Mediheal Hospital Parklands

If you’re seeking top-notch healthcare that is both affordable and easily accessible, your search ends at Mediheal Hospital Parklands in Nairobi. With an unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality, cost-efficient, and individualized care, Mediheal Hospital Parklands has emerged as the premier healthcare provider in East Africa, catering to a vast patient base of over 1.5 million individuals spread across 10 different locations. From state-of-the-art advancements in technology to highly acclaimed medical professionals, Mediheal Hospital Parklands distinguishes itself from its competitors in numerous ways.

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Services

At Mediheal Hospital Parklands, patients can expect top-notch facilities and services. The hospital has invested in state-of-the-art ICU equipment, providing exceptional ICU care across all locations. With affiliations with all insurance companies and corporate clients, Mediheal Hospital Parklands offers comprehensive orthopedic services managed by in-house orthopedic surgeons, and a dedicated team of resident doctors available 24/7 to cater to patients’ needs. The hospital also boasts a wide range of diagnostic and pathology services, including over 4500 tests, with a team of in-house radiologists managing radiology services such as MRI, CT, X-ray, ultrasound, mammography, ECO, and ECG. The hospital also provides advanced hemodialysis units for patients in need of continuous dialysis support.

Pioneers in IVF and Assisted Reproductive Techniques

Mediheal Hospital Parklands is a pioneer in the field of Assisted Reproductive Techniques, including IVF. With a high success rate in the region, the hospital’s fertility center offers cutting-edge fertility treatments and technologies, providing hope to couples struggling with infertility. The team of experienced and renowned gynecologists and IVF specialists are available round-the-clock, providing personalized care and support to patients on their fertility journey.

Innovative and Comprehensive Medical Care

Mediheal Hospital Parklands prides itself on its innovative and comprehensive medical care. The hospital offers non-invasive pain management treatments, including endoscopic disc operations, providing effective solutions for patients suffering from chronic pain. The hospital also has an exclusive and modern cosmetology and plastic surgery department headed by world-renowned specialists, offering a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Mediheal Hospital Parklands has also introduced many daycare procedures and innovative keyhole surgeries with minimum hospital stays, allowing patients to recover faster and resume their daily activities sooner.

Patient-Centric Approach

At Mediheal Hospital Parklands, patients are at the center of everything. The hospital does not collect any deposit when patients get registered for admission, making healthcare services more accessible and affordable. The hospital’s interdisciplinary collaboration among its teams of accomplished medical experts ensures that patients receive personalized and exemplary care across 25+ specialties, based on the most advanced evidence-based medicine and cutting-edge technology. The hospital’s welcoming environment, modern consulting rooms, and compassionate staff provide a comfortable experience for patients and visitors alike.

Whether you need diagnostic services, fertility treatments, pain management, cosmetic procedures, or comprehensive medical care, Mediheal Hospital Parklands has you covered. Trust your health to the experts at Mediheal Hospital Parklands and experience the highest standard of care in East Africa.

Pricelist (Mediheal Hospital Parklands)

Average Cost in Ksh

Consultation fees Ksh 1,500
Room charges (General Ward) Ksh 2,500
Semi-private room Ksh 4,000
Private room Ksh 7,000
Lab tests Ksh 500

Expert Doctors at Mediheal Hospital Parklands

  1. Dr. Vijaysinh Namdeo Patil – Chief Interventional Cardiologist (Interventional Cardiology)
  2. Dr. Ashwin Soni – Consultant Anesthetist
  3. Dr. Kartikeya Pramod Joshi – Consultant Orthopaedics
  4. Dr. Sumit Soni – Consultant Physiotherapist
  5. Dr. Deepika Patel – Endocrinologist
  6. Dr. Jignesh Ahir – General Physician
  7. Dr. K P Naga Aruna Sri – Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecologist
  8. Dr. Ramakrishna Ravuri – Consultant Anesthesiologist
  9. Dr. G. B Mahapatra – MD. & Sr. Consultant Physician
  10. Dr. Sunil Kumar Dube – Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon
  11. Dr. Dhaval R Mistry – General & Laparoscopic Surgeon
  12. Dr. Naveen Chandra Acharya – Chief Urologist
  13. Dr. Chanchal Singh – Chief Intensivist
  14. Dr. Jay M Sheth – Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist
  15. Dr. Saurabh Sharma – Consultant Paediatrician

Mediheal Hospital Parklands International Patient Services

Traveling abroad for medical care can be a daunting experience. However, at Mediheal Hospital Parklands, we understand the challenges and concerns you may have. That’s why we have developed our International Patient Services to ensure that your journey to Kenya for medical treatment is as stress-free as possible. With a focus on open communication, personalized attention, and comprehensive support, we are dedicated to making your experience at our hospital comfortable and successful.

Open Communication and Expert Guidance

We at Mediheal Hospital Parklands think that keeping lines of communication open is essential for your mental health. Our International Patient Services team facilitates direct communication between you and our specialists, allowing you to familiarize yourself with your treatment plan and the medical procedures you will undergo.

Travel Arrangements

Our dedicated counselors will assist you in managing all the necessary visa and travel arrangements. From providing a Visa Facilitation Letter to coordinating your arrival and departure, we take care of the logistics, ensuring that your focus remains on your recovery.

Admission Procedure

Our admission procedure is designed to be seamless and efficient. Once your treatment plan has been authorized, you will undergo the recommended procedures or surgery. Afterward, you will be discharged and transferred to a guest house or hotel, ensuring a comfortable and restful recovery. Our team will also establish post-procedure follow-up through various communication channels, including email, phone, or video conferencing, to ensure continuity of care.

