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Shaafi Hospitals is private modern health facilities located at the Hodon District Road between Diger and Benadir Hospital, just behind Istanbul restaurant atMogadishuin Benadir Region. The ShaafiHospital will openits doors to April 2016.

The Shaafi Hospital was set up by group Somali Medical Doctors with name of Doctors Health Care Union (DHU) led by Dr Ahmed OmarAbdiwho saw the need to bridge the gap between high cost Hospitals and the lower health care services.

The current Director of the Shaafi Hospital is DrTahlilAbdiAfrah, other members include Dr Prof Shafici Aden Dirir Head Surgical Department, Dr Ahmed Ali Mohamed Head Medical Department and DrsNasra Ahmed Sudi Head Obs/Gyne department.

This Group of Somali Medical Doctors thus came up with this facility, which gives patients first class and quality care at affordable cost rates.

  • To provide quality health care to all.

  • To be professional and ethical.

  • To be compassionate

  • To maintain high integrity

  • To be socially responsible

  • To be dynamic in health care provision.


Our Doctors

Prof,Dr. Tahliil Abdi Afrah

Khabiir Daaweynta Cudurada guud,cudurada caruurta,cudurada faafa,Cudurada bulshada ahna Agaasimaha Guud ee Ispitaalka Shaafi

Prof Dr Shaafii Adam Dirir

Khabiir Qaliimada Guud & Qaliimada Casriga ah (Laproscopy ) Consultant Surgeon

Prof,Dr.Ahmed Bashi

MBBS,MCPS,MRCS,LONDON Consultant Surgeon

Dr Abdi Farah Taano

Anesthesiologist,Emergency And ICU Internal medicine (Neuromedicine)

Prof Dr Raage Abdulkadir

Consultant Medicine

Dr Nasra Ahmed Sudi

MBBS (Pakistan) MOBGYN (Malaysia) MRCOG (UK)

Ahmed Ali

Khabiir Caafimaadka Guud & Ultrasound

Dr Ahmed Hussein Gurey

Khabiir Cudurada Guud, Maqaarka & Dheef Mareenka (Endoscopy)

Dr Omar Sheikh Mohamed Addow

Khabiir Daaweynta Cudurada kudhaca Afka & Ilkaha qurxintooda

Dr Mohamed Abdiladhif

Khabiir Daaweyta Cudurada Lafaha Iyo Kabniinkooda

Dr Mohamed Attia


Dr Nasir

Khabiir Dhalaanka Yaryar

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