Cardiology Surgery in Uganda

Heart disease is a disabling ailment, and many developing nations frequently lack the required surgical procedures. The Uganda Heart Institute has established a strategy in which open heart operations are performed locally by visiting teams, facilitating the transfer of expertise to the local team and aiding in capacity building. Uganda, therefore, is leading among other African countries in providing good heart services. However, it would be excellent to eventually establish a specialized cardiac treatment facility in an environment with minimal resources. Also, the cardiology cost in Uganda is much cheaper than receiving it in a foreign country.

In many developing nations, a concentrated effort to combat common pediatric infectious illnesses has significantly decreased baby and under-five mortality. Consequently, children’s morbidity and mortality are increasingly attributed to pediatric cardiology problems. Unfortunately, few Sub-Saharan African nations offer cardiac catheterization procedures and pediatric cardiology surgery. Only at the Uganda Heart Institute are pediatric cardiology surgeries feasible in Uganda.

The opening of the first Cardiac Clinic at Mulago Hospital in 1958 offered medical care and diagnostic services, and specialized cardiac care was established in Uganda. Beginning in February 2012, when two patients underwent balloon pulmonary valvuloplasties (BPVs) using fluoroscopy, pediatric cardiac catheterization at the UHI was initiated. At the Institute, a special catheterization laboratory building with a biplane system was put into service in May 2012.

To satisfy the nation’s needs for pediatric cardiovascular care, the UHI launched a cardiology fellowship training program in 2010. There are both local and foreign faculty members. The process has included the following:

  • A local apprenticeship component.
  • Training by visiting teams during open heart surgery and cardiac catheterization missions.
  • Case conferences through telemedicine with medical professionals at the Children’s Health System in the USA.

Cardiology Cost in Uganda

Cardiology cost in Uganda Average Cost in Ugandan Shilling (Ush) Average Cost in US Dollar (USD)
AICD UGX 78,74,496 $2,187
ASD Closure UGX 1,67,33,304 $4,648
Aortic Valve Replacement UGX 2,21,47,020 $6,152
Aortic valve stenosis UGX 1,87,01,928 $5,195
Aortopulmonary window UGX 2,31,31,332 $6,425
Arteriovenous Fistula with Graft UGX 1,82,09,772 $5,058
Balloon Valvotomy UGX 1,77,17,616 $4,922
Bentall Procedure UGX 2,65,76,424 $7,382
Biventricular Pacemaker Implantation UGX 3,19,90,140 $8,886
CABG UGX 1,13,19,588 $3,144
CRT-D UGX 3,19,90,140 $8,886
Cabrol Procedure UGX 1,37,80,368 $3,828
Cardiac Assessment UGX 1,18,11,744 $3,281
Cardiac Electrophysiology Study UGX 59,05,872 $1,641
Cardiothoracic Surgery UGX 1,15,65,666 $3,213
Coronary Angiography UGX 46,75,482 $1,299
Coronary Angioplasty UGX 61,51,950 $1,709
Double Chamber Pacemaker Implantation UGX 4,18,33,260 $11,620
Double Valve Replacement UGX 2,85,45,048 $7,929
Electrophysiology Study & Radio Frequency Ablation UGX 34,45,092 $957
Heart Port Surgery UGX 1,52,56,836 $4,238
Heart Transplant UGX 13,78,03,680 $38,279
Heart Valve Replacement UGX 1,87,01,928 $5,195
MVR (Mitral Valve Replacement) UGX 1,77,17,616 $4,922
Minimally Invasive Direct Coronary Artery Bypass UGX 1,62,41,148 $4,511
Pacemaker Implantation UGX 2,21,47,020 $6,152
Patent Ductus Arteriosus device closure (PDA) UGX 1,42,72,524 $3,965
Right Heart Catheterization UGX 4,23,25,416 $11,757
Single Chamber Pacemaker Implantation UGX 2,21,47,020 $6,152
Tricuspid valve replacement surgery UGX 1,72,25,460 $4,785
Ventricular Septal Defect Closure (VSD) UGX 1,57,48,992 $4,375

Cost of  Top Cardiology Procedures in Uganda

Pacemaker Implantation:

Cardiac pacemakers are tiny electronic devices, about the size of a matchbox and weighing 20–50 g, that detect intrinsic cardiac rhythm and, if necessary, transmit electrical impulses to stimulate the heart and take the position of the sinus node, a damaged natural PM. The cost of pacemaker implantation in Uganda is $6,152. Permanent pacemaker implantation is a minimally invasive treatment in a cardiac catheterization lab under local or less common general anesthesia.

