Hysterectomy in Lagos

A hysterectomy is a procedure in which the uterus of a woman is removed (also known as the womb). When a woman is pregnant, the baby develops in the uterus. The entire uterus is normally removed during surgery. Your fallopian tubes and ovaries can also be removed by your doctor. You won’t be able to get pregnant after a hysterectomy and you won’t have menstrual cycles.

Hysterectomy is performed mainly for,

Other treatment techniques have failed to control abnormal vaginal bleeding.
Endometriosis with severe symptoms (uterine tissue that grows outside the uterus).
Leiomyomas or uterine fibroids that have grown in size, are painful, or are causing bleeding (not cancerous tumours).
Increased pelvic pain caused by the uterus that is resistant to care.
Uterine prolapse (when the uterus “drops” into the vaginal canal as a result of weakened support muscles) may cause urinary incontinence or bowel problems.
Cancer prevention for cervical or uterine cancer, as well as anomalies that may contribute to cancer.

Hysterectomy Cost in Lagos

Hysterectomy in Lagos Average Cost in Naira – NGN
Lagos ₦ 3,000,000



Hysterectomy in Nigeria Average Cost in Naira – NGN
Lagos ₦ 3,000,000
Kano ₦ 3,300,000
Ibadan ₦ 3,420,000
Kaduna ₦ 3,540,000
Port Harcourt ₦ 3,180,000
Benin ₦ 3,480,000
Abuja ₦ 3,360,000
Maiduguri ₦ 3,210,000


Why Hysterectomy in Lagos?

Many patients get Hysterectomy done in Lagos because of,

  • Availability of specialist Oncologists in Lagos
  • Experienced Hysterectomy Surgeons on Lagos
  • Advanced Technology and services for Hysterectomy treatment in Lagos
  • Low cost Hysterectomy in Lagos
  • High success rate for Hysterectomy in Lagos

Hysterectomy Insurance Coverage in Lagos

There are many Corporate Health Insurance and Retail Health Insurance companies in Lagos providing assistance for Hysterectomy in Lagos.

Hysterectomy Insurance coverage depends on type of Health Insurance product you have purchased and Terms of Insurance.

Contact here for Hysterectomy Health Insurance coverage details.

Average Hysterectomy cost in Nigeria Hospitals

Hysterectomy cost in Lagos ₦ 3,000,000.
Hysterectomy cost in Kano ₦ 3,300,000.
Hysterectomy cost in Ibadan ₦ 3,420,000.
Hysterectomy cost in Kaduna ₦ 3,540,000.
Hysterectomy cost in Port Harcourt ₦ 3,180,000.
Hysterectomy cost in Benin ₦ 3,480,000.
Hysterectomy cost in Abuja ₦ 3,360,000.
Hysterectomy cost in Maiduguri ₦ 3,210,000.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hysterectomy in Lagos

Who is The Best Hysterectomy surgeon in Lagos?

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What is Hysterectomy cost in Lagos?

Hysterectomy cost depends on multiple factors. Find average Hysterectomy cost in Lagos here.

Where can I find Hysterectomy reviews in Lagos?

Reviews from past patients for Hysterectomy in Lagos are here.

Which is The Best Hospital for Hysterectomy in Lagos?

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How is Hysterectomy success rate in Lagos?

Hysterectomy has good success rate in Lagos.

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