Dr. Ikechukwu Obiodu – Orthopedic Surgeon


  • Ikechukwu Obiodu is a Consultant Paediatric Orthopedic/Deformity Surgeon at National Orthopedic Hospital Igbobi Lagos.
  • He has completed his medical studies at National Orthopedic Hospital Igbobi Lagos FMCOrtho, Orthopedics and Trauma, Consultant Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeon
  • Further he completed his post-graduation from National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria, FMCOrtho, Orthopedics, and Trauma.
  • Moreover he became the Consultant Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeon in Imo State University logo from 1999 – to 2010


Dr. Ikechukwu Obiodu ‘s Details

Dr. Ikechukwu Obiodu ’s Speciality Orthopedic
Dr. Ikechukwu Obiodu ’s Address Lagoon Hospital
Consultation Fees 20000 NGN – 50000 NGN
Dr. Ikechukwu Obiodu ’s working hour 8 AM – 6 PM
Does Dr. Ikechukwu Obiodu provide online consultancy Yes

How to Book an Appointment with Dr. Ikechukwu Obiodu?

To book an appointment with Dr. Ikechukwu Obiodu one has to take a prior appointment with him. Dr. Ikechukwu Obiodu an Orthopaedic specialist. The visiting time start from Mon to Sat from 8 AM to 6 PM. His practice place is in the Lagoon Hospital in Lagos. Bring your medical report if there is any from a past visit.

What are the Dr. Ikechukwu Obiodu’s Reviews?

Dr. Ikechukwu Obiodu has an optimistic and honest review. His way of treating patients is exceptional. He barely received any negative reviews. You can find his reviews with us. Will provide you with past experiences. He is a patient-oriented surgeon. He helps specialized services to refer other patients.


Is online Consultation available for Dr. Ikechukwu Obiodu?

Yes, online consultation is available for Dr. Ikechukwu Obiodu.

But before seeing the doctor, the patient has to provide his/her previous medical certificate if any, pay consultation fees, and the doctor’s attendant will book the appointment.

It is important to provide a video calling facility as patients may visit from other countries which will be helpful for them as well as for the critical health issues patient.

How does Dr. Ikechukwu Obiodu treat his patient?

  • Ikechukwu Obiodu a well-known Orthopedics in Lagos.
  • He suggests patients with financial crises with better options and opinions.
  • He also always suggests the best course of action if any critically arises.
  • He treats his patient with great responsibility and always keeps his patient under observation after medicine recommendations.
  • He thoroughly determines the patient health issue before applying or implementing any further medical procedure.

Why choose Dr. Ikechukwu Obiodu?

Dr. Ikechukwu Obiodu is a well-known consultant in Orthopedics.

The treatment he provides are:

  • bone fractures.
  • injuries to tendons or ligaments, such as sprains, tendonitis, and ACL tears.
  • muscle strains.
  • joint or back pain.
  • carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • bone cancer.
  • limb abnormalities, such as clubfoot and bowlegs.


FAQs related to Dr. Ikechukwu Obiodu

Q. What is the specialty of  Dr. Ikechukwu Obiodu?

A. Dr. Ikechukwu Obiodu ‘s specialty is Orthopedic.

Q. While does Dr. Ikechukwu Obiodu practice?

A. Dr. Ikechukwu Obiodu practices at Lagoon Hospital, Lagos.

Q. Which tests/ investigations are generally required to perform by an Ophthalmologist?

A. The tests include Orthopedic Disorders

Common orthopedic tests include bone densitometry, skeletal scintigraphy, discography, myelography, and electromyography. Most of these tests rely on proven technology, such as X-ray, MRI, ultrasound and computed tomography.

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