Ethiopian Airlines Fit to Fly

Patients travelling from one country to other for Medical treatment, or returning back from treatment should have Fit to Fly certificate from recognized Hospital.

Ethiopian Airlines gives very high importance for passenger health and safety. Hence all patients travelling through Ethiopian Airlines should have Fit to Fly certificate.

A Fit to Fly certificate is a official document that certifies that a passenger is fit to fly and does not pose a risk to other passengers or crew members. This certificate is much required especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure the safety of all passengers and reduce the spread of the virus.

To obtain a Fit to Fly certificate for Ethiopian Airlines travel, you may need to provide medical documentation or proof of a negative COVID-19 test result, depending on the CURRENT requirements of the airline or the destination country. You should check with the local embassy or consulate of your destination country to determine their specific new requirements for a Fit to Fly certificate.

Ethiopian Airlines policy and procedures regarding Fit to Fly certificates keep changing based on current different global parameters. Contact for the latest updates.

Ethiopian Airlines is a Star Alliance member, which is the world’s largest global airline alliance, and it has codeshare agreements with several airlines, including Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, and Air India.

Ethiopian Airlines has awarded and recognized for its services, including the African Airline of the Year Award for several consecutive years.


Who can provide Ethiopian Airlines Fit to Fly Certificate?

Ethiopian Airlines accepts Fit to Fly certificate from following,

  1. Board Certified Doctors from the country of origin of patient
  2. Board Certified Doctors from the country where patient is onboarding
  3. Recognized hospital where patients is taking treatment
  4. Well known hospital where patient has done health checkup
  5. Recognized medical officers 


Ethiopian Airlines Fit to Fly Requirements


There are certain guiding principles in deciding whether or not a person is physically and emotionally fit to travel by air. Although each case will be considered on its own merit by the carrying airline, the following conditions are generally considered.

UNACCEPTABLE for Ethiopian Airlines travel:

a. Very Severe and critical heart conditions, such as: the severally de-compensate cardiac- patient or the patient who has sustained a recent coronary occlusion with my coca dial infraction. Such cases are not normally eligible within six
weeks of the onset and are at discretion of the carrier.

b. Those patients with entrapped gas, such as a recent pneumothoratx, or one who has had air introduced into the nervous system recently for ventirculography.

c. Psychotic patient requiring heavy sedation or restraint unless attended and special arrangements made. Some carriers will not accept psychotic passengers under any circumstances.

d. Severe cases or otitis media with blockage of the Eustachian tube.

e. Acute contagious or communicable disease.

f. Pregnancy beyond the thirty-second week (on short flights, pregnancy up to the thirty sixth week is acceptable by some carriers.)

g. Persons with contagious or repulsive skin conditions.

h. Recent cases(less than 2 weeks) of hemorrhagic cerebro-vascular accidents, passengers with altered level of consciousness at any time unless special arrangements are made with the carrier.

i. Persons with large mediastinal tumors, extremely large unsupported hernias, intestinal obstruction, cardnial diseases involving increased pressure, fracture of the skull and those with recent fracture of the mandible with permanent wiring the jaw.

j. Recent surgical cases with insufficient time for wound healing.

Fit to Fly Processing time

Fit to Fly certificate is provided at recognized hospital and board certified Doctor. Processing time takes 1-4 hours based on multiple factors including

  • Required tests to be completed for Fit to Fly
  • Time taken for reports
  • Availability of Doctor / Medical officer
  • Rush at the peak hours


Ethiopian Airlines Fit to Fly Certificate Validity

Ethiopian Airlines fit to fly certificate is valid for a given duration and it’s not permanent. Every country has different rules on the validity of fit to fly certificate.

Usually if you have taken Fit to Fly certificate just before 48 hours departure time, it should be sufficient.

Checking important vitals and health status is very important for fit to fly certificate validity.

You should make sure to obtain the certificate within the required timelines to ensure that it is valid for your safe travel. If you are unsure about the validity of your certificate, please consult with the local embassy or consulate of your destination country.


Common Questions about Ethiopian Airlines Fit to Fly Certificate

Fit to Fly certificate is it compulsory for patients travelling in Ethiopian Airlines?

Yes. Ethiopian Airlines gives at most importance for safety of passengers and crew members.

Where can I get Fit to Fly certificate for Ethiopian Airlines travel?

Apply for Ethiopian Airlines Fit to Fly certificate based on information provided here.

Who can provide Fit to Fly certificate for Ethiopian Airlines travel?

Fit to fly certificate is provided by recognized authorities mentioned here

What is Fit to Fly Certificate?

Fit to Fly certificate is valid for 2 days to a week based on patient medical condition.

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