Oesophagus Cancer Treatment in Lagos

The oesophagus is the tube that binds the mouth and stomach. Oesophageal cancer can occur anywhere in the oesophagus, which is also known as the gullet or food pipe.

Esophageal cancer is increased by smoking, heavy alcohol use, and Barrett oesophagus.

The following factors influence the prognosis and treatment options:

The cancer’s progression (whether it affects part of the esophagus, involves the whole esophagus, or has spread to other places in the body).
Whether or not the tumour can be surgically removed entirely.
The patient’s overall well-being.

Oesophagus Cancer Cost in Lagos

Oesophagus Cancer in Lagos Average Cost in Naira – NGN
Lagos ₦ 6,000,000



Oesophagus Cancer in Nigeria Average Cost in Naira – NGN
Lagos ₦ 6,000,000
Kano ₦ 6,300,000
Ibadan ₦ 6,420,000
Kaduna ₦ 6,540,000
Port Harcourt ₦ 6,180,000
Benin ₦ 6,480,000
Abuja ₦ 6,360,000
Maiduguri ₦ 6,210,000


Why Oesophagus Cancer in Lagos?

Many patients get Oesophagus Cancer done in Lagos because of,

  • Availability of specialist Oncologists in Lagos
  • Experienced Oesophagus Cancer Surgeons on Lagos
  • Advanced Technology and services for Oesophagus Cancer treatment in Lagos
  • Low cost Oesophagus Cancer in Lagos
  • High success rate for Oesophagus Cancer in Lagos

Oesophagus Cancer Insurance Coverage in Lagos

There are many Corporate Health Insurance and Retail Health Insurance companies in Lagos providing assistance for Oesophagus Cancer in Lagos.

Oesophagus Cancer Insurance coverage depends on type of Health Insurance product you have purchased and Terms of Insurance.

Contact here for Oesophagus Cancer Health Insurance coverage details.

Average Oesophagus Cancer cost in Nigeria Hospitals

Oesophagus Cancer cost in Lagos ₦ 6,000,000.
Oesophagus Cancer cost in Kano ₦ 6,300,000.
Oesophagus Cancer cost in Ibadan ₦ 6,420,000.
Oesophagus Cancer cost in Kaduna ₦ 6,540,000.
Oesophagus Cancer cost in Port Harcourt ₦ 6,180,000.
Oesophagus Cancer cost in Benin ₦ 6,480,000.
Oesophagus Cancer cost in Abuja ₦ 6,360,000.
Oesophagus Cancer cost in Maiduguri ₦ 6,210,000.

Oesophagus Cancer Treatment options in Lagos

Oesophagus Cancer Chemotherapy in Lagos

One of the most effective treatments for Oesophagus cancer is chemotherapy. These anti-cancer drugs function by focusing on Oesophagus cancer cells that are rapidly developing in the body or in a particular region.

Systemic chemotherapy is preferred which is Oesophagus chemotherapy drugs travel through the bloodstream to reach cancer cells. Also regional chemotherapy is done thorough drugs are directed to a specific area of the body.

Oesophagus Chemotherapy is primary treatment to destroy cancer cells and shrink a tumor. Also used after another Oesophagus cancer treatment methods to destroy remaining cancer cells, to relieve symptoms of advanced cancer.


Oesophagus Cancer Surgery in Lagos

Oesophagus Cancer Surgery is used to diagnose, stage and treat cancer, and few cancer-related symptoms. Oesophagus Cancer surgery eligibility depends on multiple factors like the type, size, location, grade and stage of the Oesophagus tumor. Also we need to consider other illness or conditions.

Oesophagus cancer surgery is also an option to repair damage to skin, bones and other tissue caused by Oesophagus cancer or by Oesophagus cancer treatment. Oesophagus Cancer surgery is also be a palliative treatment to remove obstructions in the Oesophaguss or remove the tumors that are causing pain.


Oesophagus Cancer Radiation Therapy in Lagos

Oesophagus Cancer Radiation therapy (also called radiotherapy) uses targeted energy, including X-rays and radioactive substances, to destroy Oesophagus cancer cells, shrink tumors and/or alleviate certain Oesophagus cancer-related symptoms.

Oesophagus Cancer radiotherapy is used for primary treatment to destroy cancer cells and stop the growth of cancer cells. This is also used as treatment to shrink a Oesophagus tumor and relieve symptoms of advanced Oesophagus cancer.

Oesophagus Cancer Immunotherapy in Lagos

Oesophagus cancer Immunotherapy is a type of treatment that boosts the body’s natural defenses to fight Oesophagus cancer. It uses substances made by the body or in a laboratory to improve how your immune system works to find and destroy Oesophagus cancer cells.

Frequently Asked Questions on Oesophagus Cancer in Lagos

Who is The Best Oesophagus Cancer surgeon in Lagos?

Find the Best Oesophagus Cancer surgeon based on Rating and Reviews from past clients.

What is Oesophagus Cancer cost in Lagos?

Oesophagus Cancer cost depends on multiple factors. Find average Oesophagus Cancer cost in Lagos here.

Where can I find Oesophagus Cancer reviews in Lagos?

Reviews from past patients for Oesophagus Cancer in Lagos are here.

Which is The Best Hospital for Oesophagus Cancer in Lagos?

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How is Oesophagus Cancer success rate in Lagos?

Oesophagus Cancer has good success rate in Lagos.

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