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National Spinal Injury Referral Hospital Nairobi is a top hospital offering spinal cord injuries and treatments. It is a level 6 public National Referral hospital. This hospital provides medical services to inpatients and outpatients with a bed capacity of 30. Patients can get NHIF benefits for slipped disc Treatment, spinal cord pain, and trauma.

This hospital was established in the 1940s on donated land and is known as a rehabilitation center for soldiers experiencing Spinal cord injuries in World War II. In 2000, the Ministry of Health allowed this center to become an autonomous hospital, running on its management. Since the olden days, this center has been dedicated to offering quality treatments for spinal injury and spinal pain. This hospital owns the best spinal cord doctor who offers specialized healthcare services for ongoing spinal conditions and emergency accident cases affected by spinal problems.


National Spinal Injury Referral Hospital – 2024
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Doctors & Surgeons Best & Leading
Specialization Spinal cord injuries
Address off Rose Ave, Nairobi, Kenya
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Hours 8 am – 6 pm Monday – Saturday
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Reviews Good
Ratings 4.4

Find the Best Spinal Treatments in Nairobi

Spinal Pain Treatment

Spinal Pain occurs in the lower back and cervical regions, a common condition affecting several people. It will have lumbar muscle sprains and strains causing lower back pain. Spinal Pain often occurs due to excessive weight-bearing activities that involve twisting, moving, and bending. The lumbar muscle strain occurs when muscle fibres are torn or stretched abnormally. Even stretch in the ligament of the bone causes injury and spinal Pain.

When a person suffering from spinal Pain may experience symptoms of stiffness in the lower back, muscle spasms, Pain that continues for 10 – 14 days, and loss of motor functions, the diagnosis of spinal Pain requires an X-ray of the spine and surrounding joints to see if there is any tumour, fracture, or infection present. Patients are required to have other tests like MRI to detect inflammation and CT scan with 3-D reconstruction to get better ideas about soft tissue and nerves.

Spinal Pain Treatment has two options: non-surgical and spine surgery to treat the injury and relieve strains. The average cost of spinal Pain Treatment in Nairobi is KES 355,000.

Spinal Hernia Treatment

A spinal hernia is like a general hernia when tissues or organs push the muscle or connective tissue in the surrounding part. A spinal hernia, also called a slipped disk, is where the disks between the vertebrae in the spine bulge or tear out of normal position. The spinal hernia occurs in the mid back, neck, or lower back part of the spine. 

When a person has a spinal hernia, they may feel a herniated disk pressing against the surrounding nerves, with symptoms of radiating Pain, weakness, numbness, and tingling in the back and neck. This condition can also occur due to spinal degeneration, excessive strain, or spine trauma.

Herniated disc emergency symptoms include worsening Pain, numbness, radiating pain, difficulty swallowing, bladder or bowel dysfunction, and difficulty breathing, which can be corrected with medicine or 

herniated disc surgery. Get treated for the condition before it gets worse. Nairobi City provides the best neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons who offer effective herniated disc treatment at an average cost of KES 300,000.

Spinal Cord Nerves Treatment

A bunch of nerves attached with the spinal cord to other body parts like five lumbar, five sacral, 12 thoracic, eight cervical, and one coccygeal. Spinal cord nerves and their functions transfer signals between sensory information. Spinal nerves send motor commands from brain to body and sensory information from body parts to the brain to coordinate the reflexes. That means when you feel pain, your brain first senses it, and the brain creates pain signals and how you respond to them. Often, people question which spinal nerves affect which parts of the body.

If you are diagnosed with nerve problems around the spinal region, do not hesitate to consult with the best Neurologist at National Spinal Injury Referral Hospital Nairobi. The average cost of Spinal Cord Nerves in Nairobi is KES 250,000.

Spinal Cord Trauma Treatment

As you know, trauma is a sudden activity that affects our body parts. Similarly, spinal cord trauma can be a dislocation, fracture, compression, or crush in or near the backbone (vertebrae). This trauma mostly occurs because of knife wound or gunshots that leads to spinal cord injury. Even sudden falls may also affect the spinal cord. Younger people may still have recovery from this condition, but older people can not reverse the spinal cord damage.

People experiencing spinal cord trauma may have 4 different types of injuries: thoracic, cervical, lumbar, and sacral. In some cases, spinal cord trauma affects the brain’s ability to connect with the body by blocking the signals, leading to changes in the thinking and feeling ability of the environment. Most people suffer from memory problems, mood changes, and behavior changes due to this health condition. Find the latest treatments for spinal cord trauma conditions by consulting professional neurologists in Nairobi. The average cost for Spinal Cord Trauma is KES 285,000.

Spinal Column Bones

Spinal column bones are the series of nearly 33 bones named in science as vertebrae, which means backbone separated by intervertebral discs. People may experience spinal column bone problems due to bone fracture, abnormalities, and spinal degeneration such as a tumour, hematomas, or herniated disks. When a person develops a spinal column bone tumour or blood supply blockage, they find it hard to walk or move. Every individual may experience different symptoms. Common problems of Spinal Column Bones include slipped discs, tumours, and herniated discs. The average cost of Spinal Column bone problems treatment is KES 370,000. You can consult with a neurologist and orthopedic expert at National Spinal Injury Referral Hospital Nairobi for the right diagnosis.

Anesthesia In Spinal Cord

Spinal anesthesia is used for lower body procedures to manage pain during spine surgery. This anesthesia contains Lidocaine, bupivacaine, and tetracaine and is given between the lumbar vertebrae with the help of a dura for injecting medication. The anesthesia in the spinal cord lasts for 2 – 3 hours and is changed as per production requirements.

Anesthesia in spinal cord side effects include bleeding near the spinal column, allergic reaction, low blood pressure, difficulty urinating, nerve damage, severe headache, nerve damage, and seizure in rare cases. Spinal anesthesia is different from general anesthesia and it costs around KES 1580.50. Feel free to have a careful discussion during the consultation and remain confident about your spinal cord treatment.

Does the National Spinal Injury Referral Hospital in Nairobi accept NHIF?

Yes, people seeking treatment for spine injury can get the benefit of NHIF.


  • National Referral Spinal Injury Hospital is one of the top spine care providers.
  • It received a 4.4 rating for its dedication to patients and effective treatments.
  • Find the best spinal cord injury treatment in Nairobi.
  • This hospital accepts NHIF for needy patients who need expensive spine treatments. Make sure to check your condition to get approval from NHIF authorities.

Hospital Address

National Spinal Injury Referral Hospital Address is off Rose Ave, Nairobi, Kenya. Book your consultation with a spinal cord specialist and treat spinal injury.

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