Gastric Balloon Surgery in Kenya

Bariatric surgery is a medical operation that assists people in shedding excess weight. Modern procedures and technologies are used, and a bariatric surgeon who has undergone extensive training performs them. Depending on the method selected, bariatric surgery may alter how your digestive system functions or reduce the size of your stomach. One of the popular weight-reducing surgery is known as Gastric Balloon Surgery. The Gastric Balloon Surgery cost in Kenya is around $3600. 

In gastric balloon surgery, a balloon that occupies about half of your stomach is inserted endoscopically and filled with saline water. Decreasing the amount of space in your stomach for food and limiting the movement of food and water through your stomach aids in weight loss. The Kenyan gastric balloon surgery hospitals have highly qualified, experienced local and international bariatric surgeons.

Gastric Balloon Surgery cost in Kenya

Gastric Balloon Surgery cost in Kenya Amount in Kenya Shilling Amount in USD
Nairobi KES 445000 USD 3,572
Mombasa KES 451500 USD 3,625
Kisumu KES 445500 USD 3,576
Nakuru KES 450500 USD 3,617
Busia KES 455500 USD 3,657
Kakamega KES 445500 USD 3,576
Eldoret KES 440550 USD 3,537

Low-Cost Gastric Balloon Surgery in Kenya

Gastric Balloon Surgery in Kenya has become popular because of the high success rate. Keynan hospitals are attracting more patients as the gastric balloon surgery cost in Kenya is low compared to foreign countries. The gastric balloon surgery cost in Kenya is $3600. The local surgeons have many years of experience, and the hospitals are loaded with the latest technologies and equipment; the team for bariatric surgery is well-trained, and world-class facilities are provided in Kenya for Gastric Ballon Suregy.

Why is Gastric Balloon Surgery Done?

The main reason for patients opting for gastric balloon surgery is to reduce the excessive weight in the body, which is hard to remove by exercising. For example, after delivering a baby, women opt for gastric balloon surgery to reduce weight quickly without many workouts.

For many patients suffering from heart diseases and diabetes, doctors suggest gastric balloon surgery to reduce the extra fat from the body, which can help cure other diseases.

People suffering from Cardiovascular diseases, Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, High blood pressure, or Type 2 diabetes go for bariatric surgery in Kenya.

Kenyan Actress Undertaken A Gastric Balloon Procedure at Nairobi Bariatric Centre

Catherine Kamau, a famous Kenyan actress, underwent a cosmetic gastric balloon procedure in 2022 to reduce weight. A drastic change and visible weight loss can be seen in her photos. She has successfully received a cinched waist and flat tummy.

The actress wanted to shed some weight and have a toned body to keep up with a few acting roles. The gastric balloon surgery in Kenya must cost her around Ksh. 350,000.

First Public Hospital in Kenya to provide Gastric Ballon Surgery

Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) in 2019 became the first public hospital to provide bariatric surgery. Kenyans now do not have to fly abroad for weight reduction surgery. The Bariatric surgery cost in Kenya is not more than Ksh500,000, which may cost more than a million in abroad.

Kenyans who struggle with weight no longer need to travel abroad or use expensive medical facilities to undergo weight loss surgery. The government has constructed three additional facilities for modest operations. Specialized and latest equipment are available in the hospital to provide Kenyans with successful weight reduction surgery.

What are the benefits of choosing Kenya for Gastric Balloon Surgery?

  • A well-experienced team of local and international bariatric surgeons performs gastric balloon surgery in Kenyan hospitals. Many surgeons are trained from foreign hospitals and have expertise in performing gastric balloon surgery with a high success rate.
  • The cost of Gastric Balloon Surgery in Kenya is affordable compared to foreign countries, encouraging Kenyans to not fly abroad for bariatric surgery and experience highly successful gastric balloon surgery at low cost.
  • The infrastructure in Kenyan bariatric hospitals is world-class; they have all the latest equipment and technologies, which helps patients to get the best results.

Allurion Balloon Procedure in Kenya

Doctor Pranav Pancholi was the first to introduce the Allurion Balloon procedure in Kenya, which requires no surgical process. Instead, a medical practitioner will convert the swallowable Allurion gastric balloon into a gastric balloon in your stomach so that you can lose weight; it is a painless procedure. Many celebrities have gone through the Allurion ballon procedure in Kenya. Till 2022, more than 50 patients have undergone Allurion Balloon Procedure in Kenya.

The cost of the Allurion Balloon procedure is approximately KSh 500,000. The hospitals continue to monitor patients and the six-month dietary regimen. In addition to providing diet and nutrition advice, hospitals also provide patients with a smartwatch, a smart scale, and other devices that allow the team of nutritionists and doctors to monitor vital signs like heart rate, breathing rate, and sleep patterns from a patient’s phone.

