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Girum Hospital is a private health facility founded in 2007 G.C. by Dr. Girum Berhane, an American medical board certified physician, and his family with the primary goal of introducing the ART & SCIENCE OF MEDICINE to Ethiopia by establishing an efficient hospital management system, a variety of medical specialties, and investing in the latest medical devices that enable to offer advanced quality healthcare services in the country, thereby reducing patient referrals to other countries.

Girum Hospital Doctor list

Abate Yeshidinber (Dr.)
Abdu Adem (Dr.)
Abdulaziz Abubaker (Dr.)
Abeje Berehanu (Dr.)
Ahmed Mohammed (Dr.)
Assistant Professor
Ashenafi Kassa (Ato.)
Atenafu Mekonen  (Dr.)
Atenafu Mekonen (Dr.)
Ayelign Tsehay (Dr.)
Balekachw Nigatu (Dr.)
Belachewu Dejene (Dr.)
Belachewu Dimma (Dr.)
Belete Kifle (Dr.)
Berhanu Nega (Dr.)
Brook Alemayehu (Dr)
Dr. Amsalu Bitew
Dr. Bereket Abeje
Dr. Tibebu Tesfaye
Dula Benti (Dr)
Engida Abeba (Dr.)
Fisihatsion Tadese (Dr.)
Fithanegest Tefera (Dr.)
Gesete Metaferia (Dr.)
Hananiah Djimbaye (Dr.)
Hane Song (Dr.)
Ibrahim Ahmed (Dr.)
Kefelegn Dejene (Dr.)
Lina Mohammed (Dr.)
Mekonen Yitna Mergiya (Ato.)
Meley Tesfamichael (Dr.)
Meskram Demisse (Dr.)
Milikias  Tsehay (Dr.)
Milikias Tsehay (Dr.)
Minyahil Zeleke (Dr.)
Misikir Anberibir (Dr.)
Muhaba Yasin (Dr.)
Mulugeta Kassahun (Dr.)
Mulugeta kassahun (Dr)
Mustefa Negash (Dr.)
Nurelign Mengistu (Ato.)
Samson Ashine (Dr.)
Seid Ali (Dr.)
Seid Mohammed (Dr)
Solomon Kibret (Dr.)
Surafel Worku (Dr.)
Tesfaye Almawu (Dr.)
Tewodros Fasil (Dr.)
Wegayehu Tadesse (Ato.)
Wuhib Zenebe (Dr.)
Wuletaw Chane (Dr.)
Yamiserache Makonen (Dr.)
Yohannes Birhanu (Dr.)


Common Questions on Girum Hospital

How to Book Appointment with Girum Hospital?

You can book Girum Hospital online appointment here.

Where can I find Girum Hospital reviews?

Find Girum Hospital reviews from past patients here.

What is Girum Hospital cost estimate?

Girum Hospital surgery cost depends on required surgery. Contact for required surgery cost estimate.

Can I get Girum Hospital Before and after photos?

Yes. Contact here for Girum Hospital after photos.

Rating and Reviews,

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Very good0%

Striking Cardiac Surgery Experience at Girum Hospital

April 8, 2024

My stay at the cardiac surgery unit of Girum Hospital left me with something to boast about, as my entire experience was awe-inspiring. The thoroughness and personal care of the hospital staff in their work were terrific. From the pre-operative consultations to the post-operative care, every plan and process was scrutinously considered and done.

The physician team showed exceedingly well as they demonstrated abilities and proficiency that induced the cessation of the surgery. I couldn’t have asked for a better treatment centre. The advanced equipment increased my chances of success and made the whole process bearable. The level of excellence of Girum Hospital in cardiac care was apparent throughout my path, guiding my trust beyond doubt.


Outstanding Cancer Care at Girum Hospital

April 8, 2024

Girum Medical Centre treated my cancer very well with pleasing results more than I could ever expect. I was immediately surrounded by kind and efficient staff souls when I entered the room. The amenities were modern-day, compounded by the staff’s outstanding service, and it almost felt like we were in our homes during sickness. I was provided with detailed information on the treatment process.

Therefore, I went to the hospital with peace and understanding. During the decade, the doctors were highly competent and empathetic, evoking a gust of faith in me. The personal approach I received was impressive as it was designed exclusively for me based on my personalistic demands and preferences. The best way I can express it is that Girum Hospital’s commitment to excellence made my cancer treatment journey as smooth as possible.

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