Hymenoplasty in South Africa

Hymenoplasty is a surgery that restores hymen temporarily. It is minor surgery but involves the risk of injection, unusual vagina smell, abnormal bleeding, etc. Cape Town capital city of South Africa consists of hymenoplasty surgeon who is well experienced and skilled in performing.

This surgeon is to be done in a very precise manner as no visible scar should be there.

Cost of Hymenoplasty in South Africa

Hymenoplasty in South Africa Average Cost (US Dollar) Average Cost in Rand (ZAR)
Torn Hymen Stiching $900 R 13,500
Alloplant Technique $1,000 R 15,000
Hymen reconstruction $1,200 R 18,000

List of Top 10 Hymenoplasty Surgeons in South Africa

What are the types of Hymenoplasty procedures in South Africa?

  • The basic technique in South Africa –  This surgery takes 30-40 minutes. This procedure is done when there is some remaining hymen, which the surgeon stitched back together. This surgery undergoes local anesthesia to prevent pain and discomfort.
  • The All plant technique in South Africa – The surgeon undergoes the surgery in local anesthesia and inserts a biomaterial into the vagina and this tear-through material will function as the hymen.
  • Hymen reconstruction – In this hymenoplasty surgery procedure, the new hymen is created by taking the tissues from the lip of the vagina. It is suggested not to have sex for 3 month from the surgery.

What are the side effect of Hymenoplasty in South Africa?

There are some side effect due to Hymenoplasty

  • Post-op swelling, pain and bruising
  • Discoloration of the hymen
  • Numbness
  • Hematomas and bleeding

However, these are minor side-effects which needs to be taken in precaution

What are the reasons behind Hymenoplasty in South Africa?

Women who lost her virginity needs to restore the hymen before marriage as a cultural and religious reason. Also there are girl whose hymen got teared due to physical activity needs to reconstruct the hymen as per cultural and religious reason. There are women who are just for a gynecological exam reconstruct hymen just to determine whether they can restored or not.

Can Hymen grow back naturally with Hymenoplasty?

If the person have no remnant of hymen left then its not gonna grow back naturally. If some remnant left then the hymen will regrow naturally.

Is there any non-surgical way to get back Hymen ?

  • Laser vaginal rejuvenation in South Africa – This is also a non-invasive process, which is more comfortable and has a shorter recovery period.  In this procedure, laser beams are used to restore the torn hymen.
  • Vaginoplasty in South Africa – In this procedure, the surgeon will tighten the vaginal tissue to create a healed hymen.

What are the home remedies to regain virginity ?

Kegel exercise – This will help to tighten the pelvic muscle. Kegel exercise where a person needs to hold the urine while peeing for few second (i.e 10sec) and then release.

Pelvic exercise – In this exercise you need to lie down and lift your lower portion but folding the leg. You need to tighten and relax the pelvic muscle.

 Healthy Diet – This also helps in getting muscles to grow correctly and repaired. The diet must be full of organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains, organic carbohydrates, organic animal protein.

Include Yoga and exercise in your routine at least 5 days in a week for 30 min.

Why do people visit South Africa for Hymenoplasty ?

People usually choose to visit for Hymenoplasty in South Africa as because

  • Highly qualified and well-experienced Hymenoplasty in South Africa.
  • Affordable price
  • Mode of transportation is very easy in South Africa.
  • People of South Africa are friendly and helpful.
  • High success rate
  • Provide better accommodation, all types of medical facilities are available.
  • Fast forward services like book appointments, Consult doctor, post and pre-operative care, etc.
  • Mode of payment is easier, all types of payments are acceptable which include Cash, online payment, Credit Card, Debit Card, Insurance, etc.
  • Easy communication with medical care faculties.

FAQs related to Hymenoplasty in South Africa

What is the success rate of Hymenoplasty in South Africa?

Hymenoplasty has relatively high success rate with safe procedure.

Where to find the reviews of Hymenoplasty in South Africa?

You can find reviews here. On basis of reviews and rating find the best Hymenoplasty in South Africa.

How to book an appointment with Hymenoplasty in South Africa?

To book an appointment with the Best Hymenoplasty Surgeon, find the one based on the reviews, ratings, and experience. The visiting time start from Mon to Sat from 9 AM to 6 PM. Take your appointment before the day of seeing the doctor. Bring your medical report if there is any from a past visit.


Can physical activity is done after Hymenoplasty?

It is important to known that there should no physical activity like heavy lifting, climbing stairs, walking and sitting in a squad position for 3 weeks.


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