Dr. Nafula W. Esther- Best Radiation Oncologist

Imagine living with chronic pain, day in and day out, with no relief in sight. How would you find solace and comfort? In a world where pain can be overwhelming, Dr. Nafula W. Esther, a distinguished palliative care and pain management specialist at HCG Cancer Centre, has dedicated her life to helping patients navigate the challenging journey of pain management. With years of expertise and a genuine passion for her work, Dr. Nafula is a beacon of hope for those in need. Let’s dive into her remarkable journey and explore the invaluable services she offers to her patients.

Academic Qualification

Dr. Nafula’s pursuit of excellence began with her Master of Science degree and Diploma for Higher Education in Palliative Care. These credentials have equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of palliative care principles and a deep knowledge of pain management techniques. Her unwavering commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in her field ensures that her patients receive the best possible care.


Among her broad range of expertise, Dr. Nafula has a specialization in Radiation Oncology. This specialization enables her to offer holistic care to cancer patients, addressing not only the physical pain associated with the disease but also the emotional and psychological distress that often accompanies it. By combining her palliative care knowledge with her radiation oncology expertise, she provides her patients with a comprehensive approach to pain management, empowering them to lead fulfilling lives. Dr. Nafula’s primary areas of interest revolve around chronic pain management, cancer pain management, and geriatrics. She understands the profound impact pain can have on an individual’s quality of life, and her goal is to alleviate suffering and enhance overall well-being. Additionally, she has developed a secondary interest in dementia care and medical ethics, recognizing the importance of addressing the complex issues surrounding end-of-life care and patient autonomy.


With eight years of medical practice experience and five years dedicated specifically to palliative medicine, Dr. Nafula has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and honed her skills to perfection. Her extensive experience allows her to approach each patient with empathy, understanding, and a personalized treatment plan tailored to their unique needs. Throughout her professional career, she has touched the lives of over 2900 patients, providing them with comfort and relief during their most challenging times.


Dr. Nafula’s dedication to her field has not gone unnoticed. She is an esteemed member of the Kenya Society for Pain, actively contributing to the development of pain management policies in her country. Through her involvement in creating a pain management policy for Kenya, she seeks to enhance the availability of optimal pain relief options for patients across the nation. Furthermore, Dr. Nafula plays a vital role in teaching palliative care programs to healthcare providers throughout Kenya, ensuring that her expertise and knowledge are shared for the benefit of all those in need.

Patient Reviews of Dr. Nafula W. Esther

Review 1

Patient Name: Lisa S.

Treatment: Chronic Pain Management

Dr. Nafula W. Esther has been a blessing in my life. I had been experiencing persistent discomfort for years, and no other doctor seemed to understand or provide effective treatment. But Dr. Esther listened to my concerns attentively and created a personalized treatment plan for me. Her knowledge and expertise in chronic pain management are remarkable. She introduced me to innovative techniques like radiofrequency ablation, which targeted the exact source of my pain and provided long-lasting relief. I am now able to enjoy a pain-free life, thanks to Dr. Esther’s dedication and skill.

Review 2

Patient Name: John M.

Treatment: Cancer Pain Management

I cannot express my gratitude enough towards Dr. Nafula W. Esther. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I not only had to face the physical challenges but also the excruciating pain that came with it. Dr. Esther’s compassionate approach and her ability to understand my pain made all the difference. She used advanced technologies like image-guided radiation therapy to precisely target the tumor and relieve my pain. The way she handled my case with utmost care and provided effective pain management solutions truly impressed me. Dr. Esther is a true professional and a wonderful human being.


1. What is Dr. Nafula W. Esther’s area of specialization?

Dr. Nafula W. Esther is a Radiation Oncologist. Her primary areas of interest include chronic pain management, cancer pain management, and geriatrics.

2. Where does Dr. Nafula W. Esther practice?

Dr. Nafula W. Esther practices at the HCG Cancer Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

3. What services does Dr. Nafula W. Esther offer for chronic pain management?

Dr. Nafula W. Esther offers a range of services for chronic pain management, including comprehensive assessments, personalized treatment plans, medication management, interventional procedures, and guidance on lifestyle modifications to enhance pain management.

4. Does Dr. Nafula W. Esther provide specialized care for older adults?

Yes, Dr. Nafula W. Esther specializes in providing care for geriatric patients.

5. Can Dr. Nafula W. Esther provide second opinions?

Yes, as a Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Nafula W. Esther can provide second opinions for individuals seeking further evaluation or alternative perspectives on their cancer diagnosis, treatment options, or pain management plans.

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