Spine Surgery in Ethiopia – Find Best Hospital, Doctors and Cost

For several healthcare solutions, Ethiopia is regarded as one of the most popular locations. One of them is spine surgery. Hospitals in Ethiopia are furnished with state of the art technology and services in terms of medical amenities. Ethiopia offers top-notch medical facilities for spine surgery at a very affordable price for all types of treatments. To ensure the proper diagnosis, care, and treatment of patients with spinal disorders, Ethiopia has skilled physiotherapists and care givers as well.

What is Spine Surgery?

The Spine, known as the vertebral column, is a vital, intricate structure that protects the Spinal Cord and supports the weight of the body. A good quality of life depends on a healthy spine. However, there are a number of medical issues that can affect the spine, including Spina bifida, Spondylolisthesis, and herniated spinal discs (slipped disc).  Injuries brought on by accidents, sports, etc. might also have an impact on it. Even while many spinal conditions are treatable with medication and rehabilitation, the modern, sedentary lifestyle has greatly increased the danger of back problems and injuries, which has resulted in a growing need for spine surgeries. When you have spinal issues like a herniated disc or spondylolisthesis, which can be treated physically, surgery may be beneficial.

Spine Surgery advancement in Ethiopia: In the last ten years, significant advancements in Ethiopia have made it possible for doctors to treat spinal disorders more successfully. The development of highly effective approaches for treating spinal problems in Ethiopia has been made possible by the integration of advances in biomaterial development, computer-assisted image guidance technology, and molecular biology of the bone and disc.

Smaller incisions, less damage to healthy tissues, quicker healing, and better relief from pain and neurological disorders, are all due to the fusion of modern technology and biological advancements. Ethiopia has a promising future for innovative, enhanced spinal surgery techniques.

Top Spine Surgeons in Ethiopia

Dr. Melkamu Baye – He performs a wide range of spinal surgeries in Ethiopia and is a well-known spine specialist.

Dr. Sergei Batanov – With years of experience performing surgery for all types of spinal disorders with high success rates, he is a renowned spine surgeon.

Dr. Daniel Ayalkebet – He is a top spine surgeon in Ethiopia with exposure to many complex cases and treating them successfully.

Dr. Tewodros Asegie – He is the most well-known and accomplished spine surgeon in Ethiopia and a specialist in the treatment of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spinal diseases.

Dr. Tessema Amare – He is a well-known spine surgeon in Ethiopia who uses latest techniques including cervical artificial discs and minimally invasive sacroiliac joint fusion.

Dr. Getachew Abateneh – He is one of the best surgeons skilled in both surgical and non-surgical spine procedures, dealing with trauma, etc.

Dr. Biruk Lambisso – He is a leading expert in spine surgery with particular expertise in minimally invasive spinal fusions, paediatric spine surgery, disc replacement, and discectomy.

Dr. Samuel Hailu – He performed multiple successful surgeries in the field of spine surgery and is a well-known spine surgeon.

Dr. Webtaye Wyohanes – He is an accomplished spine surgeon who is famous for his patient-centered approach and high success rate. Before beginning any surgery, he thoroughly assesses the patient’s health to understand the risks involved.

Dr. Abdullahi Mohamed Musse – He is a top spine surgeon in Ethiopia with expertise in lumbar spine surgery and minimally invasive spine surgery.

Spine Surgery Cost in Ethiopia

Spine Surgery in Ethiopia

Average Cost in Ethiopian Birr (Br)

Average Cost in US Dollar (USD)

Cervical Disc Replacement ብር359,277 $6,497
Cervical Discectomy ብር390,072 $7,054
Comprehensive Myelopathy ብር379,807 $6,868
Spinal Cord Surgery ብር379,807 $6,868
Corpectomy ብር349,012 $6,311
Spinal Column Reconstruction ብር410,603 $7,425
Discectomy ብር369,542 $6,683
Foraminotomy ብር328,482 $5,940
Kyphoplasty ብር338,747 $6,126
Laminectomy ብር400,337 $7,239
Laminoplasty ብር400,337 $7,239
Lumbar Disc Replacement ብር461,928 $8,353
Lumbar Discopathy ብር431,133 $7,796
Microdiscectomy ብር410,603 $7,425
Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery ብር328,482 $5,940
Nucleoplasty ብር297,687 $5,383
Nucleotomy ብር287,422 $5,198
Scoliosis ብር461,928 $8,353
Spinal Decompression Surgery ብር431,133 $7,796
Spinal Disc Herniation ብር420,868 $7,611
Spinal Fusion Surgery ብር400,337 $7,239
Spinal Stabilization ብር379,807 $6,868
Spine Tumor Removal ብር441,398 $7,982
SpineCor Bracing ብር431,133 $7,796
Spondylolisthesis Stabilisation ብር461,928 $8,353
Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF) ብር472,193 $8,539
Vagal Nerve Stimulator ብር431,133 $7,796

Top 10 Treatments Cost in Ethiopia

1. Spinal Cord Surgery in Ethiopia – $6,868

Any procedure carried out either on or close to the spinal cord is referred to as spinal cord surgery. They are used to treat various spinal cord problems, illnesses affecting the pelvic and thoracic region, as well as other spinal cord injuries.

