Lip Reduction Surgery Cost in Nairobi

You may have heard of lip augmentation surgery, a procedure that is commonly used to make your lips fuller. Less commonly discussed is reduction surgery—this is done to reduce the volume of your lips. While not as prevalent, lip reduction surgery is useful if you want smaller lips, or if you don’t take care of the results of the previous increase.
Surgery is very different from the dermatological procedure, and there are also more risks, including infection and scarring.
However, lip reduction surgery is considered to be safe overall when performed by an experienced, board-certified provider.
Learn more about what you can expect from this type of procedure to see if it is the right fit for you.

Lip Reduction surgery Cost in Nairobi

Surgery name A minimum price (USD) Maximum price (USD) Average price (USD)
Lip Reduction $500 $ 1,500 $ 1,000

The average Lip Reduction surgery cost in Nairobi is 1,000USD.

Nairobi is the preferred destination for Lip Reduction Surgery because of the Low Cost of Lip Reduction Surgery in Nairobi 500 USD. Many patients travel from abroad and different parts of the country because the Lip Reduction Surgery price in Nairobi 500 USD is affordable.

There are many Hospitals with highly experienced Lip Reduction surgery in Nairobi. Nairobi city also has a very good supply of Implants required for Lip Reduction in Nairobi.

Lip Reduction Surgery reviews in Nairobi by past clients are very encouraging because the Lip Reduction Surgery success rate in Nairobi is high.


Lip Reduction Insurance surgery coverage in Nairobi


Lip Reduction Surgery is a very common procedure in Nairobi. Many health insurance companies are assisting you with this emergency medical operation.

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Benefits of Lip Reduction

Lip reduction is a serious surgical procedure that should only be performed by certified plastic surgeons. Some of the benefits of cheiloplasty reduction include:

Removes excess tissue (or substances) that cause deformity of the lip

Usually, only a local anesthesia agent is required

Is an outpatient procedure that is usually performed in less than an hour.

Only one treatment is needed for most patients to achieve permanent results.

Very few downtimes after the procedure

There is no visible scarring

Ideal Candidates for Lip Reduction?

This procedure may be appropriate for anyone wishing to reduce the size of their lips to help balance their facial proportions and increase their self-perception. However, as with any surgery, it is not suitable for all people. The ideal candidate for cosmetic surgery of this type:

Is a non-smoker

Has a good health condition

Does not have a mental illness

Has stable weight in the body

Has realistic expectations of what to expect from the procedure

The cost of Lip Reduction Surgery in Nairobi is as following:

Surgery name A minimum price (Kenyan Shilling, KSh) Maximum price (Kenyan Shilling, KSh) Average price (Kenyan Shilling, KSh)
Lip Reduction  5,472,5 KES  1,641,75 KES  1,094,50 KES

The Cost for Lip Reduction Surgery may vary according to the following factors:

  • Doctor’s Fee
  • Hospital charges
  • Medical condition after Lip Reduction Surgery
  • Type & Quality of Implants/Consumables
  • Lab Tests recommended post-Lip Reduction Surgery

Who Should Avoid This Procedure?

According to Medscape, the reduction of lips is contraindicated for:

Candidates with more than 3 mm of  space

Candidates who are unable to withdraw their lower lips

Candidates who are drooling because of poor facial muscle tone

If you are considering having this lip enhancement procedure, the doctor will be able to determine whether or not you are a good candidate during the initial consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Side effects of lip reduction surgery

The lips are among the most sensitive parts of your body, so it is important to work with an experienced surgeon to minimize your risk of side effects. At the very least, you should expect redness, swelling, and slight pain within the first few days of surgery. Bruising is possible, too.

Less commonly, surgery to reduce the lips may cause:

  • Infection
  •  Scarring
  • Severe swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Allergic reactions (to the anesthesia)

Procedure for Lip Reduction Surgery?

Most lip reduction surgeries will be completed within 30-60 minutes using only local anesthesia. Typically, this outpatient procedure involves:

Horizontal incisions are made inside the lip(s) being treated

Unwanted fat tissue (or an increased filler) is removed

Incisions are closed with dissolving stitches.

Some patients have different procedures (chin implant, eyelid surgery, lip lift, etc.) at the same time as lip reduction. General anesthesia may be necessary for those who have performed multiple procedures.

Recovery for Lip Reduction

Swelling and redness may last for a few days, but after this time, you should be able to talk and move around more comfortably.It might take a week or two for your sutures to come out and your lips to heal completely. While this may seem like a major time commitment, the timeframe is much shorter than other cosmetic surgeries. As a general rule of thumb, you should expect to be off work for a full week.

Your doctor may recommend applying ice packs to your lips during recovery. You may also consider over-the-counter pain relievers, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. See your surgeon if your postoperative symptoms last longer than two weeks.

Risks of Lip Reduction Surgery

Although it is considered safe, there are certain risks associated with lip reduction. General risks of surgery include complications of anesthesia, bleeding, and infection. Additional risks for lip reduction include:


Narrowness (usually temporary)

Lumps and excess scar tissue in your lips

Dissatisfaction with the results of cosmetics

Reduction results for lips are permanent, but if you find that your lips are too thin after surgery, an increase in lips may be performed to correct this outcome.

The best way to minimize your risk of lip reduction surgery and help ensure a smooth recovery is to choose a certified plastic surgeon and follow his or her pre-and post-operative instructions carefully.

Lip Reduction Surgery Cost in Nairobi

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