HLA Typing in Zambia

In general, cord blood or bone marrow transplant patients and donors are matched using human leukocyte antigen (HLA) typing. Most of the body’s cells have proteins or markers known as HLA. The HLA Typing Cost in Zambia starts from $215. HLA is crucial for innate and adaptive immunity and plays a significant role in infection and autoimmune disease in the vertebrate genome. The top centers do HLA Typing tests in Zambia; they provide high-resolution tests using top equipment and technologies. Testing can be used to determine which human leukocyte antigen (HLA) genes and antigens you have inherited and to look for antibodies to HLA antigens that would render transplants unsuccessful. Testing can also determine which platelet blood donors have HLA antigen types corresponding to transfusion recipients.

HLA Typing Cost in Zambia

HLA Typing in Zambia Amount in USD
Serotyping $215
Next-generation SBT $335
Specific Oligonucleotide Hybridization (SSO) $480
Sanger Sequencing $350

HLA Typing Cost in Zambia – Bone Marrow Transplants

Zambian hospitals must deliver a highly effective outcome for bone marrow transplant patients since it has the power to save lives and transform patients’ lives. Bone marrow is removed from a donor and given to a needy patient. The technique of a bone marrow transplant is carried out in Ghana hospitals; anyone cannot donate bone marrow to the patients; the HLA Typing test is conducted on both if the match is more than 6. HLA typing for a bone marrow transplant in Zambia costs less than $470.

HLA Typing Cost in Zambia – Kidney Transplants

Kidney Transplant is a critical surgery for patients; a successful Kidney Transplant means that the patient’s body accepts a given kidney completely. The HLA Match is critical for a successful kidney transplant. The donor-patient HLA match should be greater than 8. Before the donor’s kidney is finalized, an HLA typing test is performed. In Zambia, the cost of HLA typing for kidney transplantation is approximately $350.

High-Resolution HLA Typing cost in Zambia

A high-resolution typing result is a set of alleles that encode the same protein sequence for the portion of the HLA molecule known as the antigen binding site and exclude alleles that do not produce cell-surface proteins. The laboratory’s HLA results describe the pair’s matching status according to regional, governmental, or international norms for possible donors and recipients of allogeneic transplants. The High-Resolution HLA Typing cost in Zambia is around $590.

Why are HLA typing tests required?

HLA typing is performed to match patients and donors for cord blood or bone marrow transplants. If discovered to be elevated, reactive antibodies are linked to delayed graft function, an increased risk of acute rejection, or a short transplant survival.

If a patient’s organ can no longer perform as it should, a heart, lung, or kidney transplant may be required. By testing, patients may ensure that the HLA antigens and those on the organ patient is receiving are as closely matched as possible.

HLA Typing Cost in Zambia

HLA Typing cost in Zambia Amount cost
Lusaka ZMW 4009
Livingstone ZMW 4295
Ndola ZMW 6100
Kitwe ZMW 7820
Chipata ZMW 5300
Kasama ZMW 5755
Kabwe ZMW 4850
Chingola ZMW 7155

Donor Registries

Donor registries are official legal proof of a person’s decision to donate their organs, eyes, or tissues. Donor Registries are centralized, private databases containing information on every Zambia resident who decided to donate their organs and/or tissues when they passed away. The HLA Typing Test then identifies a donor match when a patient requires an organ or bone marrow transplant. It is also crucial to eliminate HLA mismatches for each transplant to lessen the risk that the receiver would produce reactive antibodies that could prevent them from receiving further transplants.

  • DKMS
  • Be The Match
  • WMDA
  • IRODaT

Importance of Matched HLA Typing Test

For both the donor and the receiver of a stem cell or solid organ transplant, HLA typing is essential, emphasizing class I molecules, to lower the likelihood of host rejection. HLA matching can be exceedingly complicated and challenging to arrange for a suitable transplant match because there are hundreds of potential HLA combinations.

While some HLA alleles are linked to specific genetic predispositions to diseases, including cancer and autoimmune disorders, others are associated with the susceptibility and severity of viral infections.

HLA Typing Centers in Zambia

Zambia Clinics use cutting-edge technology for HLA Typing Test and are staffed by properly qualified technologists. Laboratories maintain quick reaction times and excellent quality service. After receiving a blood sample, they convey the HLA typing results in 10-12 working days, barring unusual situations. By carrying out HLA typing in donors and recipients to gauge the closeness of matches and spot mismatches, they offer to test to help hematopoietic stem cell and solid organ transplantations.

Insurance Coverage for HLA Typing in Zambia

In Zambia, the HLA Typing Test is not too expensive. Patients nationwide can easily pay for the test; insurance companies do not cover the costs. But insurance companies will pay for bone marrow and organ transplants if the test matches the donor’s HLA Typing. Since all types of equipment are accessible in Zambia’s hospitals and labs, the cost of HLA typing there is lower.

What is the HLA Typing accuracy rate in Zambia?

The HLA Lab in Zambia provides comprehensive testing services to assist hematopoietic stem cell and solid organ transplants, transfusion medicine, and HLA-related disease association studies. In Zambia, the HLA Typing Test has an accuracy rate above 94%. If a match is found and the HLA typing results are accurate, the transplant will be very successful with no problems from rejection.

FAQs on HLA Typing in Zambia

What is the success rate of HLA Typing in Zambia?

The success rate or accuracy of HLA Typing in Zambia is more than 94%.

Where can I find HLA Typing reviews in Zambia?

You can find HLA Typing reviews in Zambia here.

How much does HLA Typing cost in Zambia?

HLA Typing cost in Zambia ranges from $215 to $490.

Does insurance cover HLA Typing Test in Zambia?

Yes, the insurance company covers the expenses of the HLA Typing Test in Zambia.

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