General Surgery Cost in Sudan

General Surgery is available at multiple Hospitals in Sudan. Finding the Best General Surgeon in Sudan is very important for getting better results.

General Surgery cost in Sudan depends on,

  1. Required General Surgery for the patient
  2. General Surgery Hospital in Sudan you have finalized
  3. General Surgeon in Sudan who is going to perform General Surgery
  4. Latest Technology used for General Surgery
  5. Facilities availed during and after General Surgery

General Surgery Cost in Sudan

General Surgery in Sudan Average Cost in Sudanese Pound (£Sd) Average Cost in US Dollar (USD)
Adrenalectomy SDG 3,164,406 $5,753
Breast Lumpectomy SDG 3,390,435 $6,164
Breast Tumor Removal SDG 3,955,508 $7,192
Diagnostic Laparoscopy SDG 2,260,290 $4,110
Esophagectomy SDG 5,085,653 $9,247
Gastrectomy SDG 2,486,319 $4,521
General Surgery Consultation SDG 92,635 $168
Hepatectomy SDG 3,842,494 $6,986
Hernia Repair SDG 2,034,261 $3,699
Hiatal Hernia Surgery SDG 2,147,276 $3,904
Incisional Hernia Repair SDG 1,921,247 $3,493
Inguinal Hernia Repair Surgery SDG 1,808,232 $3,288
Laparoscopic Hernia Repair SDG 2,034,261 $3,699
Laparoscopy SDG 2,712,348 $4,932
Laparotomy SDG 3,616,464 $6,575
Laproscopic Cholestectomy SDG 5,198,668 $9,452
Liver Transplant SDG 36,164,645 $65,754
Lymph Nodes Removal SDG 2,034,261 $3,699
Mastectomy SDG 3,955,508 $7,192
Orchidopexy SDG 4,181,537 $7,603
Snoring Surgery SDG 3,503,450 $6,370
Splenectomy SDG 4,068,523 $7,397
Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy SDG 3,616,464 $6,575
Thymectomy SDG 4,520,581 $8,219
Thyroidectomy SDG 5,876,755 $10,685
Umbilical Hernia Repair SDG 1,582,203 $2,877
Varicocele Surgery Open Bilateral SDG 4,294,552 $7,808
Varicocele Surgery Open Unilateral SDG 3,164,406 $5,753

General Surgery Questions in Sudan

What is General Surgery cost in Sudan?

General Surgery cost in Sudan depends on required surgery and technology used. Find average General Surgery price here.

Who is the Best General Surgeon in Sudan?

Find the Best General Surgeon in Sudan based on Rating and Reviews from past patients.

Which is the Best General Surgery Hospital in Sudan?

Find the Best General Surgery hospital in Sudan based on facility, services and success rate

What is General Surgery success rate in Sudan?

General Surgery is done by experienced General Surgeon in Sudan. Success rate for General Surgery is reasonably good in Sudan.

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