The two main categories of spinal cord procedures are major invasive surgery and minimally invasive surgery. Microscope assistance is used during minimally invasive spine surgeries to enable surgeons to complete the procedure without creating a significant incision. On the other hand, major spinal cord surgeries are frequently reserved for a few specialized disorders, like adult scoliosis, severe spinal abnormalities, and critical trauma-related injuries. The cost of spinal cord surgery in Ethiopia is $6,868.

2. Laminectomy Cost in Ethiopia – $7,239

A laminectomy is a surgical procedure that frees up space by removing bone spurs and tissues associated to spine arthritis. The back portion (lamina) of the tiny bones in the spine are typically removed as part of the procedure. The spinal canal is widened during a laminectomy to release pressure from the spinal cord or nerves. Laminectomy is commonly done as a part of decompression surgery. A laminectomy in Ethiopia will cost you $7,239.

3. Discectomy Cost in Ethiopia – $6,683

A discectomy is a surgical treatment to remove the injured portion of a spinal disk, which has its soft center protruding through the tough outer lining. The most effective method of relieving pain brought on by a compressed nerve that radiates down the arms or legs is discectomy.  If alternative nonsurgical therapies have failed or if symptoms persist, a healthcare professional could recommend a discectomy. The cost of Discectomy in Ethiopia is $6,683.

4. Foraminotomy Cost in Ethiopia – $5,940

A foraminotomy is a surgical technique. It expands the region surrounding one of the spinal column’s bones. The procedure releases pressure from compressed nerves. In the context of traditional spine surgery, a foraminotomy is a significant open back procedure used to treat foraminal constriction. It necessitates making an incision that extends the length of the intended operative area in order to reach each vertebral level where the nerves are being compressed. In Ethiopia, Foraminotomy costs $5,940.

5. Corpectomy Cost in Ethiopia – $6,311

To decompress the spinal cord, a corpectomy is a surgical technique that involves removing a vertebral body. The goal of this procedure is to relieve the pressure on the spinal cord that is causing cervical myelopathy and spinal stenosis by removing the vertebral bodies and nearby vertebral discs. Then, a bone graft is put into the gap to enable the fusing of the individual bone segments into a single long bone. The surgery can also be used to treat some fractures, malignancies, infections, or spinal abnormalities. The surgical technique Corpectomy costs $6,311 in Ethiopia.

6. Lumbar Disc Replacement Cost in Ethiopia – $8,353

A type of back or spine surgery is called a lumbar disk replacement. The vertebrae—a collection of piled bones that make up your spine—are what give your spine its shape. The disks between the vertebrae act as cushions to prevent the bones from rubbing against one another as the vertebrae rotate and move. Your spine’s lumbar vertebrae and disks are located there. A worn-out or deteriorated disk in the lower section of your spine is replaced with an artificial disk composed of metal or a metal-and-plastic composite. This procedure is known as lumbar disk replacement. A lumbar disc replacement in Ethiopia will cost you $8,353.

7. Nucleotomy Cost in Ethiopia – $5,198

A surgical operation called a nucleotomy is used to remove the tissue covering a herniated disk. Using a forceps that is inserted into the area through a cannula, the nucleus pulposus (or a significant portion of it) is basically removed. This results in a decrease in the volume of the disk. Under local anaesthetic, the treatment can be completed with ease. The treatment cost for Nucleotomy in Ethiopia is $5,198.

8. Spine Tumor Removal Cost in Ethiopia – $7,982

The cervical, thoracic, or lumbar areas are all susceptible to spinal cord tumors, which develop either in the spinal cord itself or in its vicinity. The nature and location of a spinal cord tumor affect the best course of treatment, in part. However, a laminectomy and microsurgical resection are often used to treat the vast majority of cases. In order to preserve neurological function, the surgeon will attempt to remove as much of the tumor as possible. The cost for spine tumor removal in Ethiopia is $7,982.