Details on Gastric Ballon Surgery in Kenya

Weight loss after Gastric Ballon Surgery 20-30%
Results Can be seen in 6 months
Cost of Gastric Balloon Surgery in Kenya $3600
Recovery Time 3 weeks
The success rate in Kenya 98%

Success Rate of Gastric Balloon Surgery in Kenya

Patients with severe obesity can lose weight safely and effectively with gastric balloon surgery. Many Kenyan celebrities have undergone the gastric balloon procedure in Kenya, and the experts perform the surgery using the latest techniques, guaranteeing a successful result. The success rate of Gastric Balloon Surgery in Kenya is very high, and the surgeons performing have many years of experience in the field. Recently the government of Kenya has also started providing gastric balloon surgery in public hospitals, which are well-facilitated.

Is Insurance Coverage accepted for Gastric balloon surgery in Kenya?

Recently insurance providers have been accepting insurance coverage for bariatric surgery. In Kenya, only private insurance companies cover the expenses of gastric balloon surgery, and no government fund is provided. Someone who weighs more than 100 kg (200 lb) exceeds their ideal body weight or is grossly obese. Additionally, if anyone in the family has a history of obesity or has the propensity to put on excessive weight quickly are suitable for insurance coverage in Kenya.

NHIF Coverage for Gastric Balloon Surgery

NHIF is a national fund the Kenyan government provides to cover the expenses of treatments and surgeries. Recently NHIF has also been covering major and minor bariatric surgery costs in Kenya. For example, gastric Balloon Surgery removes stubborn fat from the body, and this helps heart patients, diabetic patients, and people suffering from obesity. NHIF covers Gastric Balloon Surgery in Kenya, costing KES 450,000.

Bariatric Surgeons in Kenya

Dr. Yusuf Palkhi:

Dr. Yusuf Palkhi is a well-known bariatric surgeon in Kenya performing successful surgeries for the past 25 years. He is currently working at Mombasa hospital. The surgeon has experience practicing at Aga Khan Hospital and Kilifi District Hospital. He is committed to ensuring that most people have access to inexpensive, top-notch care and expertise that supports their requirements and life objectives.

Dr. A. S. Mohamed:

Dr. A. S. Mohamed has experience of more than 15 years as a bariatric surgeon performing gastric ballooning surgery successfully. He is currently practicing at Nairobi Bariatric Center as a General and laparoscopic surgeon. He has completed his fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Top Bariatric Hospitals in Kenya

Kenyatta National Hospital:

Kenyatta National Hospital performed its 1st bariatric surgery in 2019. Since then, the hospital has had no turning back, they are performing successful surgeries, and patients are satisfied with the results. Kenyatta Hospital is situated in Nairobi, which makes it easier for patients to travel and get bariatric surgery at a low cost. The hospital has world-class facilities, an expert team of bariatric surgeons, and staff caring for patients.

Nairobi Bariatric Center:

Nairobi Bariatric Center offers patients in Kenya top-notch treatments and introduces cutting-edge weight loss programs. In addressing the obesity crisis in East Africa, the extensive experience and desire for perfect health set the standard. The hospital’s weight loss procedures, including those at the Nairobi Bariatric Center and other significant medical facilities, use the most recent technology.

M.P. Shah Hospital:

M.P. Shah Hospital has 217 beds and is home to specialists with extensive training, expertise, and qualified medical staff. The hospital is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology to deliver effective bariatric surgery. M.P. Shah hospital has launched a bariatric department; the surgeons are internationally trained experts, and the hospital is assuring successful bariatric surgery in Kenya at a low cost.

FAQs on Gastric Balloon Surgery in Kenya

How much does Gastric Balloon Surgery cost in Kenya?

Gastric Balloon Surgery cost in Kenya ranges between 3600 USD to 3900 USD.

What is the success rate of Gastric Balloon Surgery in Kenya?

The success rate of Gastric Balloon Surgery in Kenya is around 98%.

How many days of hospital stay for Gastric Balloon Surgery is required in Kenya?

The stay depends on the patient’s health condition after surgery, a hospital stay may not be required, or a 1-day stay can be required for the patient.

How can we get reviews on Gastric Balloon Surgery in Kenya?

The reviews are available here for Gastric Balloon Surgery in Kenya.

Is insurance coverage provided for Gastric Balloon Surgery in Kenya?

Yes, insurance coverage is provided for Gastric Balloon Surgery in Kenya.

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