ICU Hospital in Lagos

This article provides information on ICU hospitals in Lagos along with the costs, reviews and services offered by these medical centres. The Intensive Care Unit plays a vital role in treating patients with severe life-threatening healthcare issues. The hospitals in Lagos offer ICU services using advanced technologies and equipment. Trained medical professionals offer medical services in ICU hospitals in Lagos. The list of top ICU hospitals in Lagos is provided in this article along with the location.

The hospitals and medical professionals in Lagos are fewer in number when compared to the hospitals in other well-developed countries. Though there is a shortage of hospitals and medical experts, the hospitals that are available in Lagos offer quality treatment for affordable prices. ICU Hospitals’ costs in Lagos range between 30,000 ₦ – 100,000 ₦ (82 $ – 275 $) per day. It is necessary to learn about the services offered in hospitals so that you can choose the best location to get treatment for you and your loved ones.

Cost of ICU Hospitals in Lagos

ICU Hospitals in Lagos provide high-quality treatment for affordable prices. Since the patients in ICU require constant monitoring, highly trained and skilled doctors and nurses work as a separate team in the hospital. People all over the world prefer Lagos to receive their medical treatments. High-quality services are offered for affordable costs in ICU Hospitals in Lagos. The ICU hospital cost in Lagos per day is 30,000 ₦ – 100,000 ₦ (82 $ – 275 $).

ICU Hospitals in Lagos Cost per day in Local currency Cost per day in USD
Lagos, Nigeria 30,000 ₦ – 100,000 ₦ 82 $ – 275 $

Cost of ICU Hospitals in other countries

The cost of ICU is more affordable in Lagos, Nigeria than in other countries. The latest advanced technologies are used to treat patients and are available for lower prices. The patients receive quality treatment with satisfactory results in Lagos, making it the most preferred medical destination. The average ICU cost in the hospitals is between 30,000 ₦ – 100,000 ₦ in Lagos, Nigeria. The cost of ICU Hospitals in other countries differ based on the economy of the country.

ICU Hospitals in other countries Cost per day in Local currency
Germany 1145 € – 1426 €
Australia 4221 $ – 5286 $
South Africa R 16,800 – R 19,900
India ₹ 25,000 -₹ 30,000
UK £1328 – £1621
USA 6667 $ – 10,794 $

Factors affecting the cost of ICU hospitals in Lagos

When choosing an ICU hospital in Lagos, the cost must be considered. The cost of the whole treatment alters based on different factors. The ICU Hospitals in Lagos provide budget-friendly and quality treatment for patients. They prioritize patient care and provide the necessary treatments during critical conditions. In the hospitals in Lagos, all the services are provided at affordable prices. Many factors affect the cost of ICU hospitals in Lagos.

  • The age of the patient impacts the kind of treatment that is offered.
  • The critical condition of the patient.
  • The stay in ICU hospitals and the length of stay.
  • The cost is affected by the clinical and laboratory equipment that is used.
  • The medications given to the patient also affect the cost.
  • If the patient has different conditions at the same time they require several treatments and it affects the cost of ICU hospitals.
  • The treatment service, food, and bed for the patient add to the costs in ICU hospitals.

ICU hospitals in Lagos

ICUs are used during medical emergencies and critical illness. The doctors provide extreme care for the patients during their life-threatening moments to save their lives. During serious life-threatening situations that require medical treatment as soon as possible, the patient is taken to the ICU to be saved by the doctors. The patient requires immediate attention and care while they are in the ICU. Medical professionals who are highly skilled and can provide instant medical services work in ICU hospitals in Lagos. The medical services that are provided in ICU hospitals in Lagos use advanced technologies to treat patients. The advancements in the medical field have helped patients receive high-quality treatment.

List of hospitals that offer ICU services

Hospitals in Lagos have Intensive Care Units that are well-equipped with the latest technologies. The advancements in ICU help in providing high-quality treatment for patients. Patients who are in critical condition are also treated by highly trained medical professionals. ICU hospitals in Lagos prioritize patient care and help them receive the best quality treatment during critical stages. The hospitals in Lagos have advanced facilities, well-trained medical experts, specialized doctors, etc. The hospitals offer affordable treatments and are located in convenient places in Lagos.  Some of the top ICU hospitals to consider getting medical treatment in Lagos are as follows,

  • Krown Hospital
  • Marigold Hospital
  • St. Nicholas Hospital
  • First Consultants Medical Centre (FCMC)
  • Genesis Specialist Hospital
  • Lagoon Hospital
  • Reddington Hospital
  • St. Ives
  • Gold Cross Hospital, Ikoyi
  • Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH)
  • Evercare Hospital
  • Premier Specialist Medical Centre
  • EKO Hospital

Intensive Care Units in Hospitals

Patients with critical illnesses and life-threatening conditions require the highest level of patient care and treatment. Intensive Care Units provide high-quality patient care during life-threatening situations. ICU is an emergency unit and the patients who get treatment here face life-and-death conditions and require immediate attention and the highest level of care. The Intensive Care Unit in Hospitals has separate rooms with well-equipped medical facilities. The high-tech facilities help in the close monitoring of the patients.

