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The Care Hospital in Nairobi is one of the best hospitals providing the latest health care procedures for cardiology, Pediatric Neurology, Orthopedic Clinic, Physiotherapy, dental, optical, and Gynecology. This hospital has received level 5, and has 80 beds. Patients in Nairobi can find medical services available 24 hours a day, both for outpatient and inpatient. This hospital provides advanced and cutting-edge facilities and innovative equipment for complex health condition management. Find here the best doctors and highly qualified heart surgeons and neurology surgeons in Nairobi.

This hospital offers best facilities for diagnosis, and treatments like X-rays, ultrasound, CT scan, Mammograms, Laboratory, Pharmacy, and radiology.

The Care Hospital in Nairobi is accredited by NHIF and other insurance provider so that everyone can have medical treatments with affordable cost.


Care Hospital Nairobi – 2024
Cost Standard
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Doctors & Surgeons Best & Leading
Specialization Multispecialty
Address 00100 Muinami St, Nairobi, Kenya
Technology Advanced & Innovative
Hours 24 hours
Insurance Coverage NHIF
Reviews Good
Ratings 4.1

Coronary Heart Disease Treatments in Nairobi

Presently, heart disease affects several people unexpectedly. It is a type of heart problem involving heart’s connected arteries become unable to deliver enough amount of oxygen rich blood to the heart leads to the cause of several heart problems. Coronary Heart Disease mostly affect the large arteries connected to surface of the heart. Cholesterol and waxy plaque buildup are the main cause of this heart problem. People experiencing coronary heart disease may have symptoms of heart attack, chest pain, and cardiac arrest. In Nairobi city, several hospitals conduct campaigns for heart problem diagnosis, and everyone should attend and confirm their heart health. Care Hospital Nairobi provide Cardiology Clinic with latest diagnosis and treatment procedures for coronary artery disease, atrial fibrillation, and arrhythmia. Cardiology Cost in Nairobi may range between KES 4,000 – KES 80,000 and it may change depending on personalized requirement of a patient.

Pediatric Neurology Treatment in Nairobi

Pediatric Neurology conditions include disorders and diseases in the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nervous system, blood vessels, autonomic nervous system, and muscles. Care Hospital provides the best diagnosis and treatment or children experiencing epilepsy, muscular disorders, and cerebral palsy. Early diagnosis and treatment for Pediatric Neurology help to manage children’s mental health effectively and support growth and development of nervous system. Pediatric Neurology cost in Nairobi range between Ksh 500,000 – Ksh 870,000.

Pediatric Neurological Disorders List

  • Headache/migraine
  • Brain malformations
  • Development disorders
  • Seizures and Epilepsy
  • Metabolic diseases
  • Neuro-oncology
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Epilepsy

Knee Pain Treatment in Nairobi

Generally, knee pain is an orthopaedic condition treated with medicine for inflammation reduction. The orthopaedic department of Care hospital provide advanced treatments for joint pain, frozen shoulder, knee pain, hip pain. Find diagnosis and latest medicines fractures, back problems, spine, and chronic muscles managements. Knee pain treatment cost in Nairobi may range between Ksh 7,28,750 to Ksh 14,44,250.

Find Treatment for Knee Pain in Ladies, Nairobi

According to latest updates, women are more prone to develop knee pain due to the reason of less use or over use of their knees. Knee pain in ladies occur due to Osteoarthritis a painful condition of joint breakdown and disorders. Women aged 40+ are more likely to suffer from knee pain. Even ladies in 30s may also have knee pain only if they have used knees abruptly and developed muscles injury without knowing. Some knee pains do not go away with OTC ointment used at home. Therefore, it is important to have a diagnosis of knee pain. Knee pain in ladies also occurs due to weight gain, hormone imbalances related to the menstrual cycle, and sports.


  • Care Hospital provide the best Mult speciality medical services in Nairobi
  • Get inpatient and outpatient treatments
  • This hospital provides the best cardiologists, orthopaedic, and pediatric neurologists.
  • This hospital provides advanced imaging facilities, CT scan, Renal unit, ICU and NICU.
  • Emergency treatment facilities are available for 24 hours.

How to Reach Best Doctors in Care Hospital Nairobi?

If you are in Nairobi and seeking medical treatment at Care Hospital, then here are the different ways to contact:

  • Care Hospital Nairobi Email Address:
  • Contact Number: +254 723 937630
  • Postal Address: 00100 Muinami St, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Visitings hours include Morning: 6am -8am, Afternoon: 12pm – 2pm, Evening: 4pm-5pm

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