HLA Typing in Tanzania

The major histocompatibility complex, a group of genes, codes for proteins found on cell surfaces. For the immune system to identify foreign substances, these proteins are necessary. Human Leukocyte Antigen is what the MHC complex is known as in humans (HLA). HLA information has been and continues to be crucial for matching donors and recipients for organ and bone marrow transplants. The HLA Typing cost in Tanzania is $350. Tanzania has facilities to get HLA Typing tests in Mobile Van clinics, which is an initiation by the government to get maximum HLA Typing tests done. This helps the Tanzanian Hospital find matched HLA typing easily and with no waiting time.

HLA Typing Cost in Tanzania – Year 2023

HLA Typing in Tanzania Amount in USD
Serotyping $290
Next-generation SBT $380
Specific Oligonucleotide Hybridization (SSO) $350
Sanger Sequencing $390

HLA Typing Cost in Tanzania – Bone Marrow Transplants

Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) typing, often known as bone marrow transplant match testing, is a blood test used to determine the ideal donor for a transplant recipient. White blood cell HLA proteins are examined using a blood sample; if a person is histo- or tissue-compatible, there will be a similarity in their HLA antigens between the donor and recipient. The HLA Typing Cost in Tanzania is $390 for Bone Marrow Transplants.

HLA Typing Cost in Tanzania – Kidney Transplants

By contrasting their human leukocyte antigens (HLA), potential donors and transplant candidates can be matched. The method by which a person’s human leukocyte antigens (HLA) are identified is known as tissue typing. Examining the HLA compatibility of a donor and recipient combination and determining if any anti-HLA antibodies present in the recipient serum are donor-specific, this crucial technique in transplantation enables the immunologic or rejection risk of a donor-recipient pairing to be evaluated. The HLA Typing Cost in Tanzania is $480 for Kidney Transplants.

High-Resolution HLA Typing cost in Tanzania

HLA resolution is also an essential factor to consider in preclinical studies on immunological responses to disease. The variety of foreign antigens strongly correlates with the number of different HLA allotypes expressed on the cell surface. HLA molecules present foreign antigens to activate T-cell responses. The High-Resolution HLA Typing Test cost in Tanzania is around $590. HLA typing has a major impact on the choice of transplant donors, but it is also an essential tool for research into immunology and the development of cell therapies.

Why are HLA typing tests required?

Even though HLAa has the most substantial effects, The likelihood of a successful organ or tissue transplant increases with the antigen match. Less antirejection medication may be required if the matches are better.

HLA testing also involves checking transplant recipients for the existence of antibodies that the immune system could use to attack the donated tissue or organ.

The likelihood that two people are related increases with their antigen patterns’ similarity. Typing is a crucial tool for developing cell therapies and immunology research, as well as for selecting donors for transplantation.

HLA Typing Cost in Tanzania

HLA Typing cost in Tanzania Average cost
Dar es Salaam TZS 909480
Dodoma TZS 746240
Mwanza TZS 851180
Tanga TZS 685608
Mbeya TZS 932800
Moshi Urban TZS 896500
Tabora TZS 796450
Morogoro TZS 846578

Donor Registries

A donor registry compiles a donor information database from those willing and able to give bone marrow or other organs. The registry database is combed when a patient needs a bone marrow transplant, kidney, or liver to locate potential donors who match the patient. Numerous HLA Donor Registries get registrations from people all around the world. When a patient needs an organ or bone marrow transplant, the HLA Typing of the patient is matched with a donor in the donor registry who is a closer match.

A few well-known HLA Donor Registries are:

  • DKMS
  • WMDA
  • Be The Match

Importance of Matched HLA Typing

By recognizing antigens, the human body uses HLA markers to determine which cells belong and which do not. Eight to ten HLA markers are often matched between the donor and the recipient for bone marrow or organ donation to prevent rejection or an immune reaction that could jeopardize the transplant. It’s ideal to have four to six matches when donating cord blood. The success rate of a bone marrow or organ transplant will increase with the proximity of the HLA markers between the donor and recipient.

What is the HLA Typing accuracy rate in Tanzania?

Tanzanian labs do high-resolution HLA typing tests. The HLA Typing test is more than 85% accurate in Tanzanian labs. As the number of liver and kidney transplants increases, the demand for HLA typing increases. Tanzania’s superb, technologically advanced labs are why HLA typing testing is so successful.

HLA Typing Centers in Tanzania

Tanzania’s Pathology Centers excel at providing HLA Typing Tests with maximum accuracy. The primary purpose is to provide outstanding quality laboratory services to all esteemed clients promptly and professionally. The hematologists who do the test are experienced, and the laboratories are well-equipped to perform an accurate HLA Typing test in Tanzania.

Insurance Coverage for HLA Typing in Tanzania

No government fund in Tanzania provides insurance coverage for HLA typing. However, a few well-known private insurance firms offer HLA typing coverage. The insurance coverage enables patients in Tanzania, where the patients are economically disadvantaged, to obtain a cash-free HLA typing.

FAQs on HLA Typing in Tanzania

What is the success rate of HLA Typing in Tanzania?

The success rate or accuracy of HLA Typing in Tanzania is more than 97.5%.

Where can I find HLA Typing reviews in Tanzania?

You can find HLA Typing reviews in Tanzania here.

How much does HLA Typing cost in Tanzania?

HLA Typing cost in Tanzania ranges from $320 to $490.

Does insurance cover HLA Typing Test in Tanzania?

Yes, the insurance company covers the expenses of the HLA Typing Test.

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