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South B Hospital is one of the top hospitals in Nairobi. It is a registered hospital incorporated in Kenya and owned by Kenyans. It was established in 1993 as an outpatient and maternity hospital. Earlier, it was known as Sharon’s Nursing Home, and it changed in 1995 to South B Nursing Home. This hospital is equipped with modern operating theatres and advanced technological medical wards. As patients were getting good medical care, this hospital kept recognizing and growing. Several doctors from other regions provide here as guest doctors services so that every patient can get the right treatment for major conditions like oncology diseases, urology conditions for females and males, and orthopedic problems. People in Nairobi can also find treatment for maternity, ENT, and Gastroenterology.

This hospital has full-fledged facilities of laboratory for blood cross-matching for transfusion, hematology, and microbiology which is available for 24 hours for patient’s ease. The operating theatre of this hospital has modern machines and equipment for major and minor surgical procedures. Patients can find approved generic drugs that are available for 24 hours and provided by well-qualified pharmacy technologists.


South B Hospital Nairobi 2024
Cost Standard
Consultation Charges Please Contact Africa Infoline
Doctors & Surgeons Best & Leading
Specialization Multispecialty
Address Kapiti Cres, Nairobi, Kenya
Technology Advanced & Latest
Hours 24 hours
Insurance Coverage NHIF
Reviews Good
Ratings 3.1

Cancer Screening in Nairobi

Several Kenyans from rural areas never have cancer screening because of a lack of awareness about their conditions and expensive treatment fears. Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer that causes death. A lot of men from rural areas in Kenya experience prostate cancer, which risks a patient’s life due to a late diagnosis. Prostate cancer does not show any symptoms in the early stage, and the majority of people get diagnosed with this cancer in an advanced stage. The advanced stage of prostate cancer shows up aggressive tumor conditions. Cancer Screening is the first step toward prevention of cancer progression and mortality reduction. Early detection of prostate or other cancer will help to live healthy. South B Hospital provides the best and most qualified oncologists with the best cancer treatments in Nairobi. Generally, in rural areas, people can attend free programs. Especially men aged 40 – 69 years are strictly recommended to have Cancer Screening to detect cancer at an early stage. Prostate cancer treatment costs in Nairobi start from Sh135,000.

Total Knee Replacement in Nairobi

Total Knee Replacement is a replacement procedure of the whole knee’s joint surface from the top of the shin bone to the end of the thigh bone. This procedure may also have a kneecap replacement with a smooth plastic dome. The orthopedic surgeon decides on the use of natural patella or artificial knees depending on the patient’s condition. The total knee replacement cost in Nairobi is $9,850.

Robotic Knee Replacement

Robotic Knee Replacement is a similar procedure to orthopedic surgery but this is assisted by robotic hands. Robotic knee surgery has gained more popularity due to its successful outcome. Have a consultation in South B Hospital with the best orthopedic surgeons; they will assess your knee conditions and then recommend a Robotic Knee Replacement procedure.

Urology Treatment in Nairobi

South B Hospital provides urologist specialists for the treatment of female and male urinary incontinence and irritable bladder treatment. The best Urologist can help you get treatment for overactive bladder in males and cure for overactive bladder by lifestyle change and medicines. Urology treatments include the latest procedures for kidney stone removal, urinary incontinence management, kidney health screening, and other urology conditions for both males and females. Urology surgery costs in Nairobi may range between $2500 – $5,900.

Does South B Hospital accept NHIF?

Yes, South B Hospital provides NHIF facilities for patients seeking treatments in Nairobi.

South B Hospital Reviews

  • South B Hospital provides multispeciality healthcare services for oncology, urology, orthopedics, ENT, and others.
  • Find emergency and ICU facilities with the latest hi-tech instruments and blood gas machines.
  • This hospital also has advanced ultrasound machines for detecting major health issues.

Address and Contact Number

South B Hospital address is located in Kapiti Cres, Nairobi, Kenya. Contact this general number +254 722 509165 for your queries. Please feel free to contact Africa Infoline for a second opinion and appointment booking.

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