9. Spinal Disc Herniation Cost in Ethiopia – $7,611

A herniated disk is a spine injury. Your spine, which runs from the base of your brain to your tailbone, is made up of a number of bones called vertebrae. Round cushions between your vertebrae are referred to as disks. You may move and bend easily because of the disks’ function as a cushion between your bones. A herniated disk is what happens when one of these disks ruptures or leaks.

A spinal injection, often known as an epidural or nerve block, involves injecting steroid medicine right into your spine. The drug lessens the nerve’s swelling and irritation caused by the disk herniation. Your body will be able to recover and resume normal activities more quickly as a result. A spinal disc herniation costs $ 7,611 in Ethiopia.

10. Cervical Disc Replacement Cost in Ethiopia – $6,497

In cervical disk replacement surgery, a damaged cervical disk is removed and replaced with an artificial disk. In comparison to conventional cervical disk surgery, disk replacement surgery may have the advantage of enabling more movement and putting less strain on your remaining vertebrae. A cervical disc replacement will cost $6,497 in Ethiopia.

Top 10 Spine Surgery Hospitals in Ethiopia

Spine Surgery reviews in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, the majority of patients who underwent spinal procedures reviewed the best outcome after the procedure with no complications. Ethiopian hospitals are home to the top spine surgeons, all of them are certified to carry out various spine operations with precise diagnosis. Ethiopia offers very reasonable prices on all of its medical packages. Patients who underwent spine surgery reported that the procedures were successful and that the back pain they were experiencing had significantly decreased.

Why Ethiopia for Spine Surgery?

  • Years of education, practice, and training are all assets that Ethiopian spine surgeons bring with them. To ensure that patients with spinal disorders receive the proper diagnosis, care, and treatment, they are supported by competent medical experts and equipped with the most modern surgical tools. They also provide competent support professionals and physiotherapists to aid patients in achieving movement and freedom post surgery. The doctors that specialize in spine surgery are skilled in a variety of spine operations.
  • Hospitals in Ethiopia are accredited, and this means that they are committed to providing high patient satisfaction and quality care.
  • Ethiopia offers high-quality medical care that is both affordable and effective.

Spine Surgery Success Rate in Ethiopia

The success rate of spine surgery in Ethiopia is primarily concerned with how to relieve patients’ severe back pain and help them recover from their spinal disorders. Ethiopia has recently proven to be more effective at treating patients thanks to their advanced use of robotics and skilled doctors using laser technology that minimize stitches and cuts.

Depending on the sort of treatment you choose for your spinal issues, the success rate of spine surgery in Ethiopia ranges from 80% to 90%. The overall success rate is influenced by a number of factors, including the patient’s health (immunity), the right medication, the right care facilities, pre- and post-care, and diet.

Spine Surgery Insurance coverage in Ethiopia

Top 5 Medical Insurance companies –

All spine procedures in Ethiopia will be covered by a medical insurance policy.

  1. National Insurance Company of Ethiopia – NICE
  2. Nyala Insurance Share Company – NISCO
  3. Africa Insurance Company – AICSC
  4. Awash Insurance Company – AIC
  5. Global Insurance Company – GIC

Spine Surgery technologies in Ethiopia

Robotic-assisted Spine Surgery in Ethiopia: Robotic spine surgery, also referred to as robot-assisted spine surgery, is the practice of using robotic technology to guide the surgeon during spinal neurosurgery. In order to fully expose the spine during traditional spine surgery, a sizable incision must be made through skin, muscle, and other tissue. Robotic-assisted spine surgery is minimally invasive and only calls for very tiny incisions, through which tiny high-definition cameras and surgical tools are put. Live views of the surgical site are provided through the camera. In comparison to conventional surgery, the robotic assist offers more agility, flexibility, and precision.

Benefits of robotic spine surgery in Ethiopia

Despite the fact that every patient is different, minimally invasive robotic spine surgery frequently leads to:

  • Less bleeding
  • Reduced danger of infection
  • Fewer pains
  • Faster healing
  • Quicker return to routine activities
  • Shorter hospital stay

Ultrasonic Bone Scalpel in Ethiopia: A brand-new ultrasonic surgical tool called an “ultrasonic bone scalpel” can cut bone while preserving soft tissues. Bone Scalpel is best suited for spine applications where bone must be sliced close to the dura and neural structures due to its relative selectivity for bone ablation.

Balloon Kyphoplasty in Ethiopia: Balloon Kyphoplasty, a percutaneous cementing procedure, can now be used to treat patients with compressed vertebral fractures. It is one such curative approach that is safe and comparatively more efficient in treating different pathological vertebral fractures.