Documents Assistance

We recognize the importance of documentation in every medical journey. Our dedicated team of International Patient Services is here to assist you in collecting the required documents, ensuring that the administrative aspects are handled efficiently. This way, you can concentrate on your treatment with confidence, knowing that everything is being taken care of.

Reach out to our committed counselors today to arrange your visit and enjoy exceptional medical care in a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Reviews of Mediheal Hospital Parklands

“I recently had a cardiac procedure at Mediheal Hospital Parklands and I am extremely satisfied with the care I received. The cardiology team used cutting-edge technology, such as angiography and electrophysiology, to accurately diagnose and treat my condition. The success rate of my procedure was excellent, and the post-operative care was exceptional. The hospital’s cardiology department is top-notch and I would highly recommend it to others.”- Mary Johnson

“I had a positive experience at Mediheal Hospital Parklands for my fertility treatment. The fertility clinic had advanced reproductive technology, including in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI), and the team of fertility specialists were knowledgeable and compassionate. The success rate of my fertility treatment was high, and the support and guidance provided by the hospital helped me fulfill my dream of becoming a parent.”- Emily Jones

“I received excellent care at Mediheal Hospital Parklands for my cancer treatment. The hospital’s oncology department had state-of-the-art facilities and a multidisciplinary team of experts who provided personalized and comprehensive care. The use of advanced technologies such as radiation therapy and targeted therapies resulted in a successful outcome for my cancer treatment. The hospital’s commitment to patient care and their innovative treatment approaches are commendable.”- James Wilson

Why Choose Mediheal Hospital Parklands?

Let’s explore the reasons why Mediheal Hospital has earned its reputation as a leading medical institution.

  1. No Deposits, Only Care: Unlike many hospitals, Mediheal Hospital does not burden patients with hefty upfront deposits. This patient-friendly policy ensures that individuals can focus solely on receiving the care they need without financial worries.
  2. Round-the-Clock Gynecological Care: Recognizing the unique needs of women, Mediheal Hospital Parklands ensures that one of the region’s most celebrated gynecologists is available round-the-clock. Whether it’s routine check-ups, complex surgeries, or emergency consultations, patients can trust in the expertise and dedication of the hospital’s gynecological team.
  3. Comprehensive Orthopedic Services: Mediheal Hospital Parklands prides itself on providing comprehensive orthopedic services, managed by a committed team of in-house orthopedic surgeons. From advanced joint replacements to intricate sports medicine procedures, patients receive personalized care and access to cutting-edge treatments. The hospital’s orthopedic department is dedicated to restoring mobility and improving patients’ quality of life.
  4. 24/7 Availability of Resident Doctors: At Mediheal Hospital Parklands, patients can find solace in knowing that resident doctors are available round-the-clock. Whether it’s a medical emergency or a simple query, patients receive prompt and expert medical attention whenever they need it, ensuring peace of mind and continuous care.
  5. Extensive Affiliations and Specialties: Mediheal Hospital Parklands has established affiliations with various insurance companies and corporate clients, ensuring a smooth experience for patients seeking healthcare coverage. Additionally, the hospital is supported by a diverse range of specialty doctors, guaranteeing comprehensive and multidisciplinary medical care.
  6. State-of-the-Art Haemodialysis Units: Recognizing the critical need for continuous dialysis support, Mediheal Hospital Parklands has installed state-of-the-art haemodialysis units. These units provide state-of-the-art dialysis treatments, guaranteeing the best possible care and enhanced quality of life for individuals suffering from renal conditions.

Visting Hours

Mediheal Hospital Parklands has visiting hours from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Monday to Sunday.

Advanced Technology at Mediheal Hospital Parklands

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Machines

We have six state-of-the-art MRI machines that utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver high-quality and detailed images of the body’s internal structures. These advanced machines enable our medical professionals to accurately diagnose and plan treatments for various medical conditions.

Computerized Tomography (CT) Scanners

To ensure precise and fast imaging of the body’s organs and tissues, we have seven advanced CT scanners. These scanners provide detailed cross-sectional images that aid in the diagnosis of complex conditions. Additionally, they allow for non-invasive evaluation of various diseases and injuries.

Modern Specialty-Specific Modular Operation Theatres

To meet the specific needs of various medical specialties, we have ten modular operation theatres equipped with the latest technology. These theatres are designed to provide a sterile and controlled environment for safe and efficient surgical procedures. They ensure that our surgical teams have access to cutting-edge equipment, facilitating specialized surgical interventions.

Fully-Equipped Neurosurgery Theatre

Our hospital boasts a state-of-the-art neurosurgery theatre that is fully equipped with advanced tools such as CUSA (Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator), Navigation systems, and Advanced Endoscopic systems. The theatre is designed with HEPA filters and laminar air flow to maintain a sterile environment, ensuring optimal conditions for neurosurgical procedures.


1. What services does Mediheal Hospital Parklands provide?

General medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, oncology, cardiology, ENT, ophthalmology, dental care, physiotherapy, radiography, laboratory services, and emergency care are just a few of the medical services offered by Mediheal Hospital Parklands.

2. Does Mediheal Hospital Parklands accept insurance or provide financial assistance?

Yes, Mediheal Hospital Parklands is affiliated with numerous insurance providers and accepts a variety of insurance plans.

3. What are the payment methods available at Mediheal Hospital Parklands?

Mediheal Hospital Parklands accepts various payment options, including cash, credit/debit cards, and insurance coverage.

4. Does Mediheal Hospital Parklands have emergency services?

Yes, Mediheal Hospital Parklands has emergency services that are available 24/7.

5. Is Mediheal Hospital Parklands open 24/7?

Yes, Mediheal Hospital Parklands operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provides round-the-clock emergency medical care.

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