St Gabriel General Hospital Review and Costs

About St Gabriel General Hospital

St Gabriel General Hospital is the first private hospital in Ethiopia. The hospital was been established in 1996. It provides 24 hours medical services. The inpatients and outpatients Reviews St Gabriel General Hospital has one patient-centric focus, which is to respond to every patient. The hospital provides a comprehensive range of specialist and general services for both International and local residents in Ethiopia. These services provide high-quality emergency services. The doctors at St Gabriel General Hospital are been professional and skilled and the staff is been motivated. The group of specialist doctors and staff served over 100,000 out and inpatients. The vision of St Gabriel Hospital is to build an evidence-based practice and implement it in the healthcare industry. To give better care to every patient, the hospital partners with better medical equipment and physicians from esteemed organizations to provide the best services to the Addis Ababa community.

The founder of St Gabriel General Hospital is Dr. Kassaye Ketsela. He was born in 1942. Dr. Ketsela studied medicine at Budapest University in Hungary and specialized at John Hopkins University. By establishing St Gabriel Hospital, his vision is to provide accessible healthcare to the Ethiopian Community. Dr. Kassaye Ketsela partnered with international hospitals such as Apollo Hospital, India, and George Washington University Hospital, USA.

St Gabriel’s Hospital Contribution to Ethiopia

  • Assist nationwide emergency
  • Provide accessible healthcare for the community
  • With the help of local health initiatives, the hospital has partnered with state-owned hospitals.
  • St Gabriel Hospital provides employment opportunities.


Emergency services Radiology
Internal medicine Colonoscopy
Pediatrics EKG
Gynecology and Obstetrics Stress Test
Dentistry Oncology
Laboratory services Mammography
X-ray and Ultrasound Echo Cardiography
Ct Scan Ophthalmology
Endoscopic urological operation Dermatology,
Body Detox and Oxygen Therapy Orthopedic
Pharmacy Service Neurology and Neurosurgery
Ambulance Services for Emergency calls Psychiatry
Colon Cancer Screening Physiotherapy
Blood Pressure Checks Endoscopy
Diabetes Screening Sigmoidoscopy
Women and Children Services Colonoscopy
Labor and Delivery Hemo Dialysis
Pediatric Care Lithotripsy(both intra and extra-corporal)
Well Child Growth and Development Clinic Laryngoscopy
Trauma and Orthopedic Care cystoscopy
ICU Services General Surgery
Neurologic and Surgical Emergency Care Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy


  • 24 hours medical care
  • Modern Hospital beds with telephone and internet access
  • Ambulance services
  • Laundry
  • Pharmacy
  • Restaurant and Cafeteria
  • Car parking


  • 2015 Nominee for International Star for Quality Award – Geneva, Switzerland
  • 2015 Nominee for Platinum Technology for Quality and Best Trade Name – Rome, Italy
  • Recipient of Excellence Award – Geneva
  • First Private Hospital – Ethiopia

St Gabriel General Hospital Aims

  • Healthcare Technologies are been implemented and improved.
  • The best care is been provided for in and out-patients.
  • Ensure affordable and quality treatment.
  • Efficient and reliable radiology and lab services.

St Gabriel General Hospital Doctors

Dr. Bereket Bogale Dr. Mekonnen Kebede
Dr. Amanuel Asefa Dr. Kibruyisfa Zewdie
Dr. Mahlet Melaku Dr. Mekdim Tadesse
Dr. Abdurazak Ali Dr. Adisu Degu
Dr. Solomon Desta Dr. Abebe Tefera
Dr. Amezene Tadesse Dr. Yohannes Desalegn
Dr. Fisehatsion Yosef Dr. Tewodros Agonafer
Dr. Samuel Hailu Dr. Abebe Tsega
Dr. Melese Garde Dr. Dereje Ketema
Dr. Demissie W/Kidan Dr. Surafel Mulatu
Dr. Getachew Missaw Dr. Wondwossen Teshome
Dr. Kidus Mengistu Dr. Mekbul Mohammed
Dr. Fanuel Birhane Dr. Mulat Taye
Dr. Michael Mesfin Dr. Prof. Tony Magana
Dr. Bemnet Kassaye Dr. Yewondwossen Tadesse
Dr. Alemayehu Tegegn Dr. Tesfaye Berhe
Dr. Abeselom Lemma Dr. Tadesse Bedasa
Dr. Andualem Denekew Dr. P. Raina
Dr. Derese Eshetu Dr. Desalew Gedamu
Dr. Wondimagegn Tigineh Dr. Zelalem Mola

