when I was heading in for a cardiology evaluation. Dr. Alemayehu paid close attention to my medical record and listened attentively to my worries, thereby demonstrating his experience in the area.

Affordable pricing was one of the most striking characteristics for me in Dr. Alemayehu’s clinic. As being a person who is concerned for affordable high-quality services, I was pleasantly surprised by his reasonable fees. It meant that I could get the care I needed without having to pay a dime.


Dr. Alemayehu is truly a kind hearted Cardiologist.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 15, 2024

When I stepped into Dr. Bekele Alemayehu’s clinic, immediately I felt warm and comfortable. His empathetic nature instantly made me settle down and it was obvious that he was highly professional.During my cardiology consultation, Dr. Alemayehu patiently listened to my concerns and he gave me simple, easy-to-understand explanations about my condition. The fact that he is an expert in the field was evident, which gave me confidence that he would guide me towards a healthy heart.

The quality that distinguishes Dr. Alemayehu is his low prices. I was glad about the fact that I was able to receive the care that I needed without having to worry about the costs. In addition, this generosity not only made my experience much more pleasant but also relieved me of financial pressure during this time of my treatment. I strongly suggest Dr. Bekele Alemayehu for anyone who requires a kind and experienced cardiologist.

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