Dr. Nnamdi Nwashilli – Laparoscopic Surgeon


Dr. Nnamdi Nwashilli is a meticulous, thoughtful and compassionate consultant. He is well trained in various technology used in performing surgeon.

He keep on updating himself by attending various conferences, doing research

1993 – 2001.


Dr. Nnamdi Nwashilli’s Reviews

  Dr. Nnamdi Nwashilli is well experienced as a Laparoscopic Surgeon.His patient has commented that he is a very meticulous, thoughtful, and compassionate practitioner

He has received a positive and honest review. His way of treating patients is exceptional. If you want to read his reviews, you can contact us. Will provide you with past experiences and reviews given by the patients. He is a patient-oriented surgeon. He provides specialized services which help him to refer others.

Is online Consultation available for Dr. Nnamdi Nwashilli?

Yes, online consultation is available for  Dr. Nnamdi Nwashilli.

It is important to provide a video calling facility as patients may visit from other countries which will be helpful for them as well as for the critical health issues patient.

But before seeing the doctor, the patient has to provide his/his previous medical certificate if any, pay consultation fees, and the doctor’s attendant will book the appointment.

Why choose  Dr. Nnamdi Nwashilli?

 Dr. Nnamdi Nwashilli is a meticulous, compassionate, and thoughtful consultant. He is approachable and never hustles through any of the consultations. He is calm and an active listener of the patient’s problem.

Treatment provided by Dr. Nnamdi Nwashilli

Colon Surgery.

Stomach Surgery

Anti-Reflux Surgery.

Gall Bladder Surgery

FAQs related to Dr. Nnamdi Nwashilli

What is the specialist of  Dr. Nnamdi Nwashilli ?

Dr. Nnamdi Nwashilli ‘s specialty is Laparoscopic Surgeon

Where does Dr. Nnamdi Nwashilli practice?

Dr. Nnamdi Nwashilli at St. Nicholas Hospital, Lagos.

Which tests/ investigations are generally required to perform by Laparoscopic surgeon

Chest X-rays. X-rays can help diagnose causes of shortness of breath, cough, chest pain and certain fevers.
Electrocardiogram (ECG). This test records the electrical activity of the heart
White blood count

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