Best Paediatric Surgeons in Ghana

Ghana’s treatment facilities were not that good earlier. With time, Ghana’s healthcare system has improved, and patients with critical diseases receive specialized care. A child is the country’s future; caring for their health is the most important aspect. That is the reason Ghana provides all types of paediatric treatment facilities; there are the best paediatric surgeons in Ghana who excellently treat young patients with a high success rate. Ghana’s government also plays an important role in improving the treatment facilities for children. The government of Ghana has developed a National Strategy for Cancer Control, which provides resources and guidance for families with children with cancer. Additionally, non-governmental organizations like World Child Cancer, Lifeline for Childhood Cancer in Ghana, and the Dr. Robert Mitchell Memorial Foundation offer support and resources for families affected by paediatric cancer.

List of Top Paediatric Surgeons in Ghana

1. Dr. Francis Abantanga:

Dr. Francis Abantanga is a Professor of Paediatric Surgery and former Dean of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University for Development Studies in Ghana. He has been working as a paediatric surgeon in Ghana since 1992 and has trained other doctors to become paediatric surgeons.

2. Dr. Maame Tekyiwa Botchway:

Dr. Maame Tekyiwa Botchway is a highly regarded paediatric surgeon based in Ghana. She is affiliated with the Greater Accra Regional Hospital and is known for her expertise in paediatric surgery. Dr. Botchway has pursued advanced education, including a Master’s Degree from the University of Liverpool and a Master’s degree and Fellowship in Paediatric Surgery from South Africa. She is currently the 3rd female paediatric surgeon in Ghana and is affiliated with the Greater Accra Regional Hospital.

The following are the best paediatric surgeons in Ghana:

3. Dr Hope Addy-Glover
4. Dr Fareeda Agyei
5. Dr Michael Amoah
6. Dr William Appeadu-Mensah
7. Dr Anthony Kwasi Davor
8. Dr Cherno Jallow

Why choose Ghana for Paediatric Surgery?

Ghana has invested in modern medical facilities and technologies, providing an increasingly conducive environment for specialized medical procedures like paediatric surgery. Access to state-of-the-art equipment can enhance the quality of surgical interventions and contribute to better patient outcomes.

Many Ghana healthcare practitioners have received education and training from reputable institutions worldwide, bringing diverse expertise to the field. Collaborating with local surgeons and medical teams can foster knowledge exchange and contribute to the overall improvement of paediatric surgical practices.

Cost-effectiveness and quality healthcare make Ghana an attractive option for families looking for accessible yet reliable medical services for their children.

Initiatives and Collaborations for the Development of Paediatric Surgeons in Ghana

There are several initiatives and collaborations aimed at developing paediatric surgeons in Ghana.

Pan African Paediatric Surgery Association (PAPSA) has been pivotal in the advancements of paediatric surgery within Africa, fostering an environment of knowledge sharing, collaboration, and advocacy.

West African College of Surgeons has also significantly developed paediatric surgeons in Ghana and other West African countries.

Partner with international organizations, such as UNICEF, WHO, and international medical NGOs, to access funding, expertise, and resources for paediatric surgery development projects in Ghana.

Conditions treated by the Paediatric Surgeons in Ghana

Paediatric surgeons in Ghana treat a wide range of conditions, including:

Congenital Anomalies:

Paediatric surgeons often deal with congenital anomalies, such as cleft lip and palate, gastrointestinal malformations, congenital heart defects, and neural tube defects.

Paediatric Trauma:

Paediatric surgeons play a crucial role in treating trauma-related injuries in children, such as fractures, head injuries, and abdominal injuries.

Endocrine Conditions:

Paediatric surgeons may manage endocrine conditions, such as thyroid disorders, adrenal gland disorders, and congenital anomalies affecting the endocrine system.

Abdominal Conditions:

Conditions affecting the abdominal organs, such as abdominal tumours, appendicitis, hernias, and gastrointestinal obstructions, are commonly treated by paediatric surgeons.

FAQs on Best Paediatric Surgeons in Ghana

How can I find out the experience and qualifications of a paediatric surgeon in Ghana?

We have mentioned a list of paediatric surgeon in Ghana and their medical degrees, certifications, and affiliations.

How do you book an appointment with a paediatric surgeon in Ghana?

You can book an appointment with the best paediatric surgeon in Ghana here.

Where can I find reviews on paediatric surgeons in Ghana?

You can get reviews on paediatric surgeons in Ghana here.

Who is the best paediatric surgeon in Ghana?

The list mentioned above is of the top paediatric surgeons available in Ghana.

How can I find out the experience and qualifications of a paediatric surgeon in Ghana?

Health insurance might cover the cost of child care in Ghana, and you must talk to your insurance company to find out how much is covered for paediatric surgery.

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