LASUTH Hospital

The Lagos State University Teaching Hospital Ikeja emerged from a modest cottage hospital which was established 25th of June, 1955 by the old Western Regional government to provide health care services for the people of Ikeja and its environment.

The cottage hospital later metamorphosed into a full-fledged general hospital which served as a secondary level health care facility.

The need for a tertiary health care facility for the training of doctors and other allied health care professionals to provide high quality clinical services led to its upgrade from a general hospital to a modern, well equipped centre of excellence armed with the state of art equipments teaching hospital.

The Lagos State Government formally converted the Ikeja General Hospital to the Lagos State Univesity Teaching Hospital in July 2001.

Despite LASUTH’s relatively young age as a Teaching Hospital, evidence abounds that it is one of the foremost teaching hospitals in West Africa in terms of the high quality services rendered by highly skilled professionals using state-of-the-art equipment.


Our driving objective of LASUTH is to become a world class teaching hospital, using cutting edge technology and highly developed human resources to render excellent medical care/services to the good people of Lagos State and beyond in-order to markedly reduce the number of patients seeking medical tourism abroad.


Community Health & Primary Health Care
Ear, Nose & Throat
Medical Records
Medical Social Welfare
Family Medicine
Haematology and Blood Transfusion
Intensive Care Unit
Laboratory Services
Obstetrics & Gyneacology



The Anaesthesia department of the hospital provides safe anaesthesia and optimum peri-operation care.
It also provides optimum care for critically ill patients.

The department is equipped with lots of professional which include six (6) Consultants, One (1) PMO, fourteen (14) Resident Doctors, Eight (8) Medical Officers, One (1) Administrative Officer and one (1) Clerical Officer.

Our core Processes are:
–  Services to patients
–  Training
–  Research

Weekly Theatre Activities:

Monday: Gynaecology Surgery  – Paediatric Sugery  – Gynaecology  – ICU

Tuesday:  Gynaecology  – General Surgery  – Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery  – Neurosurgery  –  ICU

Wednesday:  Gynaecology  – ICU

Thursday:  Urology  – Gynaecology  – Orthopaedic  – ICU

Friday:  Gynaecology  –  General Surgery II  –  ENT  – Maxillofacial Surgery  –  ICU


Community Health & Primary Health Care Department strives to provide excellent preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health services to Lagos State Residents, whilst also training public health specialists to meet the health needs of all Nigerians.

Our core proresses include conducting various clinics which fall under the department within and outside LASUTH,
Training resident doctors in Community Health, Community outreaches and sensitization of the public on public health issues, Conducting research of public health importance, Production of the LASUTH Epidemiology Bulletin, Departmental meetings,Weekly seminars, Managerial and Technical support to Rauf Aregbesola (urban) and Agbowa (rural) PHCs in Lagos State.

The department unit includes:
–  Immunoprophylaxis and Child Welfare Clinic
–  Chest Clinic (DOTS)
–  Staff Clinic
–  Epidemiology
–  Youth Friendly Centre (a.ka. Hello Lagos).

Our staff strength comprises of Five (5) Consultants, Nineteen (19) Resident Doctors, Nine (9) Medical Officers and
Five (5) Administrative Officers.

Our Weekly activities:
–  Immunoprophylaxis and Child Welfare Clinic:  Monday – Friday
–  Chest (Tuberculosis Clinic):  Monday – Friday
–  Consultant Clinic Days:  Monday and Thursday
–  Staff Clinic:  Monday – Friday
–  Epidemiology Unit: daily
–  Youth Friendly Centre: Provides adolescent friendly health services.
–  Managerial support and Medical consultations at Rauf Aregbesola and Agbowa PHCs: daily.


The Department of Nutrition and Food Services consists of registered dieticians and culinary professionals who provide in-patients and out-patients nutrition services as well as prepare healthy, nutritious food for the hospital community. Our registered dieticians work with many clinical areas and departments to ensure the LASUTH community is equipped with the best nutritional care available. Our culinary experts provide lots of carefully prepared meals and snacks to patients, visitors and staff every day.

Out-patient Services
The Department of Nutrition and Food Services – LASUTH, provides outpatient nutrition services on the hospital’s main campus as well as through LASUTH community locations.
Nutrition experts from the Department of Nutrition and Food Services aid the general public with management of specific dietary needs in many different areas, including cardiac care, diabetes and childhood and adult obesity.
They also provide nutritional care and advice about lifestyle maintenance and good nutrition, often through classes available on the hospital’s main campus and at community health centres.

