Kidney Transplant in Ghana

Kidney transplant is a life-saving medical procedure that involves the transplantation of a healthy kidney into a patient with end-stage renal disease. The kidney transplant cost in Ghana is approximately $19,500. Different hospitals in Ghana may have varying charges for kidney transplant procedures. In Ghana, the availability of advanced medical facilities and skilled healthcare professionals has made kidney transplantation a viable and life-changing option for those in need.

The recent successful kidney transplant surgeries at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Ghana have been a significant milestone, as they were the first to be performed by a local team of doctors and health professionals. The Ghana Kidney Association, Ghana Kidney Foundation, and governmental health agencies have been called upon to initiate a national transplant program and consider subsidizing kidney transplantation costs to ensure the program’s sustainability. In conclusion, the cost of kidney transplantation in Ghana, while relatively high, has seen some support from the government and medical institutions.

Kidney Transplant Cost in Ghana

Kidney Transplant is a life-changing procedure for patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases or failure. The kidney transplant cost in Ghana may be higher for the patients but much lower than in foreign countries. The price of kidney transplants in Ghana ranges between $19000-$25000. Ghana recently excelled in performing kidney transplants with the help of advanced technologies and skilful surgeons performing successful surgeries.

For example, suppose a patient in Ghana suffers from kidney failure and goes to another country like the USA or UK. In that case, additional costs will also add to the transplant cost, which is the travel accommodation of the patient and the attendee. If the patient gets a kidney transplant from Ghana hospitals, they will experience no waiting time and less cost, and travel or accommodation charges will also not be required.

Kidney Transplant cost in Ghana Average Cost in USD Average Cost in Ghanaian cedi
Deceased Donor Kidney Transplants $19,000 GHS 227640
Living Donor Kidney Transplants $21,000 GHS 251600
Robotic Kidney Transplants $24,000 GHS 287545
Pediatric Kidney Transplant $26,000 GHS 311508

Steps of Government to Reduce Kidney Transplant Cost

The Ghanaian government has taken steps to support kidney transplantation at reduced costs, aiming to gradually end the reliance on expatriate surgeons and reduce the financial burden on patients and their families.

100-bed Urology and Nephrology Centre of Excellence:

The government plans to commission a 100-bed ultramodern Urology and Nephrology Centre of Excellence at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH) to facilitate kidney transplantation services in the country.

Local medical doctors trained on the procedure:

A team of local medical doctors has been trained in kidney transplantation, allowing them to perform the surgeries locally.

National Transplant Program:

The Ghana Kidney Association, Ghana Kidney Foundation, and governmental health agencies have been urged to initiate a national transplant program and consider subsidizing the cost of kidney transplantation to ensure the program’s sustainability.

Low-Cost Kidney Transplant in Ghana

Ghana has witnessed a groundbreaking development in healthcare with the introduction of low-cost kidney transplants, making life-saving interventions accessible to a broader population segment. As the country pioneers innovative approaches, the dream of a healthier future for individuals suffering from end-stage renal disease is becoming a reality. Strategic investments, government support, community engagement, and international collaboration are reshaping the healthcare landscape, making life-saving interventions more affordable and attainable for all.

How Successful Has Kidney Transplantation Been in Ghana?

In Ghana, advancements in medical technology, increased expertise of healthcare professionals, and improved post-operative care have all played pivotal roles in enhancing the success rates of kidney transplantation. Medical facilities in the country have been working diligently to ensure that the transplantation process meets international standards.

Korle Bu Teaching Hospital performing 1st Kidney Transplant in Ghana

The Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Ghana has achieved a significant milestone by successfully performing kidney transplants. The hospital’s team, comprised of local health professionals, conducted the transplants with the support of an Indian transplant surgeon and a technician. The procedures involved two male recipients and two female donors, and the hospital is preparing for another set of three kidney transplantations. This achievement is a testament to the hospital’s commitment to providing advanced healthcare services.

In 2008, Dr. Charlotte Osafo led Ghana’s first successful kidney transplant at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, significantly advancing the country’s healthcare capabilities. The Bank Hospital has also made history by becoming the first private facility in Ghana to conduct a kidney transplant, further expanding the accessibility of this critical medical procedure in the country. The successful kidney transplantations at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital were performed by a Ghanaian team of health professionals, except for Dr. Rajeev Sood, an Indian transplant surgeon who provided supervisory support and guidance. The Head of Surgery, Prof J.E. Mensah, praised the hospital’s Chief Executive, Dr. Opoku Ware Ampomah, for his vision and support in institutionalizing organ transplantation as a regular service in Korle Bu.

Patient Reviews After Kidney Transplant in Ghana

Many patients who undergo kidney transplantation in Ghana express profound gratitude for the opportunity to regain a sense of normalcy in their lives. Patient reviews consistently highlight the significant improvement in the quality of life post-transplant. The physicians in Ghana are well known for their superb work and extraordinarily high kidney transplant success rates, and their surgeons have extensive expertise in producing very favourable outcomes.

Details on Kidney Transplant in Ghana

Cost of Kidney Transplant in Ghana $19,000 to $26,000
Stay in Hospital 7-10 days
Back to Daily Life 1-2 months
Success Rate of Kidney Transplant in Ghana 85-90%

Best Kidney Transplant Hospitals in Ghana

Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital:

Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Ghana’s largest tertiary healthcare institution, boasts a well-established renal unit at the forefront of kidney transplantation in the country. The hospital has a team of experienced nephrologists, transplant surgeons, and dedicated support staff.

Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital:

Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital is a leading healthcare institution in the Ashanti Region, renowned for its comprehensive medical services. The hospital’s renal unit is equipped to perform kidney transplants, focusing on delivering high-quality care to patients.

37 Military Hospital:

37 Military Hospital, operated by the Ghana Armed Forces, is a leading medical facility that also extends its services to civilians. The hospital’s renal unit is recognized for its expertise in kidney transplantation and comprehensive pre-and post-transplant care.

Best Kidney Transplant Surgeons in Ghana

Dr. Charlotte Osafo:

Dr. Charlotte Osafo is a known figure in the medical field, particularly in renal health. She is the Head of the Renal Unit at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Ghana. In addition to her work at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr. Osafo has been involved in initiatives to promote medical tourism in Ghana. Dr. Charlotte Osafo’s Reviews are very positive; she is experienced and an expert in treating kidney diseases.

Dr. Asare Offei:

Dr. Asare Offei was a Lecturer in Surgery and is currently working as a Hepatobiliary Surgeon at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. Dr. Offei’s hepatobiliary and transplant surgery expertise has made him a valuable asset to the medical community. He graduated from the School of Medical Sciences, University of Science and Technology, Kumasi.

FAQs on Kidney Transplant Cost in Ghana

How many days of hospital stay for Kidney Transplant is required in Ghana?

Kidney Transplant in Ghana needs around 7-10 days of hospital stay.

How can we get reviews on Kidney transplants in Ghana?

The reviews for Kidney transplants in Ghana are available here.

Is insurance coverage provided for Bone Marrow Transplants in Ghana?

The cost of Kidney Transplants in Ghana is covered by Insurance coverage.

How much does Kidney Transplant cost in Ghana?

Kidney transplant costs in Ghana are around $20,000.

What is the success rate of Kidney Transplants in Ghana?

The Kidney Transplant success rate in Ghana is around 85-90%.

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