St Gabriel Hospital accommodation for patients and Experts

  • The compound with garden and a large space parking.
  • Medical Experts from abroad are also accommodated in the hospital premises to give special services in the hospital
  • Patients with disabilities are been put first forth to give the accommodation.
  • In-patients bed are around 30 to 180 and the hospital is also extending input services.
  • St Gabriel Hospital established cancer research centers and telemedicine.
  • Medical equipment are been fulfilling by the organization.

Reviews St Gabriel General Hospital

  • The doctor listens to the patients and the needs
  • Caring and professional Surgeons are present in the hospital
  • Some doctors are been highly recommended.
  • Knowledgeable, Comprehensive, and professional specialist doctors.
  • Clean and Hygienic environment with many facilities.

St Gabriel General Hospital Costs of Surgery

Treatments in St Gabriel General Hospital

Estimated Costs of Surgery




Chemotherapy 4000-40,000 2550.17-25501.66 48.66-486.59
Colonoscopy 9000-22,000 5737.87-14025.91 109.48-267.63
Otoplasty 50,000-1,50,000 31877.07-95631.21 608-1824.72
Dialysis 3500-6000 2231.40-3825.25 42.58-72.99
Cancer screening 20000-25000 12750.83-15938.54 243.30-304.12
Colon cancer treatment 400000-500000 255016.57-318770.72 4869.91-6082.39
Laparoscopic surgery 150000-250000 318770.72-159385.36 1824.72-3041.20
Radiation Therapy 30000-2000000 19126.24-1275082.86 364.94-24329.5

Other Charges are:

  • Type of Medication
  • Technology Used
  • Devices and implants used such as type, quantity, and brand.
  • Surgery type
  • Hospital stay
  • Treatments and procedures before and after surgery
  • The room category that is been chosen by the patient
  • Patients health and diagnosis

St Gabriel General Hospital Contact Details

  • Emergency Number: 8819
  • To book an appointment: Fill out form or contact the hospital in there provided website to book an appointment.
  • Address of St Gabriel Hospital: Sub City Bole K.K Woreda 04 H.No 376, P.O.Box: 5634, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Core values of St Gabriel General Hospital’s

  • They value every patient
  • They act with the patients’ uniqueness, dignity, community, and intrinsic worth.
  • The hospital seeks excellence in their work and works hard to provide excellent care and satisfactory results.

Rating and Reviews,

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Very good0%

Superior Service Quality and Professionalism in Urology Care at St. Gabriel General Hospital

April 8, 2024

My experience with urological issues brought me to St. Gabriel General Hospital, where I found unequivocal professionalism and deep compassion. Making an appointment request was seamless as the hospital easily adjusted to my time. Upon my departure, the staff’s outstanding professionalism made me feel cared for, giving me an environment of trust and comfort.

Throughout the consultation, the urology team demonstrated immense competence, and they appreciated the questions I had. They responded to them kindly and patiently. Being treated individually and knowing that my condition was primarily their concern made me trust them more and believe in their ability to help me. St. Gabriel General Hospital completely surpassed my estimated expectations, and I don’t have any doubts that the treatment I received here saved my life.


Finding Comfort and Care in Hematology Services at St. Gabriel General Hospital

April 8, 2024

It is challenging to have a hematological condition, and this journey is often full of obstacles. Nevertheless, my time at St. Gabriel General Hospital has given me more than enough reasons to be confident because each experience there has been a reassurance. When I scheduled the appointment, the staff’s exceptional professionalism and sympathy were evident, which helped me forget that I was facing such a big challenge. The smooth and hassle-free appointment method decreased my anxiety about getting on with the procedure and, instead, enabled me to dedicate my attention towards my health fully.

During the consultation, the hematologist gave me a detailed overview of my situation, including diagnosis and treatment alternatives, by ensuring I understood them well. The after-care was also admirable as the staff ensured my recovery was perfect and that they were on hand for me throughout the recovery. Hematology patients, in general, have found a light to follow in St. Gabriel General Hospital that has been faithfully brightening their darkness.

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