Pediatric Oncology in Kenya – Find Best Pediatric Oncologist & Cost

Pediatric Oncology in Kenya is the cause of concern as several children suffer from various cancer conditions. Kenya provides advanced and specialized pediatric oncologists, and the proper treatment facilities are crucial for effectively managing childhood cancers and improving survival rates. The best pediatric oncology hospitals, such as M.P. Shah Hospital and HCG CCK Cancer Centre, offer the latest cancer treatments.

Around 2,500 children in Kenya get cancer every year, 20 million children and most of them do not get the necessary attention due to fewer cancer facilities in the country. Generally, cancer is not preventable in children due to complex conditions, and children are under development. The best pediatric oncologists in Kenya are qualified and board-certified with international associations. They offer the best children’s oncology treatments with effective strategies to lower cancer symptoms with tailored supportive care.

Presently, Kenya has limited cancer facilities, yet the cancer association manages to provide advanced technologies of radiation therapies like electron beams, x-rays, gamma rays, and photon beams to destroy cancer cells. Kenya’s top cancer hospitals and centers have multidisciplinary teams that plan and execute integrated approaches to achieve the best outcomes. The pediatric surgical oncology team follows innovative and latest procedures to restore quality of life.

Pediatric Oncology Pricelist in Kenya, 2024

Pediatric Cancer Treatment in Kenya Average Cost in Kenya Shilling (KES) Average Cost in US Dollar (USD)
Bladder Cancer Treatment KES 79,13,194 $54,574
Bone Cancer Treatment KES 75,61,496 $52,148
Brachytherapy for prostate cancer KES 68,58,101 $47,297
Brain Cancer Treatment KES 1,14,30,169 $78,829
Breast Cancer Treatment KES 84,40,740 $58,212
Cervical Cancer Treatment KES 87,92,438 $60,638
Chemoembolization KES 52,75,463 $36,383
Chemotherapy KES 26,37,731 $18,191
Colon Cancer (CRC) Treatment KES 66,82,253 $46,085
CyberKnife KES 1,01,99,228 $70,340
Cyberknife for Prostate Cancer KES 98,47,530 $67,914
Esophagus Cancer Treatment KES 89,68,286 $61,850
Fractionated Stereotactic Radiation Therapy KES 1,17,81,866 $81,254
Green Light Laser PVP Surgery KES 1,09,02,623 $75,191
HIFU KES 66,82,253 $46,085
HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) for prostate cancer KES 65,06,404 $44,872
Head & Neck Oncology KES 56,27,160 $38,808
Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) KES 1,10,78,471 $76,403
Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) KES 1,17,81,866 $81,254
Kidney Cancer Treatment KES 84,40,740 $58,212
Liver Cancer Treatment KES 86,16,589 $59,425
Lung Cancer Treatment KES 82,64,891 $56,999
Malignancy Surgery KES 75,61,496 $52,148
Medical Oncology KES 56,27,160 $38,808
Oral Cancer Treatment KES 59,78,858 $41,234
Ovarian Cancer Treatment KES 80,89,043 $55,787
Pancreatic Cancer Treatment KES 86,16,589 $59,425
Prostate Cancer Treatment KES 93,19,984 $64,276
Radiation Oncology KES 1,09,02,623 $75,191
Rapid Arc with IGRT KES 1,16,06,018 $80,042
Rapid Arc with IGRT for prostate cancer KES 1,17,81,866 $81,254
Rapid Arc with IMRT KES 1,10,78,471 $76,403
Rapid Arc with IMRT for prostate cancer KES 1,19,57,715 $82,467
Skull Base Surgery KES 1,21,33,564 $83,680
Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) Novalis Tx Frameless KES 1,30,12,808 $89,744
Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SRS) Novalis Tx with Frame KES 1,28,36,959 $88,531
Stomach Cancer Treatment KES 1,31,88,656 $90,956
Surgical Oncology KES 93,19,984 $64,276
Uterine Cancer Treatment KES 86,16,589 $59,425
Whipple’s Procedure KES 84,40,740 $58,212

Pediatric Oncology Cost in Kenya expanding to treat childhood cancers. Top pediatric oncology hospitals provide the latest advanced diagnosis and treat children with blood disorders and cancers. The average Pediatric Oncology cost in Kenya is KES 13,900 – KES 12,00,000. The pediatric oncology treatment cost may change in different cities and hospital facilities. The Pediatric Oncology cost in Kenya may also vary depending on the type of cancer, which could be blood disorder or bone marrow related.

