Kidney Transplant in Kenya

Kenya has become one of the best Renal care providers, as the country has many expert hospitals providing treatments for different kidney diseases. The Kidney Transplant cost in Kenya starts from $18500, one of the lowest prices for excellent Renal treatments. With the help of other hospitals and organizations, the government of Kenya has started many programs to avail kidney transplants within the country, with a high success rate of 90%. The private hospitals in Kenya are also providing successful transplants, as they have experts and teams of the best nephrologists using the latest technologies to perform Kidney transplants in Kenya at low cost.

For better facilities and successful transplants in the past, individuals needing Kidney Transplants would fly abroad. However, Kenya now has a Kidney Transplant facility that offers effective transplants cheaply. Due to the availability of all necessary facilities and technologies, Kidney Transplant is inexpensive in Kenya. Successful outcomes from skilled Nephrologists primarily deter people from traveling for transplantation elsewhere.

Kidney Transplant cost in Kenya

Kidney Transplant in Kenya The average cost in USD The average cost in Kenyan Shillings
Deceased Donor Kidney Transplants $18,500 KES 22,94,000
Living Donor Kidney Transplants $20,000 KES 24,80,000
Robotic Kidney Transplants $23,000 KES 28,52,000
Pediatric Kidney Transplant $25,000 KES 31,00,000

The Deceased Donor Kidney Transplants cost in Kenya is $18,500.

The cost of Living Donor Kidney Transplants in Kenya is $20,000.

The Robotic Kidney Transplants cost in Kenya is $23,000.

The cost of a Pediatric Kidney Transplant in Kenya is $25,000.

Low-Cost Kidney Transplant in Kenya

A full-match HLA typing donor kidney transplant cost in Kenya is about $20,000. The Kidney Transplant cost in Kenya is lower than worldwide. Experts in Kenya carry out renal therapy using cutting-edge technology and successfully match donors with patients using local and international donor databases. To prevent mortality brought on by delayed treatment for renal disorders, public hospitals organize many types of programs. The Kenya hospitals provide successful Kidney transplants at an affordable price so that the patient does not have to travel abroad.

Kenyatta National Hospital is celebrating 10 years and 200 Transplants.

Fighting with Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in partnership with Norvatis, Kenyatta National Hospital completed 200 Kidney transplantations in Kenya. Kenyatta National Hospital is a public hospital where the government has invested and planted modern technologies that may help perform more than 10 transplants monthly. The only facility in the region with the necessary equipment is Kenyatta National Hospital, thanks to government investments in HLA typing, which helps find a matching donor for a Kidney transplant.

The advancements and modern technologies by the Government in the Kenyatta National Hospital make Kenya one of the best places to get a Kidney transplant. The facilities are unavailable in other African countries, and Kenyan patients now do not have to travel abroad to get a successful renal transplant. The Kidney Transplantation program makes Kenya proud. It is attracting patients from all over the African countries as with the high-class services, the Kidney transplant cost in Kenya is low, around $21000.

Advantages of Kidney Transplant

Transplanting a kidney is the most widely used procedure to treat renal diseases. If a patient finds a perfect match for a kidney transplant, they will be successfully treated and able to resume their daily life.

High blood sugar levels can potentially harm the kidneys’ filters, resulting in long-term kidney damage and, eventually, kidney failure necessitating a kidney transplant.

Doctors advise patients to get kidney transplants to completely cure them of conditions like high blood pressure, artery blockages, polycystic kidney disease, and many other renal diseases.

Kidney Transplant Program Launched by M.P. Shah Hospital in 2018

In 2018, M.P. Shah Hospital launched the Kidney Transplant Program in Kenya to provide the best renal transplant services. Before starting the program, M.P. Shah had already performed three successful kidney transplants in four months; then the Kidney Transplant program was launched on Oct 2018. The hospital is partnered with National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) and Kenya Renal Association (KRA) to avail patients of affordable Kidney transplant cost in Kenya. The program would help save the lives of many people who needed kidney transplants.

The most modern, cutting-edge hemodialyzers and water treatment facilities are fully and adequately installed in the kidney dialysis center. Highly skilled dialysis nurses, technical staff, laboratory technicians, who take care of the machines and water treatment, and other support staff make up the Kidney Transplant Program team at M.P. Shah Hospital. They are all under the direction of renowned physician and kidney specialist Dr. Hussein Bagha.

