Dr. Henok Seife

Consultant General, Hepatopancreatic And Biliary Surgeon in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Dr. Henok Seife is an experienced consultant general, hepatopancreatic and biliary surgeon working in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Dr. Seife is an experienced surgeon who focuses on liver, pancreas, and biliary diseases and offers highly specialized clinical care to patients with complex conditions. His attention to details and concern for the patient’s well-being have made him a renowned physician.

Apart from practicing Dr. Seife is the Head of the Hepatopancreatic and Biliary Surgery Department at Lancet Health Services in Addis Ababa. In this position, he provides leadership for the department, and is responsible for the delivery of quality surgical services.

General Information –


  • Christian Medical College, Vellore, India
    • Subspecialty in Hepatopancreaticobiliary Surgery (2015 – 2016)
  • Addis Ababa University
    • Specialty in Surgery, General Surgery Residency Program (2005 – 2009)


  • General Surgeon and Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Subspecialty Surgeon
    • AAU MF (Jan 2013 – Present, 11 years 5 months)
  • Head of Hepatopancreatic and Biliary Surgery Department
    • Lancet Health Services, Addis Ababa
  • CEO
    • Lancet Specialized Internal Medicine & Surgical Center


  • 5 publications


  • Treasurer and Finance Head of the Surgical Society of Ethiopia (2012 – 2016)
  • Board Member of the Surgical Society of Ethiopia

Services Provided by Dr. Henok Seife –

  • Minimally Invasive Urology
  • Transurethral Incision of The Prostate (TUIP)
  • Vasectomy
  • Male hypogonadism
  • Vasectomy Reversal
  • Kidney Stone Treatment
  • RIRS
  • Penile Implant Surgery
  • Premature evacuation.
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Sexual welness
  • Male sexual disorder/Infertility clinic
  • Prostate screening
  • Inflatable penile implant
  • Nephrectomy (Kidney Removal)
  • Prostate Laser Surgery
  • Open Prostatectomy
  • Transurethral Resection of The Prostate (TURP)
  • Cystoscopy
  • Infertility Evaluation/Treatment
  • Blood in Urine (Hematuria) Treatment
  • Urinary Tract Obstruction
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  • Circumcision
  • Varicocele Surgery
  • Urology Consultation
  • Hydrocele Treatment (Surgical)
  • Direct Visual Internal Urethrotomy (DVIU)
  • Male Sexual Dysfunction Treatment
  • Sperm Retrieval
  • Male Infertility Treatment
  • Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection
  • Testicular Surgery
  • Surgery Of The Penis
  • Cystectomy
  • Prostate Resection Surgery
  • Urostomy
  • Urethrotomy
  • Urinary Incontinence (Ui) Treatment
  • Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction
  • Ureteroscopy (URS)

FAQs –

In which hospital did Dr. Henok Seife get his surgical training?

He got his hepatopancreatic and biliary surgery fellowship at Christian Medical College, Vellore, India.

What are Dr. Seife’s areas of interest?

Dr. Seife is a board certified surgeon with subspecialties in hepatopancreatic and biliary surgery.

Where does Dr. Seife work now?

Dr. Seife is a specialist in Hepatopancreatic and Biliary Surgery at Lancet Health Services Addis Ababa and CEO of Lancet Specialized Internal Medicine & Surgical Center.

How much experience does Dr. Seife have?

Dr. Seife has over 11 years of work experience in this field

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