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Komarock Modern Healthcare is a Mult specialty hospital in Nairobi. Get the best health care for every health condition here. This hospital was established in 2006 as a small clinic. The hospital continued growing and expanded its capacity from 10 patients to 100 patients. This hospital has a bed capacity of 24 for males, females, and paediatrics.

Komarock Modern Healthcare mainly provides Obstetrics, Gynaecology, and dental services but also handles other medical care for minor surgical conditions, such as ICU, Radiology services, and Dialysis.

Find the latest haemodialysis treatments at Komarock Modern Healthcare for patients experiencing renal failure. This hospital provides an ultramodern renal dialysis unit in its branches. The highly qualified team of the best renal experts gives more support to people with end-stage kidney failure till the patient recovers renal functions.


Komarock Modern Healthcare, 2024
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Kidney Dialysis Available in Nairobi

People with chronic kidney diseases are incapable of removing harmful waste from their kidneys, which can increase blood pressure and lead to severe infections. Nearly 13% of people worldwide are affected by kidney diseases. Experts worldwide have approved the latest dialysis treatments, which are now available in Nairobi, Kenya.

Patients can get dialysis treatments, which mechanically remove the waste material from the bloodstream. Patients will also get access to kidney transplants to replace the damaged kidney. Patients waiting for kidney transplants can also reduce symptoms with dialysis and lifestyle changes. The kidney transplant cost in Nairobi is KES 24,15,000 or may change as per procedure demand.

Hemodialysis in Nairobi

Kidneys are responsible for clearing excess salt and waste fluid from the body. Hemodialysis is a machine that filters the blood when the kidneys are not working effectively. It is an advanced method of treating advanced kidney failure and gives patients an active life despite kidney failure.

According to recent research by Scientific Reports (https://www.nature.com/), inactive people have fewer positive outcomes from hemodialysis. Healthy lifestyle maintenance is necessary to lower mortality. Around 31 patients with hemodialysis were observed using home exercises and wearable devices. The study results show that keeping their body active will give positive results. They also had social group support to remain positive during their treatments. Similarly, you can find hemodialysis treatments and support at Komarock Modern Healthcare Nairobi.


Dialysis Procedures in Nairobi

  • Dialysis procedures enable blood to pass from a tube into a filter or artificial kidneys.
  • The expert dialysis team uses a dialyzer, a filter machine, to extract waste while blood passes through.
  • Hemodiafiltration is the latest technology that efficiently removes medium to large-size water-soluble molecules.
  • The average cost of dialysis in Nairobi is Ksh 8,950 to Ksh 15,000 per session, depending on the patient’s requirement and the hospital/dialysis centre you choose.
  • A dialysis procedure is necessary when a patient has kidney damage or end-stage renal disease.
  • Note: Patients, who are not eligible for kidney transplants may survive 3 – 6 months on dialysis. If their body does not respond to dialysis or causes side effects and complications, patients will suffer even more and pass away in 3 months, especially those above 60s age.

Kidney Failure Treatment without Dialysis

A kidney transplant is the only treatment when you do not choose dialysis. Please note that the patient should be healthy enough to have kidney transplant surgery, and the healthy donor’s kidney should match the patient. In this circumstance, only the kidney failure treatment works without dialysis. Suppose the patient is older and has multiple autoimmune conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. In that case, they may not be eligible, and even if you take dialysis, there also are chances of complications. Therefore, the patient must be healthy and active for kidney failure treatments.

Does Komarock Modern Hospital Accept NHIF?

Yes, patients can benefit from NHIF at Komarock Modern Hospital. This hospital is determined to provide affordable and high-quality medical services in Nairobi with the help of NHIF and other insurance partnerships.


  • Komarock Modern Healthcare offers multi-speciality services.
  • This hospital has advanced dialysis facilities and a professional team for kidney transplant care.
  • This hospital accepts NHIF and makes health care affordable to every patient.
  • Komarock Modern Healthcare owns the latest ICU and HDU facilities for managing life-risking conditions and monitoring intensive care from speciality-trained professionals.

Komarock Modern Hospital Contacts and Address

A patient needs to have an appointment in the hospital itself. You can reach out to hospital address Ishiara-Nkubu, Road, Nairobi, Kenya. The doctor’s personal number or other hospital contact number will be provided at the hospital counter after the appointment booking. 

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