Pediatric Nephrologist in Lagos

Pediatric Nephrology is a department dedicated to providing specialist treatment to neonates and children with renal disorders. We are able to meet the requirements of the children by providing round-the-clock services. We are prepared to handle all sorts of renal disorders, including the common nephrotic syndrome, kidney syndrome, and congenital metabolism abnormalities.

A paediatric nephrologist is a doctor that specialises in diagnosing and treating children. A paediatric nephrology section will also include medical equipment designed particularly for children. The majority of these departments provide a child-friendly environment. If your kid sees a paediatric nephrologist in your area, you may be certain that they are receiving the finest possible treatment.


Pediatric Nephrology cost in Lagos

Pediatric Nephrology in Lagos Average Cost in Naira
Acute kidney injury ₦ 2,100,000
Acute nephritis ₦ 2,800,000
Childhood hypertension BP ₦ 2,550,000
Chronic renal failure ₦ 2,650,000
Abnormalities of kidneys ₦ 2,820,000
Haematuria ₦ 3,100,000
Blood in urine ₦ 3,400,000
Hereditary Nephropathy ₦ 3,050,000
Nephrotic syndrome ₦ 2,900,000
Protein leakage in kidneys ₦ 1,900,000
Pyelonephritis ₦ 2,230,000
Renal Calculi ₦ 2,450,000
Kidney stones ₦ 2,100,000
Renal tubular disorder ₦ 3,050,000
Renal Vasculitis ₦ 2,900,000
Urogenital abnormalities ₦ 1,900,000
UTI ₦ 2,230,000
Vitamin D refractory Rickets ₦ 2,450,000
Voiding disorder like bedwetting ₦ 2,100,000

Pediatric Nephrologist Qualification in Lagos

Pediatric Nephrologists have received specific training to focus on the needs of children, particularly when it comes to uncomfortable and sensitive topics like voiding and genitalia issues. They understand how to work with kids in a cooperative and comfortable manner. Additionally, pediatric Nephrologists in Lagos and pediatric Nephrologists in children’s hospitals employ equipment built particularly for children. This aids in the creation of a safe and secure environment for the youngster. Your physician would most likely recommend you to a pediatric Nephrologist who has received considerable training.

Common Pediatric Nephrology Surgeries done in Lagos

A paediatric nephrologist is in charge of diagnosing, treating, and managing diseases that affect the kidneys and urinary system in children. UTIs, kidney failure, hereditary kidney disorders, blood and protein abnormalities in urine, kidney stones, and high blood pressure are all examples of this. They have the knowledge and abilities to diagnose and treat problems with development and growth that are unique to renal disorders. They are also experienced in working with youngsters and assisting them in making the transition from paediatric to adult urologists and nephrologists.


  • Dialysis
  • Kidney biopsies
  • Kidney disorders Interpretation
  • Kidney transplantation
  • Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
  • Kidney’s X-ray study

Pediatric Nephrologists in Lagos, Nigeria provide a care system that addresses the unique requirements of babies, adolescents, and teenagers, as well as their families. They collaborate with pediatric Nephrologists in Lagos on a regular basis. These experts aid in the diagnosis of Nephrology problems and the implementation of best treatment strategies both before and after surgery in Lagos. Children with Nephrology issues might potentially benefit from extra therapies provided by pediatric Nephrologists in Lagos.

Nephrologist, Nephrology anesthesia, neonatology, critical care, nurses, respiratory therapy, and social workers may all be part of a pediatric Nephrology surgeon’s team. These teams have received considerable training in order to provide your kid with the finest medical care possible before, during, and after surgery.


Minimum Nephrology Surgery cost in Lagos

Acute kidney injury minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 2,100,000.
Acute nephritis minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 2,800,000.
Childhood hypertension BP minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 2,550,000.
Chronic renal failure minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 2,650,000.
Abnormalities of kidneys minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 2,820,000.
Haematuria minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 3,100,000.
Blood in urine minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 3,400,000.
Hereditary Nephropathy minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 3,050,000.
Nephrotic syndrome minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 2,900,000.
Protein leakage in kidneys minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 1,900,000.
Pyelonephritis minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 2,230,000.
Renal Calculi minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 2,450,000.
Kidney stones minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 2,100,000.
Renal tubular disorder minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 3,050,000.
Renal Vasculitis minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 2,900,000.
Urogenital abnormalities minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 1,900,000.
UTI minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 2,230,000.
Vitamin D refractory Rickets minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 2,450,000.
Voiding disorder like bedwetting minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 2,100,000.

Recovery from Pediatric Nephrology Surgery

After surgery, the child will be kept in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for observation for a few days. The patient will be released home based on the surgery performed and the health of the infant/post-surgical kid. The recovery period at home is expected to last 1-2 weeks. This might take up to 3-6 weeks in the case of significant surgeries.

Preventing children from tugging or shoving is a good idea.

Make certain the child is not lifting anything heavy.

Keep a close check on the child’s diet. Make sure you have enough nourishment to recover fast.

Before getting any vaccines following surgery, talk to your doctor.

When using the suggested medication, use extreme care.

Pediatric Nephrology Tests in Lagos

It is critical to create an appropriate treatment strategy for patients with life-threatening nephrology disorders. Obtaining a prompt and correct diagnosis is the first step in putting the treatment plan into action. There are a variety of tests and evaluation procedures that can aid in the diagnosis of any kidney disease and the underlying cause.

  • Ultrasound
  • MRI of the urinary system
  • CT scan of the urinary system
  • Blood tests
  • Biopsy
  • Nuclear system Renal scanning


Latest Technology in Pediatric Nephrology in Lagos

Radiologists may utilise 3D printing to create 3D models of complex anatomy from MRI and CT images. This can aid nephrologists in their approach planning.
Minimally invasive surgery with the help of a robot
Youngsters’s Fertility Preservation Program – This programme is for children who have a condition that might impact their fertility in the future.
Proton Beam Therapy is a treatment option for children who have cancer. Because children’s organs are still developing, traditional radiation therapy is more hazardous to them.
Fetal surgery is a surgical option for foetuses with spina bifida and a lower urinary tract obstruction (LUTO).

Pediatric Nephrology reviews in Lagos

Pediatric Nephrology Reviews from past patients is good. Many children travel from different parts of Nigeria to Lagos for Pediatric surgeries.

They have overall good experience while undergoing Nephrology surgery in Lagos.


Pediatric Nephrology Success Rate in Lagos

Pediatric Nephrology success rate in Lagos is good.

Patients who got treatment in Lagos for Nephrology surgery successfully recovered post-operation.

Pediatric Nephrology success rate depends on multiple factors including current medical conditions, technology used, etc.

Pediatric Nephrologist in Lagos

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