Pediatric Oncology Cost in Kenya’s Different Cities

Pediatric Cancer Treatment in Kenya Average Cost Kenyan Shilling (Ksh)
Nairobi KES 13,900 – KES 12,00,000
Mombasa KES 14,000 – KES 11,20,000
Kisumu KES 14,600 – KES 10,34,000
Nakuru KES 11,200 – KES 11,74,000
Ruiru KES 11,800 – KES 12,60,000
Eldoret KES 15,200 – KES 10,15,600

Types and Pediatric Oncology Cost in Kenya

Pediatric Bladder Cancer Treatment Cost in Kenya: $54,574

Pediatric bladder cancer may develop because of exposure to alkylating agent chemotherapy that was given during childhood leukaemia or tumors. The link between bladder cancer and cyclophosphamide is an established link between a particular anticancer drug and a solid tumor. Pediatric Bladder Cancer Treatment Cost in Kenya: $54,574.

Eligible Candidate: A child between 1 and 15 years suffering from a cancer problem in the bladder or near the bladder.

Pediatric Bone Cancer Treatment Cost in Kenya: $52,148

Pediatric Bone Cancer is rare and needs a multidisciplinary approach for effective outcomes. Pediatric oncologists in Kenya offer a combination of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery with the tailored individual needs of child patients. Osteosarcoma is a common type of bone cancer that occurs in children and young adults. It occurs in the long bones of legs or arms in the spine or pelvis.

Pediatric Bone Cancer Treatment Cost in Kenya: $52,148

Eligible Candidate: A child patient with bone cancer with symptoms of pain, swelling, and stiffness.

Pediatric Brain Cancer Treatment Cost in Kenya: $78,829

Pediatric brain cancer refers to a complex brain condition diagnosed in children. Treatment approaches for pediatric brain tumours depend on the type, cancer stage, and location. Pediatric Brain Cancer Treatment includes chemotherapy and radiation therapy to shrink brain tumours. According to the NCBI research report, most pediatric brain tumours are diagnosed over ten years old. The research found that Gliomas and medulloblastomas were the most common tumours in pediatric patients.

Pediatric Brain Cancer Treatment Cost in Kenya: $78,829

Eligible Candidate: A child patient having tumours of the cerebellum with symptoms of headaches, fatigue, seizures, nausea, drowsiness, sleep problems, and memory problems.

Pediatric Breast Cancer Treatment Cost in Kenya: $58,212

Around 5% of Kenya’s people have the presence of malignancies, which is only a second cancer. Kenya is the leading country where death occurs due to breast cancer. Pediatric breast cancer is rare, but it might affect those who have a family history of breast cancer. Kenya’s best breast cancer surgeons and pediatricians work together to offer preventive treatments.

Pediatric Breast Cancer Treatment Cost in Kenya: $58,212

Eligible Candidate: A girl child with malignant breast cancer accompanied by symptoms like a non-movable tumour, nipple retraction, nipple discharge, inflammatory infiltration of the breast, and retraction of the skin.

Pediatric Kidney Cancer Treatment Cost in Kenya: $58,212

Pediatric Kidney cancer rarely occurs compared to adult cases, but it can be challenging emotionally for families of patients. Wilms’ tumour is the most common type of pediatric kidney cancer, which affects children aged 3 -4 years old. Pediatric Kidney Cancer treatment includes a combination of chemotherapy or radiation therapy with surgery, depending on the stage of cancer. Pediatric Kidney Cancer surgery aims to remove the tumour while preserving healthy kidney tissues as much as possible.

