HLA Typing in Kenya

The initial blood test identifies the patient and potential donor’s HLA typing to assess how closely they match. Except for identical twins, every person’s tissues are often unique from everyone else’s. The longer the transplant is successful, the better the HLA match and the more successful it will be. The HLA Typing cost in Kenya starts from $250. The best labs in Kenya provide the HLA typing test results, where all the processes are effectively carried out. In addition, Kenya hospitals can access the donor registry to help patients get HLA Typing matches without waiting. 

What is HLA Typing Test?

A type of genetic test called HLA typing is used to pinpoint particular individual variances in an individual’s immune system. The procedure is essential for determining who can safely donate organs or bone marrow to someone needing a transplant. Human leukocyte antigen is the abbreviation for this protein. HLA matching is another name for HLA typing.

HLA Typing Cost in Kenya

HLA Typing in Kenya Amount in USD
Serotyping $250
Next-generation SBT $350
Specific Oligonucleotide Hybridization (SSO) $390
Sanger Sequencing $400

HLA Typing Cost in Kenya – Bone Marrow Transplants

“Human Leukocyte Antigen,” also known as HLA, inherits these protein molecules from the parents. The HLA type needs to be identified before stem cell transplantation in patients. A blood sample is taken, and if it matches the donor, the transplant procedure is then carried out. The HLA Typing Cost in Kenya is $400 for Bone Marrow Transplant. The laboratory will also determine the HLA type of anyone who might contribute stem cells to patients. In stem cell transplants, it’s crucial to check how closely the recipient’s and donor’s HLA match. Six HLA molecules are typically used in HLA matching.

HLA Typing Cost in Kenya – Kidney Transplants

Thanks to HLA typing, a donor’s kidney will be compatible with its matched receiver. To begin, either from blood or tissue, the specific human leukocyte antigens for the kidney donor and receiver must be determined. Kenya uses HLA typing for kidney transplants to get the highest acceptance rate and most successful transplant. The HLA Typing cost in Kenya for Kidney transplants is $390.

HLA Typing Cost in Kenya – Liver Transplants

The role of HLA in transplantation has largely been seen as beneficial to liver transplant outcomes. The improved survival rates of liver transplants from HLA Typing matched donors evidence this. In Kenya, the cost of an HLA Typing test for a Liver transplant is around $350. Therefore, if a matched HLA Typing is 6 is the best donor to transplant the liver, as it gives a high access rate of the transplant.

High-Resolution HLA Typing Cost in Kenya

Highly polymorphic HLA (human leukocyte antigen) genes tune the adaptive immune system. Diagnosing and treating autoimmune and infectious illnesses depend on high-resolution HLA typing. Additionally, it is frequently done in transplant medicine to find compatible donors. Although numerous HLA typing strategies have been created, their use in population-based high-throughput HLA typing for donors, which is necessary for building massive databases for transplantation and precision medicine, is restricted by the complexity, low efficiency, and high cost of current HLA-typing assays. The High-Resolution HLA Typing cost in Kenya is $590.

HLA Typing Cost in Kenya

HLA Typing cost in Kenya The average cost in USD
Nairobi KES 37194
Mombasa KES 43393
Kisumu KES 35954
Nakuru KES 60750
Meru KES 55791
Eldoret KES 61990
Wajir KES 68189
Malindi KES 59510

Why are HLA typing tests required?

Examine donated bone marrow tissue or organs such as the kidney, liver, etc., to see if the antigen pattern matches. HLA Typing Test is performed both on the donor and receiver.

The transplant depends on how closely the HLA Typing match, and it determines whether a transplant will be successful.

When an organ or bone marrow is donated from a person’s close relative, there is a high likelihood that the patterns will be similar. And the patient’s body will not easily reject the organ.

If no HLA Typing is matched with a close relative, a matched HLA Typing is searched in the donor’s registry. Identify those at a higher risk for developing specific autoimmune disorders.

Donor Registries

When the patient’s and the donor’s human leukocyte antigen (HLA) tissue types are nearly identical, a transplant is more likely to succeed. This is because the immune system uses HLA proteins or markers to distinguish between cells that belong in the body and those that do not. People from all over the world register themselves with different HLA Donor Registries. The HLA Typing tests are done, and when a patient requires a bone marrow transplant or organ transplant, the HLA Typing of patients is matched with the closer from the donor registry.

A few well-known HLA Donor Registries are:

  • DKMS
  • Be The Match

HLA Typing Test Details

Name of the Test HLA Typing for Transplant Test
Who performs the test Hematologist
A report of the test will be delivered within 12-15 days
HLA Typing cost in Kenya Ranges between $350-$550
The method used in Testing NGS DNA Sequencing

What is the accuracy rate of HLA Typing in Kenya?

High-resolution HLA Typing tests are performed in labs in Kenya. The accuracy rate of the HLA Typing test in Kenya’s labs is more than 85%. Demand for HLA typing has risen as liver and kidney transplant operations increase. The excellent, technologically cutting-edge labs in Kenya are why HLA typing testing is so successful.

Importance of Matched HLA Typing

Numerous new illnesses and infections are discovered each year. Additionally, there is a need to identify efficient means of treatment. Stem cell transplant has quickly gained popularity as a viable medical alternative with potentially life-saving advantages in these trying times. However, this procedure can only genuinely help individuals seeking it if the recipient can match perfectly with a donor. Immune systems may mistake and reject donated organs or cells for alien objects. Therefore, finding a donor whose HLA type matches the recipient is crucial to preventing transplant rejection. A genetic HLA typing test is used to pinpoint a person’s immune system’s HLA antigens. This test is crucial to ascertain if a person can safely use stem cells for a transplant.

HLA Typing Centers in Kenya

Kenya’s Pathology Centers are excellent in providing 100% accuracy HLA Typing Tests. The main goal is to provide all esteemed clients with exceptional quality laboratory services in a timely, courteous manner. The hematologists performing the test are well-trained, and the labs are well-equipped to perform an accurate HLA Typing test.

Insurance Coverage for HLA Typing in Kenya

No government funding is offered in Kenya as HLA typing insurance coverage. However, a few reputable private insurance providers offer coverage for HLA typing. In Kenya, where the patients are poor, insurance coverage enables them to receive a cash-free HLA typing, which helps them successfully find a donor for a bone marrow transplant or organ transplant.

FAQs on HLA Typing in Kenya

What is the success rate of HLA Typing in Kenya?

The success rate or accuracy of HLA Typing in Kenya is more than 98.5%.

Where can I find HLA Typing reviews in Kenya?

You can find HLA Typing reviews in Kenya here.

How much does HLA Typing cost in Kenya?

HLA Typing cost in Kenya ranges from $250 to $500.

Does insurance cover HLA Typing Test in Kenya?

Yes, the insurance company covers the expenses of the HLA Typing Test.

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