Dr. Andrew Odhiambo- Best Medical Oncologist

Have you ever wondered how a dedicated physician’s relentless pursuit of advancements in cancer treatment can change the lives of countless patients? Join us on an illuminating journey as we introduce you to Dr. Andrew Odhiambo, a remarkable Medical Oncologist at the Prime Cancercare Clinic in Kenya. His expertise, commitment, and groundbreaking approach to cancer treatment are transforming the landscape of oncology, offering hope to those affected by this terrible disease.

Cancer remains one of the most challenging health crises of our time. Its intricate nature calls for medical professionals who possess not only extensive knowledge but also a compassionate heart. Dr. Andrew Odhiambo embodies these qualities and more, making him a true beacon of hope in the fight against cancer.

Education and Expertise

Dr. Odhiambo’s educational journey began at the prestigious University of Nairobi, where he obtained his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree. Building on his strong foundation, he pursued a Master of Medicine in Internal Medicine, specializing in medical oncology. His unwavering quest for knowledge brought him to the UK, where he triumphantly passed the Federation of the Royal College of Physicians’ Specialist Certificate Exam in Medical Oncology.

Key Positions

As a Program Director and Lecturer at the University of Nairobi, Dr. Odhiambo plays a vital role in shaping the next generation of medical professionals. He imparts his wealth of knowledge and experience, nurturing a new wave of dedicated oncologists who will continue the fight against cancer.

Dr. Odhiambo also serves as an Honorary Consultant Medical Oncologist at the Kenyatta National Hospital Cancer Unit, where he extends his expertise to a broader patient population.

Subspecialties and Innovative Approaches

Dr. Odhiambo’s expertise lies in employing a diverse range of treatment modalities to combat cancer effectively. His specialized areas include but are not limited to colon cancer, stomach cancer, metastatic breast cancer, liver, pancreatic, and bile duct cancer, lymphoma, and cancer of unknown primary origin. In addition, he stays at the forefront of medical advancements, continuously exploring newer therapies for lung, bladder, kidney, and skin cancers.

Dr. Odhiambo’s remarkable repertoire of treatment methods encompasses chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy. Through his innovative approaches, he tailors treatment plans to specific patients, taking into account their unique circumstances and specific cancer types. This personalized approach maximizes the chances of successful outcomes, elevating the standard of care in oncology.

Contributions to the Field and Global Recognition

Dr. Odhiambo’s exceptional contributions extend beyond his clinical practice. He has served as the Outgoing Secretary of the Kenya Society of Haematology & Oncology (KESHO), where he actively engages with fellow professionals to exchange knowledge and promote advancements in the field. His involvement in national and international expert panels, such as the Ministry of Health Kenya Technical Working Group and the American Cancer Society Hodgkin Lymphoma Working Group, underscores his dedication to improving cancer care and research on a broader scale.

Professional Affiliations and Memberships

Dr. Odhiambo’s unwavering commitment to remaining at the forefront of his field is clearly demonstrated by his active membership in prestigious organizations such as the Kenya Association of Physicians (KAP), the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the European Society for Medical Oncology, the African Organisation for Research & Training in Cancer (AORTIC), and the Royal College of Physicians of London (RCP).

As we strive towards a future where cancer’s grip is loosened, Dr. Andrew Odhiambo’s dedication and exceptional expertise shine as a guiding light, serving as a reminder that with exceptional individuals like him at the helm, no challenge is insurmountable.

Patient Reviews of Dr. Andrew Odhiambo

Colon Cancer Treatment

Patient Review – Jane

“Dr. Odhiambo is a remarkable oncologist who gave me renewed hope in my battle against colon cancer. His personalized approach, combined with cutting-edge treatments, has truly been a game-changer. The minimally invasive surgery he performed not only removed the cancerous growth but also allowed for a quicker recovery. His unwavering commitment and meticulousness have significantly impacted my healing process.”

Stomach Cancer Treatment

Patient Review – David

“Dr. Odhiambo’s compassion and expertise were evident from the moment I stepped into his office. His comprehensive treatment plan for my stomach cancer involved a combination of targeted therapy and advanced surgical techniques. The robotic-assisted surgery he performed was groundbreaking, minimizing postoperative pain and accelerating my healing process. Dr. Odhiambo’s commitment to ensuring the best possible outcome for his patients is truly commendable.”

Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment

Patient Review – Grace Mutheu

“Under the care of Dr. Odhiambo, I have experienced a renewed sense of hope and empowerment in my battle against metastatic breast cancer. His holistic approach, incorporating both chemotherapy and immunotherapy, has yielded remarkable results. Dr. Odhiambo’s emphasis on open communication and shared decision-making made me an active participant in my treatment journey. His mastery of cutting-edge technologies, such as targeted radiation therapy, has contributed to my improved quality of life.”


1. What is Dr. Andrew Odhiambo’s area of expertise?

Dr. Andrew Odhiambo’s key areas of subspecialty include but are not limited to colon cancer, stomach cancer, metastatic breast cancer, liver, pancreatic and bile duct cancer, lymphoma, cancer of unknown primary, and newer therapies for lung, bladder, kidney, and skin cancer.

2. Where does Dr. Andrew Odhiambo practice?

Dr. Andrew Odhiambo practices at the Prime Cancercare Clinic in Kenya.

3. What treatment methods does Dr. Andrew Odhiambo specialize in?

Chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy are three techniques that Dr. Andrew Odhiambo specializes in using to treat cancer.

4. Can I get a second opinion from Dr. Andrew Odhiambo?

Yes, Dr. Andrew Odhiambo provides second opinions for patients seeking additional perspectives on their cancer diagnosis or treatment plan.

5. How can I schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Odhiambo?

You may schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Odhiambo online here.

6. Does Dr. Odhiambo provide support for cancer patients beyond treatment?

Yes,In addition to treatment, he provides ongoing support and guidance throughout the cancer journey. This may include managing treatment side effects, addressing emotional and psychological concerns, and coordinating with other healthcare professionals involved in a patient’s care.

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