Pediatric Kidney Cancer Treatment Cost in Kenya: $58,212

Eligible Candidate: Childrens diagnosed with kidney cancers and tumors

Pediatric Liver Cancer Treatment Cost in Kenya: $59,425

Pediatric liver cancer is rare in children. However, children might get childhood liver cancer called hepatoblastoma. The less common type of childhood liver cancer is hepatocellular carcinoma, which is undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma of the liver. 

Pediatric Liver Cancer Treatment Cost in Kenya: $59,425

Eligible Candidates: A child who has liver cancer needs a liver transplant

Pediatric Lung Cancer Treatment Cost in Kenya: $56,999

Pediatric Lung Cancer is rare but might affect some populations of Kenya. Pediatric Lung Cancer includes carcinoid, pleuropulmonary blastoma, and inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour. Other rare tumours that rarely occur include small cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma. The best Pediatric Oncologist in Kenya offers advanced Pediatric Lung Cancer Treatment and manages cancer symptoms.

Pediatric Lung Cancer Treatment Cost in Kenya: $56,999

Eligible Candidates: A child with liver cancer, liver infection, cirrhosis, and inherited liver diseases with cancer risk

Does NHIF Cover Pediatric Kidney Cancer Treatment?

NHIF covers pediatric kidney cancer costs for chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, medications, hospitalization, and other medical services. Families of children diagnosed with cancer can apply to get an NHIF plan. It’s essential to review the terms and conditions of NHIF coverage and its limitations. The family of a child patient needs to coordinate with healthcare providers and NHIF representatives to get authorization for pediatric cancer treatment and documentation. Some oncology centres in Kenya collaborated with NHIF and pediatric oncologist networks for specialized cancer treatments.

Transforming Cancer Care: Advanced Oncology Treatments Now Available in Kenya

Medical Oncology (Chemotherapy) in Kenya

Medical oncology is an advanced treatment for cancer care with the help of immunotherapy, chemotherapy-targeted therapy, and hormonal therapy to treat cancer effectively. Medical oncology is combined with surgical oncology for the best clinical results. Top pediatric oncology hospitals work toward offering the best diagnosis and prevention treatments at the standard levels.


Radiation Oncology in Kenya

Kenya delivers the latest radiation therapy for pediatric oncology treatments. Radiation therapy is a crucial element of modern cancer treatment, providing patients with non-invasive and highly targeted alternatives to prevent cancerous development. Top Oncology Hospitals/centres in Kenya offer standard treatment for cancer and related conditions.


Surgical Oncology in Kenya

Kenya’s best Pediatric surgical oncologist offers the best cancer treatments and alternative therapies. Find multidisciplinary approaches to oncology management. Best pediatric oncologists work with other cancer care professionals who have years of experience and the best skills in chemotherapy and reconstructive surgery for cancer treatment. They work on cancerous tumour removal using surgery and manage side effects.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the survival rate for pediatric liver cancer?

Pediatric liver cancer survival rate is 80- 90%. 


Is liver cancer in a child curable?

Cancer of tumors can be cured with surgery.


What is the youngest age to get liver cancer?

The youngest age to get liver cancer is three years.


Is pediatric liver cancer usually curable?

Yes, pediatric liver cancer is treatable.


What is the most common childhood liver cancer?

Among Childhood Liver Cancers, Hepatoblastoma Stands as Prevalent


Can a 4-year-old have liver cancer?

Yes, a 4-year-old child may get Hepatoblastoma cancer.


Is liver cancer Painful?

Some Children might encounter symptoms such as upper abdominal discomfort, diminished appetite, involuntary weight reduction, as well as nausea and vomiting.


Does liver cancer spread quickly?

Liver cancer may spread fast depending on the different cancer types.

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