Spine Surgery Diagnosis methods in Ethiopia

Back pain frequently appears out of the blue and can be diagnosed by a doctor through testing.

  • X-Ray – X-rays can show degenerative changes in the spine, tumors, fractures, and issues with the vertebral column.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) – A powerful magnetic field and radio waves are used in MRI to create computer-generated pictures. This examination of the spinal cord is beneficial for locating herniated disks, blood clots, and other masses that could compress the spinal cord.
  • CT scan – An enhanced image of abnormalities visible on an X-ray can be obtained using a CT scan. Computers are used in this scan to create a number of cross-sectional images that can identify bone, disk, and other issues.
  • Nerve conduction velocity testing – The rate at which electrical impulses travel through the body’s nerves is measured by a nerve conduction velocity test. An electrical current is used during the test to directly stimulate a nerve and observe how it responds. Numerous muscular and neuromuscular problems can be identified with the aid of NCV tests. Herniated disk disease may be identified with an NCV examination.

Laminectomy in Ethiopia

By eliminating bone spurs and tissues linked to spine arthritis, a laminectomy clears space in the body. Typically, a tiny portion of the lamina, the back of the spine’s small bones, must be removed (vertebrae). To relieve strain on the spinal cord or nerves, laminectomy enlarges the spinal canal. Laminectomy is typically performed along with decompression surgery. Bony overgrowths inside the spinal canal, which can happen in persons with spinal arthritis, are the most frequent cause of this pressure. Bone spurs are another name for these growths. For some people, they are a complication of getting older. It’s also possible to inherit bone spurs.

Laminectomy is often reserved for cases in which less invasive therapies including medicine, physical therapy, or injections have failed to provide relief. In cases where symptoms are severe or getting considerably worse, laminectomy could be advised. The cost of laminectomy in Ethiopia is $7,239.

A medical professional might advise laminectomy if:

  • Symptoms are not alleviated by conventional therapies such as medication or physical therapy.
  • Standing or walking becomes challenging due to muscle weakness or numbness.
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control

When treating a herniated spinal disk, a laminectomy may be required in some cases.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in Ethiopia

Surgery on your spine’s bones is called minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS). Less incisions are made during this kind of surgery than during normal surgery. It frequently results in less damage to the adjacent muscles and other structures. It may result in reduced discomfort and a quicker recovery from surgery.

The medical professional makes a smaller incision during MISS. Then, he or she inserts a tool known as a tubular retractor. This tool has the shape of a rigid tube. It carves out a tunnel to the problematic spine region. The surrounding muscle and soft tissue are gently pushed aside. The surgeon can now operate on the spine by inserting tiny instruments through the tunnel. Some types of spine surgery can be performed using MISS by surgeons. Laminectomy, spinal fusion, and lumbar discectomy are a few of these.

Only if you suffer from a condition for which surgery may be helpful will your doctor recommend spine surgery. Among them are conditions like:

  • Herniated disc
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Spinal deformities
  • Spinal instability
  • Spondylolysis
  • Fractured vertebra
  • Removal of a spinal tumor
  • Infection in the spine

If you’re considering spine surgery, find out if MISS is an option for you from your doctor. A minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in Ethiopia costs $5,940.

Advantages of spine surgery

Here are several important advantages you will experience after spine surgery that go beyond just pain relief –

  • You can move around more easily and have less pain
  • Mood elevates
  • Less dependence on painkillers
  • You can resume your regular routine
  • More efficient at work
  • Physically fit


1.How long does it take to heal from spine surgery?

Recovery from spine surgery depends on various factors, including the patient’s health prior to the procedure, their age, and the kind of surgery they underwent.

2. Which type of spine surgery is the most common?

One of the most common type of spine surgery is a laminectomy. In a laminectomy, your back’s ligaments or a portion of bone called a lamina are removed by the surgeon. Post surgery, the pressure on the spinal nerves is relieved, which lessens any discomfort or weakness in the affected area.

3. What are the risks of spine surgery?

The risks of spinal surgery are very low. Risks can arise depending on the patient’s health and the type of surgery done. Having said that, the possibility exists and includes:

  • Infection
  • Neurological deficiencies
  • Reaction to medication or anesthesia
  • Having blood clots in your legs or lungs
  • Heart attack
  • Nerve damage

4. How much does spine surgery cost in Ethiopia?

Spine surgery in Ethiopia is very affordable and varies for different conditions.

5. Do hospitals in Ethiopia that do spine surgery accept medical insurance?

Yes, all hospitals in Ethiopia accept medical insurance for all kinds of spinal surgeries.

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