HLA Typing in Nigeria

A genetic test called the Human Leucocyte Antigen Typing (HLA) test is performed to compare the compatibility of donors and recipients. A patient must pass the test for a safe bone marrow or organ transplant. The HLA typing test measures a few aspects of your immune system. HLA Typing cost in Nigeria is around $350; results are typically available in 12 days. The recipient’s and the donor’s HLA types would match exactly in perfect condition. The HLA types must, however, at the very least, correspond well in a regular setting. The immune system’s HLA system is a crucial component. It comprises a collection of genes that combine to create a protein in practically all body cells. These proteins have color patterns that the HLA-B Typing test uses to match individuals.

HLA Typing Cost in Nigeria

HLA Typing in Nigeria Amount in USD
Serotyping $210
Next-generation SBT $390
Specific Oligonucleotide Hybridization (SSO) $420
Sanger Sequencing $300

HLA Typing Cost in Nigeria – Bone Marrow Transplants

Blood typing is simpler than HLA matching or typing, which matches donors and recipients. The eight HLA types or markers are crucial for SCTs. Finding the best fit requires extensive testing. All eight indicators must match for a bone marrow transplant to be successful. A minimum of six out of eight markers must match for a cord blood transfusion to be successful. A successful transplant depends on a close HLA match between the donor and the recipient, which increases the likelihood of success. The Hla Typing Cost in Nigeria is around $300 for Bone Marrow Transplant.

HLA Typing Cost in Nigeria – Kidney Transplants

Tissue typing is the process of identifying a person’s human leukocyte antigens (HLA). This crucial procedure in kidney transplantation enables the rejection risk of a donor-receiver pairing to be evaluated by looking at their HLA compatibility and determining whether any anti-HLA antibodies detected in the recipient serum are donor specific. The HLA Typing cost in Nigeria for Kidney Transplants starts from $480.

High-Resolution HLA Typing cost in Nigeria

The determination of tissue compatibility also requires high-resolution HLA allele typing. The four components that make up the HLA nomenclature—for instance—are the allele group, protein type, synonymous changes in coding sections, and non-coding areas. To determine histocompatibility, high-resolution genotyping is employed to clear up sequencing inconsistencies in the peptide-binding region. The High-Resolution HLA Typing cost in Nigeria is $650.

HLA Typing Cost in Nigeria

HLA Typing cost in Nigeria Average cost
Lagos NGN 95600
Kano NGN 118400
Abuja NGN 177660
Port Harcourt NGN 159440
Ibadan NGN 182200
Benin City NGN 195880
Umuahia NGN 173100
Zaria NGN 118000

Why are HLA typing tests required?

A matched HLA Typing between a donor and recipient is essential to Increase the likelihood that a stem cell transplant will be effective and lessens the possibility of problems, such as graft-versus-host disease (GVHD).

The degree of HLA matching between the donor and recipient is what determines the HLA Typing test findings. The risk of problems from the transplant will be lower if they are sufficiently similar. Therefore, a successful tissue transplant depends on identifying a suitable HLA match.

The test not only looks for antibodies but also compares lymphocytes. This method looks for antibodies to the donor’s proteins in the recipient’s blood.

Donor Registries

An individual with blood cancer, such as leukemia or lymphoma, may survive thanks to a bone marrow transplant. The national marrow registries use their database of potential donors to match transplant donors and recipients. It is essential to have more mixed-race and minority donors so that recipients of transplants from various backgrounds can find more compatible donors. The following are a few international donor registries are as follows:

  • DKMS
  • Be The Match
  • WMDA

Importance of Matched HLA Typing Test

Blood types play a crucial role in transfusions. The patient’s immune system may react negatively to donated blood if you receive a transfusion incompatible with his blood type. Transfusion reactions from this can be severe or even fatal. An antigen is a protein or other small substance that induces the body to create antibodies in response to it. An antigen in the body brings on an immunological reaction. The crossmatch determines whether the recipient’s immune system would reject the kidney, bone marrow, or another organ the donor gave.

HLA Typing Centers in Nigeria

Hematologists with years of experience and cutting-edge technology work at HLA Typing Test Centers in Nigeria to deliver highly accurate findings. The labs in Nigeria are of outstanding quality; they are well-maintained, and the clinic staff offers the patients high-quality care. HLA typing data are delivered promptly—within 13–15 days—helping discover a match and complete a transplant quickly.

Insurance Coverage for HLA Typing in Nigeria

The HLA typing test and discovering matches are not covered by insurance by the Nigerian government. However, after locating a compatible donor, insurance is offered to cover the cost of transplant surgeries. Liver, kidney, and bone marrow transplants are all covered by numerous renowned insurance providers. Insurance coverage is unnecessary because the cost of HLA typing in Nigeria is unreasonable.

What is the HLA Typing accuracy rate in Nigeria?

The Nigerian Clinics and HLA Typing test facilities are properly furnished with top-notch tools and modern technology, enabling them to deliver an extremely accurate HLA Typing result. In Nigeria, the HLA Typing Test has an accuracy rate of above 96%. The transplant will be extremely successful and free of rejection complications if the HLA Typing result is accurate and a match is discovered.

FAQs on HLA Typing in Nigeria

What is the success rate of HLA Typing in Nigeria?

The success rate or accuracy of HLA Typing in Nigeria is more than 97%.

Where can I find HLA Typing reviews in Nigeria?

You can find HLA Typing reviews in Nigeria here.

How much does HLA Typing cost in Nigeria?

HLA Typing cost in Nigeria ranges from $210 to $420.

Does insurance cover HLA Typing Test in Nigeria?

Yes, the insurance company covers the expenses of the HLA Typing Test in Nigeria.

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