The Department of Nutrition topics include:
•   Eating well when dining out
•   Planning healthy meals at home
•   Feeding people at home with different nutritional needs
•   Heart-healthy eating
Members of the community can access these outpatient services by contacting the Department of Nutrition and Food Services. In some cases, a referral from a primary care physician or specialist is necessary, and health insurance will often cover the costs of these services.

In-patient Services
Good nutrition is a key component of recovering from surgery or illness. The Department of Nutrition and Food Services in LASUTH provides nutrition care, advice and education to patients while they are in the hospital and after they are discharged.
Our servicesare provided by a variety of staff:
•   Registered dieticians work with the patient’s medical team, providing valuable information regarding appropriate nutrition care. They may also educate patients on nutrient modifications prescribed by the patient’s physician
•   Nutrition and food service staff help patients select their daily menus and deliver meals to the bedside
•   Our executive chef’s and daily team work of kitchen staffs gives room for preparing tasty, healthy and appealing foods.

Retail Food Services
The Department of Nutrition and Food Services manages some unique retail food operations on LASUTH’s main campus and in some satellite buildings, ensuring there are healthy, delicious and nutritious food options available at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital- LASUTH at any time of day.


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The Department of Otolaryngology [ENT] LASUTH, offers patients world-leading care of the ear, nose, throat, head and neck. The Lagos State University Teaching Hospital – LASUTH department of Otolaryngology [ENT] is one of the leading research and academic centre for treatment and studies of the ear, nose and throat. Patients seeking care will be seen at LASUTH’s ENT Clinical unit.

The Department of Otolaryngology has dedicated clinicians who work together to benefit both adults and children with ENT problems. Internationally recognized experts work daily here to advance the state-of-the-art, focusing on investigation, innovation and clinical expertise to forge solutions and improve lives.

An experienced team of nurses, clinical and administrative support staffs work closely with every doctor to manage each patient’s care. They also communicate with the patient’s family members and referring physician to provide all necessary information and staff support.


Health Information Department is one of the clinical units in the Hospital and more importantly the first to official register all customers on medical visit.

Core duties include:
–  Medical Records Administration
–  International Classification of Diseases: Coding and Diseases Indexing
–  Medical Biostatistics and data analysis


The department offers Counseling and Psychotherapy services to victims and victims’ families.

Guiding and counseling victims who may have been hurt physically or psychologically by other people or uncontrollable situations.

Delicately engaging in victims’ psychological and social lives to ameliorate possible negative impacts other people or unsavory situations may have imparted on them.


The Family Medicine department of Lagos State University Teaching Hospital is a department in the hospital which provides comprehensive medical care for patients with undifferentiated problems, training of residents in family medicine and general research on common medical problems.

Our services is not only limited to the inhabitant of Lagos State, but as well as those of its neighbors like Ogun, Oyo States and even as far as the Eastern and Northern parts of the Nigeria and neighboring countries.

Some of the departments processes includes:
–   Daily consultation and management of patients with undifferentiated problems
–   Management and follow-up of patients with chronic conditions
–   Running of geriatrics clinic
–   Pre-employment, pre-placement and periodic medical screening
–   Basic surgical care at Orile-Agege General Hospital
–   Provision of managed healthcare through the National Health Insurance Scheme
–   Continuous Education and Training of Residents
–   Research on common medical problems

The department is comprises of the General Out-Patient Clinic and the NHIS/Partnership Clinics. The staff strength includes two (2) Consultants, eleven (11) Senior Registrars, fifteen (15) Registrars and twenty(20) Medical Officers and other Administrative staff.

Our Weekly activities are as follows:
–   Consultations and follow-up

–   Consultations and follow-up

–   Consultations and follow-up
–   Clinical Presentations

–   Consultations and follow-up
–   Resident Teachings

–   Consultations and follow-up
–   Basic Surgeries at Orile Agege


The clinic manages health conditions of HIV-infected persons and Haematology patients that is, those with hematological deficiencies, sickle cell anemia, and various forms of bleeding disorders.

Care of HIV-infected persons and people with blood related medical issues.

Managing patient’s condition in the department is always a priority, meanwhile the department also runs the blood donor clinic, The donated blood units are sent to the screening room for thorough screening for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B virus, Syphilis, and hepatitis C virus etal. The blood donor clinic opens from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday.

