Hematology in Tanzania

Hematology surgeries are much-needed in Tanzania to provide curative therapy for hematological malignancies, sickle cell disease (SCD), and aplastic anemia. Establishing such a service within comparable economic and healthcare environments is feasible based on the experience of other countries with scarce resources. So with the help of collaborations and investments, Tanzanian Hospitals now provide hematology surgeries. The hematology cost in Tanzania is also low. The Tanzanian government has also made many efforts to guarantee the excellence of hematology healthcare in the nation.

SCD is one of the medical diseases that can be addressed through hematology surgery in Tanzania. SCD is a global health problem, but the impact is most significant in Africa, where more than 80% of the 305 000 afflicted newborns worldwide each year take place. With access to practically all medical procedures and treatments, Tanzania offers some of the best medical facilities in Africa. Most of Tanzania’s specialists are homegrown, and several foreign facilities support them. The government of Tanzania encourages and supports hematology. In collaboration with Indian Hospital, Tanzanian Hospital, Muhimbili National Hospital performed the first successful bone marrow transplant in Tanzania.

Hematology cost in Tanzania – Year 2023

Hematology in Tanzania Average Cost in Tanzanian Shilling (TSh) Average Cost in US Dollar (USD)
Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplant TZS 12,98,30,400 $56,448
Aplastic Anemia TZS 1,11,28,320 $4,838
Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant TZS 12,24,11,520 $53,222
Blood Cancer Treatment TZS 1,40,95,872 $6,129
Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) TZS 12,24,11,520 $53,222
Fanconi Anemia TZS 1,33,53,984 $5,806
Leukemia Treatment TZS 2,78,20,800 $12,096
Lymphoma Treatment TZS 2,89,33,632 $12,580
Multiple Sclerosis TZS 2,41,11,360 $10,483
Myeloma Treatment TZS 1,85,47,200 $8,064
Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant TZS 11,87,02,080 $51,610
Sickle Cell Disease TZS 1,44,66,816 $6,290
Thalassemia Transplant TZS 2,48,53,248 $10,806

Cost of  Top Hematology Procedures in Tanzania

Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant:

In an allogeneic transplant, stem cells from a different individual who is a genetically compatible stem cell donor are given to the recipient. Usually, a sibling who shares the same tissue type as the patient is involved. In the absence of a sibling, a search is conducted on domestic and international donor databases to locate a suitable unrelated stem cell donor. Even when there is a slight mismatch, the patient may still benefit from the match. The Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplant cost in Tanzania is $56,448.

Leukemia Treatment:

Leukemia develops when blood cells in the bone marrow transform into a specific type of leukemia cell. Leukemia cells eventually supplant healthy blood cells. The sort of leukemia you have will determine how quickly it develops. The price of Leukemia Treatment in Tanzania is $12,096.

Sickle Cell Disease:

A child is born with sickle cell disease (SCD), a blood condition. It is genetically inherited from one’s parents. Children who have sickle cell disease produce hemoglobin that is different from usual. This protein is found in red blood cells and is responsible for transporting oxygen throughout the body. Sickle cell disease causes the body’s tissues and organs to get insufficient oxygen. The treatment cost of Sickle Cell Disease in Tanzania is $6,290.

Lymphoma Treatment:

White blood cells, which make up most of the lymph fluid, are where lymphomas, malignancies, first appear. This is because the body uses lymph to combat infections. A form of blood cancer is lymphoma. It happens when the lymphatic system becomes overburdened by abnormally high numbers of white blood cells. Lymphoma treatment is exceptional and differs from patient to patient. It isn’t easy to portray an actual situation without looking at the specifics of the scenario. Based on the results that identify the type and stage of lymphoma, the degree of malignancy, the likelihood that the disease will spread, and the potential side effects of these treatments or therapy, they develop a specific treatment plan for the patient’s needs. The Lymphoma Treatment price in Tanzania is $12,580.

Bone Marrow Transplant:

When doing a bone marrow transplant, a needle is put into a bone, usually the pelvic bone, to collect bone marrow cells from the donor’s bloodstream. Patients who have received heavy doses of chemotherapy (and occasionally radiation), which can inhibit the body’s ability to manufacture blood, may require a bone marrow transplant. The bone marrow transplant cost in Tanzania is $53,222. Patients often stay in the hospital for three to four weeks following the transplant as the bone marrow heals. Rarely will a patient experience a problem and need to stay in the hospital longer.

Aplastic Anemia:

A specific type of bone marrow failure is aplastic anemia. The soft, fatty tissue inside the bones called marrow is where new blood cells are created. The body becomes prone to bleeding and infection when the bone marrow produces no new cells, which is the case in aplastic anemia. Infections and bleeding can often occur as a result of aplastic anemia. You run a higher risk of getting a significant blood condition. If you want to get treatment for Aplastic Anemia, the cost of Aplastic Anemia treatment in Tanzania is $4,838.

Multiple Myeloma:

The complex form of cancer known as multiple myeloma damages the bone marrow’s white blood cells. Multiple myeloma can be treated in numerous ways by doctors. Treatments for Multiple myeloma include Chemotherapy, Radiation, Targeted therapy, Immunotherapy, and Stem cell transplant. The Multiple Myeloma treatment price is $8,064.

Conditions treated by Hematology Procedures in Tanzania.

The following are the conditions treated using hematology surgeries in Tanzania. The expert hematologists in Tanzania provide the best treatment at an affordable price.