What are the benefits of choosing Kenya for Kidney Transplant Surgery?

  • To match patients and donors, Kenya’s labs conduct precise HLA Typing Tests using a private database of donors maintained by the country’s hospitals.
  • The Kidney Transplant hospitals in Kenya have first-rate facilities and the most up-to-date equipment and technology, which helps patients get the best results.
  • A knowledgeable team of Nephrologists performs kidney transplant operations in Kenyan Renal Hospitals. Many surgeons are proficient in performing Kidney surgery with a high success rate and have received training in foreign medical facilities.
  • Because the Kidney transplant cost in Kenya is lower than in other countries, Kenyans are urged to have successful transplants here rather than abroad.

Details on Kidney Transplant in Kenya

Back to Normal Activities 6-8 weeks
The success rate of Kidney Transplants in Kenya 90%
The Kidney Transplant cost in Kenya $18000-$25000
Hospital Stay for Kidney Transplant in Kenya 3-5 Days

Success Rate of Kidney Transplant in Kenya

Patients might be able to live longer and resume their pre-kidney disease lifestyle with a successful kidney transplant. The hospitals in Kenya have a success rate of more than 90% of all the kidney transplants they have performed, making them the top surgical hospitals with successful outcomes. The best resources are available at the kidney hospital, including a cutting-edge operating room and highly skilled and knowledgeable staff.

Is Insurance Coverage accepted for Kidney Transplants in Kenya?

For the treatment of the Kidney, insurance companies approve reimbursement for Kidney Transplants. The best insurance providers in Kenya pay for Kidney Transplants. As a result, Kidney Transplants for treating renal diseases are funded by insurance companies in Kenya. The hospitals accept insurance which helps patients to get renal diseases treat at a low cost in Kenya.

NHIF Coverage for Kidney Transplant

The Kenyan government offers a fund that provides insurance for patients’ access to medical care. NHIF covers kidney transplant cost in Kenya. Kidney transplants treat renal diseases, and a compatible donor is located for the procedure. To achieve the greatest results, Kenyan surgeons may advise patients to travel overseas for a kidney transplant; the NHIF also pays the cost of care in Kenya. In Kenya, the cost of a kidney transplant is covered by the NHIF up to KES 20,000.

Kidney Transplant surgeons in Kenya

Dr. John Ngigi:

Dr. John Ngigi has been an experienced Nephrologist in Kenya for over 27 years. He worked with many well-known hospitals and is practicing at Kenyatta National Hospital. He has also participated in Kidney Tranpslnt program by the government.

Dr. Mcligeyo:

Dr. Mcligeyo is a well-known Kidney transplant surgeon working at Kenyatta National Hospital.

Kidney Transplant Hospitals in Kenya

M.P. Shah Hospital:

M.P. Shah Hospital has intensified its campaign against kidney illness by opening a special kidney transplant ward to improve access to nephrology treatments. The new ward is a cutting-edge facility that can accommodate more than 10 transplants in a month. It was built and furnished with Mr. Mohanlal Karania’s support. After performing more than 20 successful kidney transplants since the year began, the hospital is looking to increase the number of patients it can accept.

Kenyatta National Hospital:

The oldest and biggest hospital in Kenya is the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH). The government has invested in the renal infrastructure at KNH to provide the Kenyan patients the best kidney transplant.  The KNH staff is a member of the college of Health Sciences’ academic staff. Research collaborations between KNH and foreign universities, such as Washington University and Manitoba University.

FAQs on Kidney Transplant in Kenya

How many days of hospital stay for Kidney Transplant is required in Kenya?

Kidney Transplant in Kenya needs around 3- 5 days of hospital stay.

How much does Kidney Transplant cost in Kenya?

Kidney Transplant cost in Kenya is around $20000.

Is insurance coverage provided for Kidney Transplants in Kenya?

The cost of Kidney transplants in Kenya is covered by Insurance coverage.

How can we get reviews on Kidney Transplants in Kenya?

The reviews are available here for Kidney Transplants in Kenya.

What is the success rate of Kidney Transplants in Kenya?

The Kidney Transplant success rate in Kenya is around 90%.

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