Dr. Ogochukwu Sokunbi –

Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist in Lagos, Nigeria.

Dr. Ogochukwu Sokunbi is a highly qualified Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist in Lagos, Nigeria. She is well-respected and hardworking. She is fully committed to the welfare of children and their health. Having undergone years of professional training and practical experience, Dr. Sokunbi has contributed to pediatric cardiology. She is passionate about the impact of different diseases on the heart. She addresses them in children so that they can receive high-quality care. She has a holistic and patient-centered model. She creates a plan of care for each child. The child’s situation develops it.

Besides her practice, Dr. Sokunbi is also involved in the medical community. She makes various contributions in the area of pediatric cardiology. A testimony to this is her insistence on acquiring more knowledge. She is improving herself through her active involvement in medical conferences and workshops up to date. The concern for the well-being of patients in Dr. Sokunbi’s medical practice has made her one of the most respected pediatric cardiologists in Lagos and Nigeria.

General Information –

Current Positions:

  • Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist, Lagos Executive Cardiovascular Center
  • Consultant Pediatrician and Pediatric Cardiologist, Lagos University Teaching Hospital
  • Lecturer, College of Medicine, University of Lagos (January 2024 – Present)

Previous Positions:

  • Lecturer in Paediatrics/Paediatric Cardiology, University of Lagos (January 2020 – January 2024)
  • Post Fellowship Senior Registrar, Paediatrics, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (November 2015 – April 2016)
  • Senior Resident, Paediatrics, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (May 2012 – October 2015)
  • Junior Resident, Paediatrics, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (February 2010 – May 2012)
  • Pediatric Cardiology Fellow, Frontier Lifeline Hospital / Dr. K.M. Cherian Heart Foundation, Chennai, India (June 2013 – May 2014)
  • Trainee in Paediatric Cardiac Interventions, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, India (May 2018 – October 2018)
  • Medical Officer, Nigerian Youth Corps, 2 Div Headquarters Hospital, Ibadan (March 2009 – February 2010)
  • Medical and Surgical Intern, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (January 2008 – December 2008)


  • Certificate of Training, Interventional Paediatric Cardiology, Apollo Hospitals (2018)
  • Fellowship in Paediatrics, National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria (2010 – 2017)
  • Fellowship in Paediatrics, West African College of Physicians (2010 – 2015)
  • Fellowship in Paediatric Cardiology, Frontier Lifeline Hospital / Dr. K.M. Cherian Heart Foundation, Chennai, India (2013 – 2014)
  • Bachelor of Medicine,(MBBS), University of Lagos

Professional Skills:

  • Holistic management of childhood illnesses from newborn to adolescence
  • Management of pediatric cardiac conditions on an inpatient and outpatient basis
  • Pediatric cardiac surgical care (preoperative, cardiac intensive care, and postoperative follow-up)
  • Performance and interpretation of pediatric cardiac investigations (electrocardiography, echocardiography, and diagnostic cardiac catheterization)
  • Pediatric cardiac interventions

Professional Attributes:

  • Motivated tutor, proficient in training in pediatrics and pediatric cardiology (clinical skills, investigations, and interventions)
  • Efficient and hardworking team player with practical communication skills
  • Committed to using best practices to foster systems improvement

Professional Memberships:

  • Fellow, Nigerian Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria
  • Fellow, West African College of Physicians

Services Provided –

  • Pediatric Cardiology- Noninvasive Imaging
  • Fetal Echocardiography
  • Transthoracic Echocardiography
  • Transesophageal Echocardiography
  • 3D Echocardiography
  • Pediatric Cardiology- Intervention
  • ASD Device Closure
  • VSD Device Closure
  • PDA Device Closure
  • Valvuloplasties (Pulmonary, Aortic Valvotomy)
  • Coarct Ballooning and Stenting

Why should you consider Dr Sokunbi?

Extensive Experience: More than 18 years of practice in pediatrics and cardiology.

Expertise in Pediatric Cardiology: Advanced education in pediatric cardiovascular disease. Specializations include surgery and cardiac procedures.

Holistic Approach: Proficient in comprehensive treatment of all diseases affecting children. From newborn to adolescence.

Educational solid Background: An excellent academic background. Including an MBBS from the University of Lagos. Several fellowships in pediatrics and pediatric cardiology.

Training and Certification: Interventional Paediatric Cardiology certified at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai,  India.

Proven Track Record: Considerable experience at Lagos University Teaching Hospital. Consultant and senior lecturer.

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