  • Haemoglobin and platelet disorders
  • Thalassemia and other hemoglobinopathies
  • Myeloproliferative Neoplasms
  • Chronic Leukaemia
  • Acute Leukaemia
  • Lymphoma
  • Plasma Cell disorders

Why choose Tanzania for Hematology?

Tanzanian hematology surgeons have a solid educational background and a wealth of experience. Hematology surgery performed by surgeons has a high rate of success.

Tanzanian hematology hospitals are equipped with all the most recent tools and technology. They work with world-class serving personnel and physicians. The hospitals are fully equipped with cutting-edge technology and uphold the highest standards.

Because Tanzania’s surgeons are nationals and its facilities are fully equipped, the cost of hematology procedures and treatments there is extremely low.

Technologies used for Hematology Surgery in Tanzania

Tanzanian Hospitals use leading technologies for Hematology surgeries to provide the best results to their patients. Following are a few technologies used for Hematology surgery in Tanzania:

  • Analyzers
  • Flow cytometer
  • Helium-Neon (He-Ne) laser
  • Coagulation analyzers
  • CRISPR-Cas9
  • Slide strainers

The Objective of the ASH/HVO Program

The Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Science (MUHAS) and Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) collaborate with the American Society of Hematology (ASH), and the nonprofit Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO) started a new program to increase the number of hematologists in Tanzania. Dr. Ahlam Nasser is the collaboration program’s on-site coordinator, consultant hematologist, and lecturer at MUHAS.

Objective :

The program, which started in February 2013, brings in Dar es Salaam volunteer hematologists and hematopathologists to offer instruction and consultation at the college and its affiliated teaching hospital. Volunteers take part in ward rounds, clinics, bedside consultations, lectures, and laboratory training.

Tanzania received assistance from the ASH/HVO program as it created its hematology training program and built its capability. The program seeks to improve participants’ clinical management of hematologic disorders, laboratory hematology, blood transfusion services, and overall capacity through training, research and consulting.

Muhimbili National Hospital in collabration with HCG Cancer Hospital performs 1st BMT in Tanzania.

The first bone marrow transplant (BMT) was carried out by HCG Cancer Hospital in collabration with Muhimbili National Hospital in Tanzania. As a result, an advanced BMT center was established in East Africa. The organization wants to improve Tanzanian patients’ access to top-notch medical treatment by supporting local hospitals. Five patients with multiple myeloma underwent successful autologous stem cell transplants at the Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) from November 26 to November 28, 2021.

The achievement is a first for Eastern and Central Africa and was made possible by the government’s initiatives to bring specialized healthcare closer to the populace. As a result, Tanzania joins Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, and Nigeria as the sixth African nation to possess the capability.

In the future, as a result of this partnership, experts from HCG Cancer Hospitals in India will travel to Muhimbili National Hospital to execute challenging BMT treatments and instruct and equip Muhimbili National Hospital’s medical staff to treat patients with blood-related illnesses.

Hematology Reviews in Tanzania

Tanzania has quickly become one of the most popular locations for hematology. Tanzania today provides the finest of both traditional and modern treatment. As a result, if a patient needs to have a complicated procedure like hematology surgery, they won’t need to travel abroad because Tanzanian hospitals are equipped with top-notch amenities, and skilled medical professionals can complete successful surgeries. As a result, the hematology reviews in Tanzania are very positive.

Medical Insurance Companies for Hematology in Tanzania

Hematology in Tanzania is a little expensive; this is why insurance companies in Tanzania provide Hematology Treatment coverage. Following are the few Medical Insurance companies that cover the expenses of Hematology in Tanzania:

  • Assemble Insurance (T) LTD
  • The Heritage Insurance Company Tanzania
  • Alliance Insurance
  • Britam Insurance Tanzania
  • UAP Insurance Tanzania Limited
  • MO Assurance Company Ltd

Success Rate of Hematology surgery in Tanzania

The Success rate of hematology surgeries in Tanzania is 60-70%. Tanzania’s population is widely affected by different hematological disorders, and treating them and achieving a high success rate results is the aim of Tanzanian hospitals. Experts in Tanzania are well-trained from foreign institutions and returned to serve their own country by treating and spreading awareness about the genetic disorder and their treatments.

Top 3 Hematologists in Tanzania

Dr. Helena Kakumbula:

Dr. Helena Kakumbula is an expert hematologist performing successful surgeries in Tanzania. She has experience of more than ten years in this field. The surgeon is currently practicing at Muhimbili National Hospital.

Dr. Samira Saleh Mahfudh:

Dr. Samira Mahfudh is a clinical hematologist in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The surgeon is well-trained and has many years of experience.

Dr. Stella Rwezaula:

Dr. Stella Rwezaula is a specialist with many years of experience working as a hematologist. She works at Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH). Dr. Stella is the first surgeon in Tanzania to perform a Bone Marrow transplant.

Hematology Surgery Hospitals in Tanzania – Year 2023

cat-icon Hospitali ya Ocean Road, Ocean Road, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Where can I find Hematology reviews in Tanzania?

You can find Hematology reviews in Tanzania here.

How can I book an appointment with a Hematologist in Tanzania?

You can contact us to get an appointment with a Hematologist in Tanzania. In addition, we can suggest the best surgeon in Tanzania.

How much do Hematology Procedures cost in Tanzania?

Hematology Procedures’ cost depends on the type of condition the patient suffers from.

Does insurance cover Hematology in Tanzania?

Yes, the insurance company covers the expenses of Hematology.

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