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The human body is a sophisticated machine that requires proper maintenance to function optimally. When injuries occur, it’s crucial to seek the best medical care possible. Dr. Parmenas Oroko is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with extensive experience in trauma and orthopaedic surgery in the UK and Kenya. Let’s explore his education, interests, and medical practice.

Education and Training

Dr. Oroko’s journey to becoming an Orthopaedic Surgeon started with a lectureship position at the Department of Orthopaedics, University of Nairobi. He then pursued full training in Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery in Glasgow and West of Scotland. He worked as an Orthopaedic Surgeon at Hairmyres Hospital, East Kilbride, Scotland, for 13 years before undertaking a fellowship in pelvic and acetabular reconstruction at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Canada. He is on the UK GMC specialist register for Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery.

Expertise and Interests

Dr. Oroko’s interests in Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery include general orthopaedics and trauma surgery. His experience in the UK and Kenya has exposed him to a wide range of orthopaedic conditions, and he has developed expertise in handling complex cases. He has a strong commitment to improving patients’ quality of life and helping them restore their mobility.

Innovative Technology and High Success Rates

Dr. Oroko uses innovative technology to enhance the accuracy and safety of surgical procedures. He employs minimally invasive techniques that reduce pain, scarring, and recovery time. He also uses high-tech equipment such as intraoperative imaging and computer navigation systems to enhance accuracy during surgeries. His success rate in orthopaedic surgeries is commendable, and he has restored mobility to many patients.

Look no further than Dr. Oroko if you’re looking for an orthopedic surgeon who will give you the best chance of recovery.

Patient Reviews of Dr. Parmenas Oroko

Here are some patient reviews of Dr. Oroko and his various treatments:

Knee Replacement Surgery – Sarah, age 57

“Dr. Oroko performed a knee replacement surgery on me and I couldn’t be happier with the results. He explained the procedure in detail and was very reassuring throughout the entire process. His technique was excellent and the technology he used was state-of-the-art. I recommend him to anyone in need of orthopedic surgery.”

Pediatric Orthopaedics – John, age 9

“My son had a broken arm and we were referred to Dr. Oroko. He was amazing with my son and made him feel comfortable throughout the entire treatment process. He used a specialized technique that allowed for a faster recovery time and my son’s arm healed perfectly. We are grateful for his expertise and care.”

Trauma Surgery – Maria, age 35

“I was in a car accident and suffered multiple injuries, including a broken leg. Dr. Oroko performed the surgery to repair my leg and I cannot thank him enough for his skill and expertise. I certainly recommend him to anyone in need of orthopedic surgery.”


1. What does Dr. Parmenas Oroko specialize in?

Dr. Parmenas Oroko specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.

2. What kind of procedures does Dr. Parmenas Oroko perform?

Dr. Parmenas Oroko performs a wide range of orthopedic surgeries, including joint replacements, fracture repairs, ligament and tendon repairs, arthroscopic surgeries, and spine surgeries.

3. Where does Dr. Parmenas Oroko practice?

Dr. Parmenas Oroko practices at the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya.

4. What kind of patients does Dr. Parmenas Oroko see?

Dr. Parmenas Oroko sees patients of all ages with various orthopedic conditions, including athletes with sports injuries, individuals with joint pain, and those with bone fractures.

5. Does Dr. Parmenas Oroko only treat surgical cases?

No, Dr. Parmenas Oroko does not only treat surgical cases. He also offers non-surgical treatments such as physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and medication management to patients with musculoskeletal conditions.

6. Does Dr. Parmenas Oroko offer consultation services?

Yes, Dr. Parmenas Oroko offers consultation services to patients seeking expert advice on their orthopedic conditions, as well as to other medical professionals seeking a second opinion.

7. Does Dr. Parmenas Oroko offer telemedicine services?

Yes, Dr. Parmenas Oroko offers telemedicine services, enabling patients to receive medical consultations and follow-up care remotely through virtual visits.

8. Does Dr. Parmenas Oroko offer emergency services?

Yes, Dr. Parmenas Oroko offers emergency services to patients with urgent orthopedic needs, such as those with severe fractures or dislocations.

9. Does Dr. Parmenas Oroko accept insurance?

Yes, Dr. Parmenas Oroko accepts insurance plans, subject to the terms and conditions of the specific plan.

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