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Cardiovascular diseases are, by far, the most prevalent causes of death in the world today. Addis Cardiac Hospital takes pride in being the first specialized Cardiovascular hospital in Ethiopia.

Cardiovascular diseases have typically been limited to economically developed countries. Due to rapid changes in life style (urbanization, consumption of excessive amounts of animal-derived fat, a sedentary life style and smoking) as well as increasing life expectancy, as a result of the control of communicable diseases, the problem has spread to the previously less developed regions of Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia and to certain sectors of the populations of the poor African countries.

Recognizing this increased need of specialized healthcare, Addis Cardiac Hospital strives to provide its patients with high quality medical treatments according to their specific need.



Addis Cardiac Hospital was established as a collaboration between four Swedish companies and five individuals. The founding assembly was held 30th of September 2006 at Global hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The 3rd of October, the same year, the Ethiopian Investment Authority issued the investment license and registration certificate for Addis Cardiac Hospital PLC

The founding members agreed to establish a jointly owned limited liability company, Addis Cardiac Hospital Plc, to be governed by the Commercial Code of Ethiopia and in accordance with the Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association and shareholder’s agreement. The object of the Company’s business is to establish and run a state of the art cardiovascular diagnostic and treatment facility.

In order to start up and develop the business of the Company, the need for financing was been estimated to a total of Birr 19,542,000.

Among other principles and guidelines stated in the Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association and shareholder’s agreement, the shareholders are aware of, and concur with, the principles reflected in Swedfund´s Environmental Guidelines and Code of Best Practice, as well as with Swedfund´s environmental and ethical annual reporting standards. The shareholders undertake, in relation to their ownership in and governance of the Company, to use their best efforts to act consistently with and not in violation with Swedfund´s Environmental Guidelines and Code of Best Practice.

The company board consists of:

  • A General assembly, the highest organ of the company
  • A Board of Directors appointed by the shareholders; which supervises the wide spectrum of the business bullet
  • A General Manager and a Medical Director, both to be appointed by the Board of Directors bullet
  • An authorized auditor or auditors to be appointed by the shareholders.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Hospital includes:

  • To establish and run a state of the art cardiovascular diagnostic and treatment facility.
  • To provide training for physicians, specialized nurses and laboratory technicians.
  • To undertake research, in order to to generate more objective data in the country.
  • To play a vital role in increasing public awareness about cardiovascular diseases and to promote preventive measures.
  • To enhance knowledge and technology transfer from developed countrise.
  • To provide consultation services on cardiovascular medicine and related fields.
  • To establish a cardiovascular rehabilitation center.
  • To establish a pharmaceutical facility.



Services offered

Being a hospital specialized in the field of cardiovascular disorders, the hospital performs most types of examinations and treatments within this field. Our aim is to provide high quality healthcare services for affordable prices.

Out well educated and qualified nurses, within the cardiovascular framework, assist the physician on duty. The nurses ensure that patients get the attention required as well as that the treatment plan as set out by the physician is followed.



Apart from emergency services Addis Cardiac Hospital offers the following services:

1 PCI (Percutaneous Coronary Intervention) 18 Rapid consult (Warfarin, BP etc).
2 Trombolysis in acute MI 19 I.V. line open.
3 Pacemaker/ICD implantation 20 Catheterization (Urinary track).
4 Lung function test (Spirometry) 21 Blood transfusion service.
5 Standard Echo/Doppler (ACH patients). 22 Emergency care per hr..
6 Standard Echo/Doppler (non ACH patients). 23 Admission observation time
7 Trans-Esophageal Echcardiography (TEE). 24 Post mortem care.
8 24-HR BP monitoring. 25 Ambulance service/km or per hr.
9 Stress ECG. 26 Laboratory Services.
10 ICD function test. 27 Ambulance service with Nurse care.
11 Pacemaker Function test. 28 Ambulance service with Doctor care.
12 Tilt test. 29 Wound care (dressing).
13 R-test (4-7 days). 30 Chest and abdominal tappning
14 ECG with interpretation. 31 Compilation of medical summary.
15 ECG, consultation. 32 X-Ray service
16 Phlebotomy. 33 Abdominal ultrasound
17 Defibrillation with Cardioversion.





Pharmaceutical Service

Although the pharmacy is run by the hospital administration and is part of the hospital, it is considered an entity of its own, and is, as such, run as a separate business, thus performing all of its transactions, such as purchasing and selling its products autonomously.

The services include:

  • Selling medicine and medical equipment to clients according to doctors prescription.
  • Collecting exposable or expired medicine from individuals to be burned.
  • Taking purchase orders incase of shortage.

    Cafeteria Service

    The cafeteria service is an outsourced service in order to ensure that professional in this field can take care of our in- and out patients. The cafeteria also serves visitors to the hospital, as well as other dinners.



Rating and Reviews,

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My Spine Surgery journey at Addis Cardiac Center.

April 8, 2024

It was an endless war with my back pain until I underwent a spinal operation at the Addis Cardiac Center.The support I received during the entire procedure, from consultation to post-recovery, was excellent, and the staff’s knowledge was outstanding. Most importantly, they talked about cost. During the operation, the doctor said they will ensure that they check all the lists to eliminate any unavoidable expenses.

The transparency was a significant relief, as it allowed me to overcome the anxiety of the cost of surgery thereby making the recovery process more manageable. Due to the surgical team’s expertise and open-book pricing policy, the quality of my life underwent a substantial improvement, and now I have no pain.


Outstanding Neurosurgery Care at Addis Cardiac Center.

April 8, 2024

I have been through years of a neurological disease and I decided to see the Addis Cardiac Center for the neurosurgery service. The first thing that struck me when I got in was their outstanding professionalism and the crew being properly courteous to the staff members. It was, however, more relieving with pricing transparency by no surprise because all the additional hidden costs were included.

While being on this road, I was optimistic and also apprehensive at the same time. But I was so lucky to be furnished with the information and guidance which were super relieving to my doubts. I am very thankful to the neurosurgeons team and their straightforward pricing, which allowed my surgery to be conducted with my best interest, which I am now on the mending way. Through various means, Addis Cardiac center was exceptional.

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