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The word “cancer,” which instills fear in the minds of many, is a tough foe that necessitates the skills of committed experts to resist its devastating consequences. In the vibrant city of Nairobi, Kenya, patients find solace in the compassionate care provided by Dr. Calvin Peter Abuya, a renowned medical oncologist at the esteemed HCG Cancer Centre. Dr. Abuya is a ray of hope for people navigating the perilous waters of cancer because of his depth of experience and intense passion for his work. So let’s learn more about the outstanding achievements made by this gifted healer.

Academic Qualifications and Areas of Interest

Dr. Abuya’s pursuit of excellence in medical oncology is evident in his impressive qualifications. With a Master’s Degree in Medical Oncology, he has honed his skills and knowledge to provide cutting-edge treatments and compassionate care. His main area of specialization lies in the management of gastrointestinal tumors, where he employs a multidisciplinary approach to offer tailored treatment plans. Dr. Abuya’s secondary interest lies in the management of leukemia and lymphomas, delving deep into the complexities of blood cancers to offer effective therapies.

Dr. Abuya’s expertise extends beyond conventional treatments. He has received considerable training in the use of immunotherapy, which uses the body’s immune system to fight cancer cells, and chemotherapy administration. Additionally, he specializes in ablation therapy for various solid tumors, utilizing advanced techniques to target and eliminate cancerous growths.


With an impressive fourteen years of experience, Dr. Abuya has amassed a wealth of practical knowledge and refined his skills in managing both solid and hematological malignancies. He has committed his life to ensuring the health of many individuals, managing more than 950 cases to date.

Each case has provided him with invaluable insights and a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding cancer care.

Dr. Abuya’s commitment to advancing medical knowledge is evident through his active involvement in clinical research. He is currently researching esophageal cancer in Embu County, striving to uncover innovative approaches for improved patient outcomes. By integrating research findings into his practice, Dr. Abuya ensures his patients receive the most cutting-edge and evidence-based treatments available.


Dr. Abuya’s dedication and expertise have garnered recognition from esteemed medical societies. As a member of the Palliative Care Society, he provides comprehensive and compassionate care for patients with advanced-stage diseases, focusing on alleviating symptoms and improving their quality of life. Furthermore, his affiliation with the Asia-Pacific Society of Medical Oncologists underscores his commitment to collaborating with experts worldwide, fostering knowledge exchange and advancements in cancer care.

Patient Reviews of Dr. Calvin Peter Abuya

Patient Review: Immunotherapy Treatment – Mark Johnson

“Living with advanced-stage lung cancer was incredibly challenging until I started immunotherapy treatment with Dr. Calvin Peter Abuya. I received a clear explanation of immunotherapy from Dr. Abuya, who also made sure I was at ease with the proposed course of action.

He utilized the latest technology and cutting-edge techniques to deliver the immunotherapy, which greatly boosted my immune system’s ability to fight the cancer cells. I appreciate his patience and kindness throughout the process, as well as his genuine concern for my well-being. Thanks to Dr. Abuya’s expertise in immunotherapy, I now feel more hopeful and have a more positive attitude on life.”

Patient Review: Palliative Care for Advanced-Stage Diseases – Lisa Thompson

“Watching my loved one suffer from an advanced-stage disease was heart-wrenching. However, Dr. Calvin Peter Abuya’s compassionate approach to palliative care made a significant difference in their quality of life. Dr. Abuya not only managed their physical symptoms but also provided emotional support to both of us. He truly listened to our concerns and made sure that their pain and discomfort were minimized. Dr. Abuya’s expertise in palliative care, combined with his genuine empathy, allowed my loved one to experience a sense of dignity and peace during their final stages. I am forever grateful for his unwavering commitment to compassionate care.”


1. What treatments is Dr. Abuya extensively trained in?

Dr. Abuya has received considerable training in the delivery of immunotherapy and chemotherapy for a variety of malignancies. He is also skilled in ablation therapy, which is used to treat various solid tumors.

2. What types of cancers does Dr. Abuya have hands-on experience in managing?

Dr. Abuya has practical experience treating hematological malignancies including leukemia and lymphomas as well as solid malignancies like gastrointestinal cancers.

3. Does Dr. Abuya have experience in administering palliative care?

Yes, Dr. Abuya has experience in administering palliative care for patients with advanced-stage diseases.

4. Where can I find Dr. Abuya?

Dr. Calvin Peter Abuya practices at the HCG Cancer Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

5. Can Dr. Calvin Peter Abuya provide a second opinion?

Yes, Dr. Calvin Peter Abuya can provide a second opinion.

6. How can I schedule an appointment with Dr. Calvin Peter Abuya?

You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Calvin Peter Abuya online here.

7. Does Dr. Calvin Peter Abuya perform surgeries?

As a Medical Oncologist, Dr. Calvin Peter Abuya primarily focuses on non-surgical aspects of cancer care, such as chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy.

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