Types of Intensive Care Units

MICU or Medical Intensive Care Unit

In the medical intensive care unit, adult patients who are in critical condition receive treatment. Adult patients require constant care and the nurses and doctors in the hospitals frequently observe the patients by monitoring them carefully. These patients have specialised medical treatments to save them from critical illness or injuries.

SICU or Surgical Intensive Care Unit

Patients who have had major surgeries are sent to Surgical Intensive Care Unit after the surgery for post-operative care. The patients require continuous monitoring after having major surgery.

PICU or Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Children who have critical illness or injury are managed in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Children who have had major surgeries are also treated in this type of ICU. Some children have a risk of developing worse conditions post-surgery. They are treated in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and are monitored closely by the nurses and doctors.

NICU or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is for infants or premature babies who have critical illness or other congenital disorders after birth. Babies born with birth complications and have a high risk of survival are also treated in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

TICU or Trauma Intensive Care Unit

The Trauma Intensive Care Unit treats patients who have faced road accidents, violence, and accidental falls and are in a critical state. These trauma patients require immediate care and are treated in TICU by nurses and doctors with intense care. The doctors immediately tend to these patients when they come to the hospital. When the cases are severe, the patients are directly sent to TICU for treatment.

CICU or Cardiac or Coronary Intensive Care Unit, CVICU or Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit

CICU or CVICU provide intensive care for patients with critical heart issues. Cardiac or Coronary intensive care units offer the highest level of medical services for patients who have had heart surgery. Patients who are in CICU often have other critical health conditions. They are treated by doctors and nurses who have top-level training in heart issues and systemic intensive care.

Services in ICU Hospitals in Lagos, Nigeria

Coronary care – Coronary care unit treats people with heart problems and goes through conditions like heart attacks.

Surgical intensive care – Patients who have had major surgeries are taken care of in the surgical intensive care unit.

Adult and paediatric stroke intensive care – Patients who have a stroke are treated in a stroke intensive care unit to manage the complications and monitor the patient’s health constantly.

Paediatric intensive care – Paediatric intensive care unit provides intensive care for children who have severe medical conditions.

Neurological intensive care – Patients who have life-threatening medical conditions related to the brain are treated in the neurological intensive care unit.

Post-anaesthesia care – Patients who have undergone major surgeries require immediate post-surgery care and they are monitored constantly in the recovery room.

The common services available in ICU Hospitals, in Lagos

The need for specialized medical care has increased the demand for intensive care units (ICUs). ICU hospitals in Lagos play an important role in providing life-saving treatments and taking care of critically ill patients. ICU hospitals provide top-notch medical care to patients in Lagos. The doctors and nurses who work in the hospitals are highly skilled and they work constantly all day to provide services for the patient who is in a critical condition.

The patient who is critical and is in the intensive care unit is constantly monitored by the nurses and the doctors. They examine the patient regularly to make sure that the patient is in stable condition. The technologies that are used to monitor the patients in ICU are very advanced and it helps the doctors to easily detect any changes in the heart rate, oxygen levels, blood pressure, etc, and take immediate action when needed.

Patient Care in ICU Hospitals in Lagos

The doctors and nurses in ICU Hospitals in Lagos are highly trained and skilled in providing intensive care for their patients. They are trained to constantly monitor the patients in ICU and provide immediate treatments when the patient’s condition becomes worse. The patients in ICU are constantly monitored by nurses, consultants, physiotherapists, dieticians, etc. ICU Hospitals in Lagos have highly trained medical professionals who work to provide quality treatment for patients who are in critical condition.

Equipment used in ICU

  • Patients in critical condition have catheters, flexible tubes attached to them to get fluids into the body or to drain them from the body through the tubes.
  • For people with kidney failure, dialysis machines or artificial kidneys are available in ICU.
  • Nutritional support is provided for the patient using feeding tubes.
  • Fluids and medicines are given using Intravenous or IV tubes.
  • ICU has machines that check the vital signs of the patient and display them on monitors.
  • Oxygen therapy facilities are available in ICU for the patients.
  • The ICU has tracheostomy tubes which help the patient breathe. The tube is surgically placed in the neck to pass through the windpipe.
  • Breathing machines or ventilators move air in and out of the lungs to help patients with respiratory failure.

Why choose Lagos for ICU Services?

ICU hospitals in Lagos provide high-quality medical treatment by trained professionals for lower costs. The cost-effective treatments and intense care of patients by medical experts make Lagos one of the most preferred medical destinations. People prefer Lagos for receiving major surgeries because of the advancements and quality treatment, and also for quick recovery post-surgery. ICU Hospitals in Lagos attract foreigners to treat their critical illnesses and injuries for affordable prices. The past patients who have received treatment in the hospitals in Lagos have had satisfactory results. Their positive reviews and results after the treatment prove that the hospitals in Lagos have the best medical facilities.

