Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) Closure Surgery in Lagos

A congenital heart defect marked by a hole in the muscular wall between the two upper chambers of the heart is known as atrial septal defect (ASD). There is a space between the upper chambers of the heart that allows blood to circulate to the lungs during the development of the foetus. If the gap does not close at the moment of birth, the infant is born with an atrial septal defect (ASD).

The type and size of the defect, as well as the existence of several other congenital heart abnormalities, determine how an ASD is handled. Surgery to close an ASD is advised if the defect is significant.

ASD restoration or closure may be accomplished using non-surgical or surgical procedures.

ASD Closure Cost in Lagos

ASD Closure in Lagos Average Cost in Naira – NGN
Lagos ₦ 4,600,000


ASD Closure in Nigeria Average Cost in Naira – NGN
Lagos ₦ 4,600,000
Kano ₦ 4,830,000
Ibadan ₦ 4,922,000
Kaduna ₦ 5,014,000
Port Harcourt ₦ 4,738,000
Benin ₦ 4,968,000
Abuja ₦ 4,876,000
Maiduguri ₦ 4,761,000

Why ASD Closure in Lagos?

Many patients get ASD Closure done in Lagos because of,

  • Availability of specialist Cardiologist and Cardiac Surgeons in Lagos
  • Experienced ASD Closure Surgeons on Lagos
  • Advanced Technology and services for ASD Closure treatment in Lagos
  • Low cost ASD Closure in Lagos
  • High success rate for ASD Closure in Lagos

Pediatric Cardiologist in Lagos

There are only few Pediatric Cardiologists in Lagos doing ASD Closure surgery. Success rate of ASD Closure surgery depends on experience of pediatric cardiologist, available medical equipment and facilities.

You need to get detailed second opinion from experienced pediatric cardiologist in Lagos before deciding on ASD Closure surgery. Find detailed reviews from past patients who has done ASD Closure surgery in Lagos.

ASD Closure Insurance Coverage in Lagos

There are many Corporate Health Insurance and Retail Health Insurance companies in Lagos providing assistance for ASD Closure in Lagos.

ASD Closure Insurance coverage depends on type of Health Insurance product you have purchased and Terms of Insurance.

Contact here for ASD Closure Health Insurance coverage details.

Average ASD Closure cost in Nigeria Hospitals

ASD Closure cost in Lagos ₦ 4,600,000.
ASD Closure cost in Kano ₦ 4,830,000.
ASD Closure cost in Ibadan ₦ 4,922,000.
ASD Closure cost in Kaduna ₦ 5,014,000.
ASD Closure cost in Port Harcourt ₦ 4,738,000.
ASD Closure cost in Benin ₦ 4,968,000.
ASD Closure cost in Abuja ₦ 4,876,000.
ASD Closure cost in Maiduguri ₦ 4,761,000.

Frequently Asked Questions on ASD Closure in Lagos

Who is The Best ASD Closure surgeon in Lagos?

Find the Best ASD Closure surgeon based on Rating and Reviews from past clients.

What is ASD Closure cost in Lagos?

ASD Closure cost depends on multiple factors. Find average ASD Closure cost in Lagos here.

Where can I find ASD Closure reviews in Lagos?

Reviews from past patients for ASD Closure in Lagos are here.

Which is The Best Hospital for ASD Closure in Lagos?

Find The Best ASD Closure Hospital in Lagos based on Rating and Reviews from past patients.

How is ASD Closure success rate in Lagos?

ASD Closure has good success rate in Lagos.

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