Right Heart Catheterization:

The Right Heart Catheterization technique examines the right side of the heart’s blood flow and pressure. In the neck or groin vein, a catheter is placed. The catheter has specialized sensors inside to detect the pressure and blood flow in your heart. The Right Heart Catheterization cost in Uganda is $11,757. A cardiac catheterization lab, sometimes called a “cath lab,” is where right heart catheterization is performed. It is carried out by a group of experts, typically under the direction of an interventional cardiologist or advanced heart failure cardiologist.

Heart transplant:

When medical therapy and less invasive surgery fail to treat end-stage heart failure, heart transplantation is a life-saving procedure. Patients requiring a heart transplant undergo a stringent vetting process since donors’ hearts are in short supply. They must be critically ill and healthy enough to accept a new heart. Over the previous five to ten years, survival rates for those who have heart transplants have increased. The Heart transplant price in Uganda is $38,279.


For some people with heart failure, CRT is a therapeutic option that has been scientifically proven effective. Small electrical pulses are sent to both lower chambers of the heart using a CRT device to help them beat more in unison. This may increase the heart’s capacity to deliver oxygen and blood to the patient’s body. The price of CRT-D in Uganda is $8,886.

Biventricular Pacemaker Implantation:

A biventricular pacemaker coordinates the electrical signals between the ventricles by sending pulses to the atrium and both ventricles via cables. Like other pacemakers, a biventricular pacemaker delivers electrical stimuli to stop the heart rate from getting too low. The third wire stimulates the left and right pumping chambers (ventricles) to improve heart-pounding coordination. This may make it easier for you to carry out patients’ regular tasks and help you breathe easier. Combining it with an internal cardiac defibrillator is possible (ICD). The biventricular Pacemaker Implantation Price in Uganda is $8,886.

Ventricular Septal Defect Closure (VSD):

An opening in the wall separating the lower chambers of your heart is known as a ventricular septal defect. When this hole is sufficiently wide, the amount of blood that leaks between the chambers might permanently harm your heart and lungs and raise your risk of heart infections. By age 6, most VSDs shut on their own without any symptoms. The price of Ventricular Septal Defect Closure (VSD) in Uganda is $4,375.

Heart Port Surgery:

During heart port surgery, small incisions are made in the right chest to reach the heart. The operation entails inserting a reservoir compartment (the portal) with a connected plastic tube and a silicone bubble for inserting a needle (the septum) (the catheter). Compared to complete open-heart surgery, the cut is relatively small, and the operation is straightforward and speedier. Through this technique, surgeries like valve replacement and ASD closure have been completed successfully. The cost of Heart Port Surgery in Uganda is $4,238.

Aortopulmonary Window:

Aortopulmonary window (AP window) is a congenital cardiac abnormality characterized by contact between the ascending aorta and the pulmonary artery in the presence of an independent right ventricular outflow tract, independent arterial trunks, and independent semilunar valves. The primary blood veins of the heart develop improperly during the early stages of embryonic growth, resulting in the aortopulmonary window. This cardiac defect typically occurs randomly and for unknown reasons. The Aortopulmonary window cost in Uganda is $6,425.

Conditions Treated Using Cardiology Surgery in Uganda

  • Coronary artery disease
  • Aortic dissection
  • Valvular insufficiency
  • Thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm
  • Tracheal stenosis
  • Valvular stenosis
  • Thoracic aortic aneurysm
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Left ventricular aneurysm
  • Mediastinal tumors
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Tracheobronchial cancer

Uganda Heart Association (UHA)

The Uganda Heart Association (UHA) was founded to unite cardiologists in Uganda in 2006. The number of cardiac experts in the nation at that time was modest. However, the number of cardiologists in Uganda has grown over time. The UHA focuses on cardiovascular disease prevention, promotion, and treatment to assist Uganda’s healthcare system by addressing the growing non-communicable disease problem. The UHA is prepared to contribute its knowledge and abilities to enhance access to healthcare.