Advancements in ICU services in Lagos

The top hospitals in Lagos have improved their facilities and introduced more advancements in ICU. These latest technologies have helped in providing quality treatment for patients. The technologies have made it easier for doctors to monitor the patients in ICU and have helped the patients have a better outcome. Some of the advancements in ICU have helped in the better treatment of patients.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has helped in the medical field and provided more personalised care for patients. AI services are found in medical imaging, clinical decision support, and emergency medicine. It analyses the patient’s health data and provides accurate medical information about the patient. The use of artificial intelligence in the ICU has helped in providing accurate treatments for the patient.

Advanced Monitoring

Advanced Monitoring of the patient’s vital signals has assisted the doctors to detect changes in the patient’s health condition quickly and provide immediate treatment. Before advanced monitoring came into use, doctors and nurses had to constantly test the patient and check for any abnormal changes. The introduction of Advance Monitoring has helped in the quick detection of changes in the patient’s vital signals.

Behavioral Health

The environment in which the patient receives treatment has a greater impact on the patient’s outcome. Patients who are in critical condition experience stress and trauma during the treatment. The use of advanced technologies and smart devices helps doctors identify whenever the patient feels stressed and help them provide the necessary treatment.

Facilities in ICU hospitals in Lagos, Nigeria

  • The hospitals are located near hotels, restaurants, and a place where public transport is easily available for the patients.
  • Public and private transport services are available near the hospitals and patients can easily access them to travel during emergencies.
  • The ambulances used for transport have several medical facilities for patients in critical condition.
  • There are many facilities available in the hospital like parking space and quick transport services for emergency cases.
  • The hospitals in Lagos have 24/7 transport and medical services.
  • The doctors and nurses are also available 24/7 to provide medical treatments during emergencies.
  • The hospitals have private rooms for the patients to recover after having surgeries and treatments.

International Patients

Hospitals in Lagos offer medical services for native as well as foreign patients. International patients from all over the world travel to Nigeria to treat their medical conditions. They come to Lagos for its cost-effective, quality treatments provided in the hospitals. ICU hospitals in Lagos are well-equipped and more affordable. Lagos is one of the most preferred medical destinations for foreign patients. There are special services provided for international patients in Lagos. 

  • Hospitals in Lagos offer flight ticket booking services.
  • Accommodation is provided based on the personal preference of the patient.
  • The hospitals have Covid 19 Protocol Assistance.
  • Visa Assistance services are provided by a separate team in the hospital to guide the patient.
  • Transport services for international patients, including airport pickup and drop-off.

Reviews on ICU Hospitals in Lagos

Patient reviews are important to consider when choosing an ICU hospital in Lagos. The choice of hospital, the medical professionals, the facilities available in the hospital and many other factors affect the treatment and the recovery of the patient. ICU Hospitals in Lagos have treated many patients in their critical conditions and have given more positive outcomes. The hospitals in Lagos are well-recognized for their high-quality treatment, skilled medical professionals, and the use of advanced technologies to treat patients. The patients who received treatment in Lagos have recovered quickly and have more satisfied results after treatments.

Insurance coverage

Insurance for ICU services in Lagos, Nigeria depends on the insurance coverage of the patient. Some insurance plans may include coverage for ICU services, while other companies have certain limitations. The patient must review their insurance policy and contact the insurance provider to know the costs covered by the company for ICU services in Lagos.

Insurance companies cover the cost of medical treatments, especially for patients in the ICU. The health insurance scheme covers the cost of medical treatments that fall within the plans of the company. Before choosing an insurance plan the patient must know the costs that are covered by the insurance companies. There are certain health insurance options available for native as well as international patients. Patients can choose from these options to cover the costs of their medical treatments.

  • National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA)
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Community-Based Health Insurance (CBHI)
  • State Health Insurance Schemes
  • Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance Programme (TISHIP)

FAQs on ICU Hospital Cost in Lagos

What is the ICU cost per day in Lagos?

In the hospitals in Lagos, ICU service cost ranges between 30,000 ₦ – 100,000 ₦ or 82 $ – 275 $ per day.

How can I consult the doctors in the Hospital?

Online services are provided on hospital websites and the patient can directly contact the staff working in the hospital.

Can I book an appointment online?

Yes, online booking is available on the website. The staff working in the hospital also guides the patient upon request.

Is ICU services cost covered by Insurance?

Yes, Insurance companies have several plans that include cost coverage for ICU services. Some Insurance companies have certain limitations and do not cover the whole cost of the treatment.

Where can I find reviews of the hospitals?

Many websites and social media platforms provide information and insights from the patients who have received treatment at the ICU hospitals in Lagos.

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