Pediatric Oncologist in Lagos

Pediatric Hematology and Oncology is a specialized department that can care for children with malignancies and blood problems. We have a skilled and experienced staff of paediatric oncologists and specialists that can assist your kid with central lines and chemotherapy.

Medical specialists with experience working with children make up the oncology team. In addition, we have social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and professional nutritionists on staff. We have 24 hour backup from various subspecialties such as paediatric surgery, ICU, nephrology, and the neurology department for handling solid tumours.

An skilled team of medical experts, including the finest paediatric haematologist, is devoted to treating young patients with the most cutting-edge haematology and oncology therapy available. The department has cutting-edge technology and experience in the treatment of solid tumours.

Pediatric Oncology cost in Lagos

Pediatric Cancer in Lagos Average cost in Lagos
Acute leukemia ₦ 3,500,000
Blood cancer ₦ 3,800,000
Neuroblastoma ₦ 3,600,000
Lymphomas ₦ 3,550,000
Lymph node cancer ₦ 3,450,000
Brain tumor ₦ 3,250,000
Germ cell tumor ₦ 2,500,000
Wilms tumor ₦ 2,750,000
Osteosarcoma ₦ 2,450,000
Bone Cancer ₦ 4,500,000
Ewing’s sarcoma ₦ 4,200,000
Rhabdomyosarcomas ₦ 4,400,000
Hepatoblastoma ₦ 4,100,000
Liver Cancer ₦ 3,220,000
Soft tissue sarcomas ₦ 3,320,000
Refractory anemias ₦ 4,500,000
Autoimmune hemolytic anemias ₦ 4,200,000
Chronic Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) ₦ 4,400,000
Hemoglobinopathies ₦ 4,100,000
Nutritional anemias ₦ 3,220,000
Inherited anemias ₦ 3,150,000
Aplastic anemias ₦ 3,540,000

Pediatric Oncologist Qualification in Lagos

Pediatric Oncologists have received specific training to focus on the needs of children, particularly when it comes to uncomfortable and sensitive topics like voiding and genitalia issues. They understand how to work with kids in a cooperative and comfortable manner. Additionally, pediatric Oncologists in Lagos and pediatric Oncologists in children’s hospitals employ equipment built particularly for children. This aids in the creation of a safe and secure environment for the youngster. Your physician would most likely recommend you to a pediatric Oncologist who has received considerable training.

Pediatric Radiation Oncology in Lagos

You may choose from a number of cutting-edge methods with minimal side effects for your child’s radiation treatment. 2-D conformal radiation treatment is one of the most cutting-edge radiation techniques. Radiation is carefully administered to the lymphoma-affected regions of the chest in this procedure. It also reduces the dosage to healthy tissues. Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy and 2-D radiation treatments are also included (IMRT).

Pediatric Oncologists in Lagos, Nigeria provide a care system that addresses the unique requirements of babies, adolescents, and teenagers, as well as their families. They collaborate with pediatric Nephrologists in Lagos on a regular basis. These experts aid in the diagnosis of Oncology problems and the implementation of best treatment strategies both before and after surgery in Lagos. Children with Oncology issues might potentially benefit from extra therapies provided by pediatric Nephrologists in Lagos.

Oncologist, Oncology anesthesia, neonatology, critical care, nurses, respiratory therapy, and social workers may all be part of a pediatric Oncology surgeon’s team. These teams have received considerable training in order to provide your kid with the finest medical care possible before, during, and after surgery.


Minimum Oncology Surgery cost in Lagos

Acute leukemia minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 3,500,000.
Blood cancer minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 3,800,000.
Neuroblastoma minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 3,600,000.
Lymphomas minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 3,550,000.
Lymph node cancer minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 3,450,000.
Brain tumor minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 3,250,000.
Germ cell tumor minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 2,500,000.
Wilms tumor minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 2,750,000.
Osteosarcoma minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 2,450,000.
Bone Cancer minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 4,500,000.
Ewing’s sarcoma minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 4,200,000.
Rhabdomyosarcomas minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 4,400,000.
Hepatoblastoma minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 4,100,000.
Liver Cancer minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 3,220,000.
Soft tissue sarcomas minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 3,320,000.
Refractory anemias minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 4,500,000.
Autoimmune hemolytic anemias minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 4,200,000.
Chronic Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 4,400,000.
Hemoglobinopathies minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 4,100,000.
Nutritional anemias minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 3,220,000.
Inherited anemias minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 3,150,000.
Aplastic anemias minimum cost in Lagos is ₦ 3,540,000.

Pediatric Oncology Surgery in Lagos

Treatments for haematology and oncology in children are difficult. We provide a peaceful, pleasant, educational, and thorough atmosphere with high-tech supportive medicine for you and your kid.

Aside from that, you might seek assistance from child life professionals and art therapists. You can also request that the school administration assist your kid in returning to school. When it comes to haematology and oncology diseases, having a solid diagnosis and therapy as soon as possible is critical. It will also assist in calming the minds of parents. The sooner you have your child treated, the sooner they will be able to return to their normal routine.

Common Pediatric Oncology Issues in Lagos

Bone marrow failure syndromes – Bone marrow failure is caused by the bone marrow’s inability to produce enough blood cells. The reason of the failure will determine the therapy for this condition in children.
Clotting and bleeding problems – This illness develops when excessive and unneeded clotting prevents blood from reaching essential organs. This disease can be treated with blood-thinning medicines.

Childhood malignancies – Treatment choices for your kid can vary depending on the kind and degree of cancer. Chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, or a combination of these treatments may be used.

Skin cancer in children can develop, despite the fact that it is quite rare. If your kid has a mole that is especially big and odd-looking, you should consult a dermatologist very once.

Children with leukaemia or blood malignancies should be checked on a frequent basis. Radiation therapy, stem-cell transplants, chemotherapy, or a combination of these treatments can be used to treat this disease.

Myelodysplasia is a bone marrow disorder that is extremely uncommon. This condition need specialist treatment. If myelodysplasia is not treated, it might develop to leukaemia or blood cancer.

Survivorship – If your kid has survived cancer treatment, he or she may have adverse effects months or even years later. Some hospitals provide long-term care to paediatric cancer survivors so that they can remain healthy.

Pediatric Oncology reviews in Lagos

Pediatric Oncology Reviews from past patients is good. Many children travel from different parts of Nigeria to Lagos for Pediatric surgeries.

They have overall good experience while undergoing Oncology surgery in Lagos.


Pediatric Oncology Success Rate in Lagos

Pediatric Oncology success rate in Lagos is good.

Patients who got treatment in Lagos for Oncology surgery successfully recovered post-operation.

Pediatric Oncology success rate depends on multiple factors including current medical conditions, technology used, etc.

Pediatric Oncologist in Lagos

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