Open cardiac surgeries can be performed at the Uganda Heart Institute (UHI). However, they are limited by a lack of operating, ICU, and financial space. As a result, the UHA faces particular difficulties and chances to address problems affecting the treatment of cardiovascular disease. Because there aren’t many cardiac experts in the nation, the UHA holds regional electrocardiogram (ECG) workshops to give medical professionals the skills they need to recognize potentially fatal illnesses, including arrhythmias and myocardial infarction.

Technologies used for Cardiology Surgery in Uganda

The following are popular technologies used by Ugandan Hospitals for Cardiology Surgery:

  • Robot-Assisted Surgery
  • Implantable heart-rhythm monitors
  • CorLink Automated Anastomotic Device
  • Thoracoscopy
  • Novare Enclose device

Cardiology Surgery Reviews in Uganda

Uganda Hospitals’ skilled medical team and surgeons are excellent at treating the disease. The hospital also has top Cardiology surgeons for treating complex ailments and the most recent innovations and cutting-edge machinery. As a result, the reviews for cardiology surgery in Uganda are excellent, and the success rate of procedures performed by Ugandan specialists is high.

UHI BMV Program

Under the direction of the Ugandan Ministry of Health, the UHI is a publicly owned Cardiovascular Center of Excellence. The high prevalence of advanced clinical RHD in the nation prompted the establishment of the UHI BMV program. The UHI BMV program, which Dr. Emmy Okello has been running since 2017, performs the Inoue balloon technique. Transthoracic echocardiography is used instead of transoesophageal echocardiography throughout the surgery, negating the requirement for general anesthesia. This cuts the time patients must stay in the hospital from admission to release to just 24 hours. Every week, about two to three procedures are carried out. Since the beginning, about 60 surgeries have been carried out. However, the Inoue balloon is pricey and has been challenging to get. Lastly, the UHI oversees Regional Referral Hospitals to enhance early diagnosis and referral for intervention, focusing on preventative initiatives.

Success Rate of Cardiology Surgery in Uganda

Nearly 90% of patients survive heart surgery because of advancements in medical technology, proven to produce good results. Early disease discovery, skilled surgery, cutting-edge technologies, and quality postoperative care increase the likelihood of survival following surgery. It is known that patients who have had cardiac surgery have lived for up to 30 years. Heart surgery can be frightening for someone who has just received a diagnosis, but the success rate is high, and skilled doctors will make the process as comfortable as possible.

Best Cardiologist in Uganda

Dr. Asad Muyinda:

Dr. Asad Muyinda is a Physician Practice in Cardiology in Uganda. He is a qualified and skillful cardiologist performing successful heart surgeries.

Dr. Josephine Achan:

Dr. Josephine Achan is a known Cardiologist in Uganda. The surgeon has a high success rate in performing cardiology surgery.

Dr. Sheila Baingana:

Dr. Sheila Baingana is a well-known cardiologist in Uganda, she is currently working at Mulago Hospital.

Dr. James Kayima:

Dr. James Kayima is a Consultant Cardiologist at the Uganda Heart Institute and a Senior Lecturer at Makerere University School of Medicine.

FAQs on Cardiology surgery in Uganda

Where can I find Cardiology Surgery reviews in Uganda?

You can find Cardiology Surgery reviews in Uganda here.

How much do Cardiology Procedures cost in Uganda?

Cardiology Procedures’ cost depends on the type of condition the patient suffers from.

How can I book an appointment with a Cardiology Surgeon in Uganda?

You can contact us to get an appointment with a Cardiology Surgeon in Uganda. In addition, we can suggest the best surgeon in Uganda.

Does insurance cover Cardiology Surgery in Uganda?

Yes, the insurance company covers the expenses of Cardiology Surgery.

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