For more informations and clearifications, kindly read more from the links before:

Haematology & Blood Transfusion Manual – Click here

Residents Training Manuals – Click here


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The Department of Surgery is one of the major clinical departments in Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, LASUTH. The Department provides high-quality, personalized patient care and leading-edge research programs.

At LASUTH, our Medicine Department has nine major units which includes Respiratory, Nephrology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Cardiology, Rheumatology, Clinical Pharmacology, Neurology and Gastroenterology. We also have the state-of-the-art Medical Emergency unit which is one of the best Emergency units in the country.

The Department of Medicine Comprises of six [6] ward divisions, which are Male Medical Wards A & B, Female Medical, BT Male & Female and Medical Emergency.

The Department has the following Laboratory services which include the following
•  The Side Laboratory at the Medical Emergency conducts Creatinine Kinase [MB], Blood Sugar, Troponin I,
Myoglobin [MYO], Urinalysis the D Dimer test for patients.
•  The Respiratory Unit conducts Pulmonary Function Test [PFT] for patients
•  The Cardiovascular Laboratory conducts, Echocardiography, 24hrs Holter ECG test,
Ambulatory B.P. Monitoring, Stress ECG and Resting Echo Cardiography [ECG].
•  The Neurology Unit conducts EEG test for patients.

The Department of Medicine Staffing and Roles
Our Department of Medicine in Lagos State University Teaching Hospital – LASUTH, has a total sum of 23 Consultants, 14 Senior Registrar’s, 7 Registrar’s and at our Medical Emergency divisions there are 8 Medical Officers including a Consultant.
Our Department comprises of almost a total sum of 100 nurses to make sure our patients receive the best medical care available in the country, while also the Department of Medicine has 6 Administrative staffs.

Mission, Vision & Value
The Department of Medicine focuses to provide excellent, affordable and accessible health care with emphasis on Emergency Services, utilizing modern and appropriate technology and highly developed human resources. With a unified goal to be in the forefront of modern and efficient HealthCarein Nigeria.

Our Vision
To be at the Apex of HealthCare Delivery System in Lagos that will be a Model for the Nation.

Quality and Safety
We are committed to delivering the highest quality and safest care to our patients.


The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) is established to make LASUTH the most preferred mananged healthcare provider among all NHIS accredited Hospitals by being responsive and compassionate to all clients including NHIS enrollees and partnership alike.

Our core processes includes management of Clients (Consultation, Drugs and Investigations) which are closely monitored and fast track to avoid unnecessary delay, bills of A.M.Os and other lients on monthly basis for settlement, consultation at the Centre or at the Family Medicine Department, registration and opening of green folder after due confirmation.

The staff strength includes one (1) Consultant, one (1) Medical Officer, four (4) Administrative Officers and three (3) Office Attendants.

Our weekly activities:
–   Mondays – Friday:   Consultation   9.00am – 4.00pm
–   Thursdays:   Departmental Training of Staff


The Nursing department of the hospital is responsible for the provision of effecient and effective qualitative nursing care according to the International Professional Standard. the Nursing care are discharged through sub-departmentalization of the department for more effective and efficient management to enhance development of good nursing skills by maintaining nursing ethics and rule of conducts.

The use of commettees in giving attention to all areas of care e.g quality Assurance Committee, Research Committee e.t.c. The weekly supervision of departments and cross departmental supervision by managers.
The department is sub-divided into units which includes Surgery, Medicine, Paediatrics, Infection Control, Peri-operatives, Anaesthesia, Emergency, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Nursing Education, CSSD, Administration, Community Health & Primary Health care.

The units are being administered by Departmental Managers and Ward Managers.

Our Weekly activities
–   Tuesdays:   Study day held at the NANNM house

–   Departmental Managers meeting

–   Quarterly Committee meeting with the ADNS


The Obstrestrics & Gynaecology of the hospital is an active departmen that ensure adequate patients care and safety delievery through the deployment of evidence-based practices in a safe and conducive working environment. It is known for its sound specialist training as well as its sub-specialities to Resident doctors in preparation for specialiest practise and career academics.

The major core process of the department includes: Research, Training and Services. The department is sub-divided into some smaller unit, namely:
– Green Unit: Oncology and Pathological Services/Urogynaecology
– Red Unit: Gynaecology Endoscopy
– Yellow Unit: Maternal-Fetal Medicine
– Orange Unit: Reproductive Endocrinology and Fertility
– Blue Unit: Adolescent Gynaecological Disorders

The staff strength of the department includes thirteen (13) Consultants, fourteen (14) Senior Registrars, Twenty-six (26) Registrars and six (6) Administrative officers.

