HLA Typing in Ghana

To determine the compatibility of patients and possible donors for organ and stem cell transplantation, HLA typing is done. Numerous clinical studies have shown a link between the level of HLA similarity (“match”) between donors and recipients and the success of transplants. The HLA Typing cost in Ghana starts from $245. 

Since the discovery of anti-leukocyte antibodies more than 50 years ago, methods for HLA typing have undergone substantial development. The astounding genetic variety of the HLA region, which today contains over 28,000 unique alleles, is now well understood by scientists.

HLA typing approaches can either be based on the serological detection of HLA antigens or, more frequently, on using molecular techniques to locate HLA alleles through genetic analysis.

HLA Typing Cost in Ghana

HLA Typing in Ghana Amount in USD
Serotyping $245
Next-generation SBT $368
Specific Oligonucleotide Hybridization (SSO) $485
Sanger Sequencing $410

HLA Typing Cost in Ghana – Bone Marrow Transplants

A successful Bone marrow transplant can save lives and change the life of patients, so Ghana hospitals need to provide a highly successful result. The Bone marrow is taken from a donor and transplanted in a needy receipt. Anyone cannot donate bone marrow to the patients; the HLA Typing test is performed on both if the match is more than 6, and the procedure of Bone marrow transplant is carried out in Ghana hospitals. The cost of HLA Typing in Ghana for bone marrow transplant is less than $400. 

HLA Typing Cost in Ghana – Kidney Transplants

Kidney Transplant is a crucial procedure for patients; a successful Kidney Transplant means the total acceptance of a donated kidney by the patient’s body. To achieve a successful kidney transplant, the HLA Match is essential. HLA Match should be above 8 between the donor and the patient. HLA Typing test is done before finalizing the donor’s kidney. The HLA Typing cost in Ghana for Kidney Transplantation is around $350.

High-Resolution HLA Typing cost in Ghana

High-resolution HLA typing is desirable for matching bone marrow transplants or organ transplant donors and recipients. High-resolution HLA typing settles alleles to a specific 4-digit allele, with some degeneracy resulting in a group of alleles specifying and encoding the identical protein sequence for an HLA molecule’s peptide binding domain. The high-resolution HLA typing cost in Ghana is $550.

Why are HLA typing tests required?

To ensure safe tissue transplants, HLA typing testing is primarily used. All transplant-required tissues should have their typing completed. The potential donor must have completed this test. Additionally, someone can recommend getting an HLA-type test. Patients with chronic illnesses are the ones that typically receive it. Since the outcome of a transplant depends on how closely the antigen patterns match, an HLA typing test is conducted to determine the ideal donor.

HLA Typing Cost in Ghana

HLA Typing cost in Ghana Amount cost
Accra GHS 2730
Sunyani GHS 3225
Kumasi GHS 4960
Tema GHS 3845
Takoradi GHS 4030
 Cape Coast GHS 4770
Tamale GHS 4650
Obuasi GHS 3590

Donor Registries

A bone marrow transplant can increase the chance of survival for someone with a blood malignancy like leukemia or lymphoma. The national marrow registries pair transplant donors and recipients using their database of possible donors. More minority and mixed-race donors are required so that transplant recipients from various backgrounds might discover more appropriate donors. Several worldwide donor registries include the following:

  • DKMS
  • Be The Match
  • WMDA

Importance of Matched HLA Typing Test

HLA matching aids in the prevention of graft-versus-host disease and rejection after bone marrow transplantation. In addition to producing oxygen-carrying red blood cells, the bone marrow produces the white blood cells that comprise our immune system. In a bone marrow transplant, the recipient’s immune system is replaced by the donor’s. This new immune system may identify the recipient’s body as “foreign” and attack numerous organs and tissues if there is a poor match.

The proteins known as human leukocyte antigens (HLA) are found on the body’s cell surfaces. The HLA proteins on the cells’ surface help the immune system distinguish them from “foreign” cells. To identify a donor and recipient whose cells match most closely, HLA typing is crucial.

HLA Typing Centers in Ghana

The HLA Typing Test Centers in Ghana use cutting-edge technology, and the hematologists are highly trained to offer accurate HLA Typing findings. The labs in Ghana are of outstanding quality; they are well-maintained, and the workers in the institutions give high-quality services to patients. The findings of HLA Typing are supplied in a fast manner, within 10-12 days, allowing for the rapid identification of a match and the completion of a transplant.

What is the HLA Typing accuracy rate in Ghana?

Clinics and HLA Typing test centers in Ghana are well-equipped with high-quality technologies and cutting-edge machines, allowing them to deliver extremely accurate HLA Typing results. The HLA Typing Test is more than 96% accurate in Ghana. If the HLA typing results are valid and a match is identified, the transplant will be extremely successful with no rejection complications.

Insurance Coverage for HLA Typing in Ghana

Ghana’s government cannot provide insurance coverage for the HLA typing test and matching. However, if a matched donor is found, insurance is provided to cover the costs of transplant surgeries. Many well-known insurance companies cover bone marrow, kidney, and liver transplants. Because the cost of HLA typing in Ghana is so low, insurance coverage is unnecessary.

What is the success rate of HLA Typing in Ghana?

The success rate or accuracy of HLA Typing in Ghana is more than 96%.

Where can I find HLA Typing reviews in Ghana?

You can find HLA Typing reviews in Ghana here.

How much does HLA Typing cost in Ghana?

HLA Typing cost in Ghana ranges from $210 to $430.

Does insurance cover HLA Typing Test in Ghana?

Yes, the insurance company covers the expenses of the HLA Typing Test in Ghana.

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