PCL Reconstruction in Abuja

All reconstructive procedures for the PCL require a graft. A common technique involves grafting the torn PCL with segments of the hamstring tendons. If the surgery involves the reconstruction of multiple ligaments at once, different graft materials may be used.

In general, most techniques utilise specially designed screws allowing secure immediate fixation of the graft material within bone tunnels drilled into the knee.   The surgery is frequently carried out as a day surgery procedure.


PCL injuries are classified according to the amount of injury to the functional ligament:

• Grade I: partial PCL tear
• Grade II: near complete PCL tear
• Grade III:a complete PCL tear – the ligament is non-functional


PCL Procedure

Severe PCL laxity, which results in a knee with significant posterior translation is quite unsettling to the patient, especially athletes due to the shifting of the tibia during running. These patients benefit from a PCL reconstruction, which re-establishes stability to the knee.

As noted in the treatment of ACL injuries, the ruptured ligament cannot be repaired. It must be reconstructed using a graft. This can be from the injuried patients own body or from a donor. The graft is attached through drill holes in the tibia and femur, using arthroscopic techniques, to reestablish the posterior cruciate attachment.

PCL Reconstruction Recovery

This is an outpatient procedure allowing the patient to walk with crutches and a brace in their home. Return to sports is restricted for 10 to 12 months, allowing the knee to rebuild strength and function.

PCL Reconstruction cost in Abuja

PCL Reconstruction cost in Abuja Average Cost (Naira)
Normal PCL Reconstruction ₦ 1,300,000
Complex PCL Reconstruction ₦ 1,500,000


Who is Best PCL Reconstruction Surgeon in Abuja?

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What is PCL Reconstruction cost in Abuja?

PCL Reconstruction cost depends on Implant type. Coast starts from 1.2 million Naira

Where can I find PCL Reconstruction surgery reviews in Abuja?

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