The weekely activities of the department includes:
– Daily Anti-Natal Clinic (Week days only)
– Daily Gynae Clinic (Week days only)
– Consultants Rounds
– Residents Rounds
– Operations & Surgery
– Departmental & Daily Meetings


The Eye institute of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital is a department in the hospital which caters to the eye care needs of the inhabitant of Lagos State, as well as those of its neighbors like Ogun ,Oyo States and even as far as the Eastern and Northern parts of the Nigeria and neighboring countries. The department informally started training of residents in 1997 with successful training of residents for the primary examinations. Formal training started with the upgrading of the former General Hospital Ikeja, to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital in the year 2000.

The department offers a five year program in residency training in Ophthalmology. It also renders academic training to undergraduates (medical students) in the Lagos State College of Medicine.

Some of the objectives of the departmenst includes:
– To ensure qualitative and affordable eye care services that is equitably available to all patients in a
conducive and health promoting environment.
– To obtain complete baseline information from all patients at first consultation.
– To maintain a complete and updated database for all patients of the clinic.
– To investigate clinical problems using relevant tests and tools.
– To use effectively results obtained to effect prompt management of the patient.
– To perform all common surgical procedures required for the restoration of sight and the general health
of the patient.
– To effect adequate post operative care of the patients.
– To demonstrate adequate understanding of the pathology, pathophysiology, clinical features,
management and result of therapy of common eye diseases.
– To provide effective supervision for all junior professional colleagues, and teach them Ophthalmologic
concepts and operating skills.
– To teach problem – solving ability by designing and implementing a research project relevant to the needs
of his local environment.
– To demonstrate general management competency and provide effective and purposeful leadership
of the ophthalmology team.
– To effect purposeful training of the residents in a way to achieve all the above and reproduce
ophthalmologists of repute within our environment.
– To maintain a client friendly atmosphere that ensures that our clients are treated with utmost courtesy
and due consideration and confidentiality.

There are also Ophthalmologists in different levels of residency training. There are 3 permanent well trained optometrist to compliment the work in the clinic and qualified ophthalmology trained nurses. We have clinic four days in a week both subspeciality and general clinics and also have a dedicated day in the week for academics, i.e. departmental seminar.

The department has the state of the art equipment which includes:
–   A&B SCAN
–   SLIT LAMPS in all the consulting rooms.

The department has 4 consultants Ophthalmologist with different sub-specialties of interest.
1. DR. MODUPE M. IDRIS – HOD, OPHTHALMOLOGY (Paediatric Ophthalmologist)
2. DR. OLAJUMOKE O. IBIDAPO (Glaucoma/Retina Ophthalmologist)
3. DR. BOLA G. BALOGUN. (Oculoplastic Ophthalmologist)
4. DR. BOLA J. ADEKOYA. (Glaucoma Ophthalmologist.)

Our clinical schedules:


–   INVESTIGATIONS e.g. Fundus Photography, Biometry





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The Lagos State University Teaching Hospital – LASUTH outpatient pharmacy offers prescription medications as well as vaccine administration and personalized pharmaceutical counseling. The outpatient pharmacy fills prescriptions for patients of Lagos State University Teaching Hospital – LASUTH and its affiliated health centers, as well as for LASUTH employees.
The Pharmacy also fills prescriptions for patients that are being discharged from the hospital and specializes in filling mediations that are difficult to obtain at outside pharmacies. Patients requesting refills of medication should call the pharmacy 24 hours in advance of picking up their medication.

Mission, Vision & Value
Our focus is to provide standard-settings care to our patients, by collaborating with our Lagos State University Teaching Hospital colleagues and the communities we serve by:
•   Leading in discovery, innovation and education
•   Recruiting, retaining and developing the highest quality team members
•   Using ongoing assessment and analysis to improve performance in each of our domains

Our Vision:
To be the Center of Excellence in Health Care Delivery
The Department of Pharmacy strongly believes in:
•   Building trust and teamwork through collaboration
•   Providing expert, compassionate and professional patient care
•   Ensuring quality, safety and efficiency in everything we do
•   Helping each other grow and develop professionally
•   A commitment to doing our best every day

Quality and Safety
We are committed to delivering the highest quality and safest care to our patients.




Ayinke House

Critical Care Unit

Surgical Emergency
Dental Centre
Medical Emergency
Paediatric Emergency
Laboratory Services
Burns & Trauma Centre
(Gbagada Annex)

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