Bethzatha General Hospital Review and Costs

Bethzatha General Hospital – Around Meskel Square by the Addis Ababa Stadium

History of Bethzatha Hospital

Bethzatha Hospital started its services as a healthcare industry in 1996. It is located around Olympia Square – Kirkos Sub City with a highly advanced clinic and a laboratory in the Ambassador Theatre building. It established 60 beds general hospital in 2003. Bethzatha Hospital is a private hospital that provides inpatient and outpatient services. The hospital has provided medical care to over 100,000 patients for the last five years.

Bethzatha as a General Hospital

Bethzatha General Hospital (BGH) is a private healthcare unit. It is been situated in Addis Ababa. Present next to Yidnekachew Tesema National Stadium. Since its establishment in 2003, the hospital has made much growth and treated many patients.

BGH has opened a new reorganized hospital and operational since 2018. It has 2 wings Northern Wing and Southern Wing. It has a total of 173 beds. In Northern Wing, is the original hospital with 57 beds and is currently being renovated to become the MCH wing. In Southern Wing, it is the new building which has 100 beds with modern and fully medical equipment. And the different units such as ICU(10 beds), and OT(6 Rooms).

Infrastructure: Located in the heart of the city, Addis Ababa

Specialist Doctors: Radiologists, Ophthalmologists, ENT Specialists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Obstetrics and gynecologists, general Surgeons, pediatricians, oncologists, internists, etc.

Healthcare Professionals: Staff and nurses are sufficient numbers and serve patients the quality care.

Currently, the Bethzatha General Hospital runs 58(Specialist Doctors), 3 (General Practitioners), 79 (nurses), 30 (health professionals), and 148 other management and support workers. All the facility is accredited with ISO 15189:2012, Medical Lab Requirements for Quality and Competence.

3-Pillars of Bethzatha Hospital

  • Service Excellence: Serve all patients with professional excellence by providing high-standard medical ethics and integrity.
  • Responsibility and Accountability: To the best of their ability they help every patient and handle every situation.
  • Trust, Respect, and Honesty: These are the 3 integral part of every industry.

Medical Laboratory Services

  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Serology /Infectious Serology
  • Bacteriology
  • Hematology
  • Pathology
  • Immuno-chemistry
  • Basic microscopy (Parasitology and urinalysis)
  • Molecular Tests
  • Referral Tests

In 1996, Bethzatha Hospital provides a free lab around the Ambassador Theater now it continues as the central laboratory in the stadium area. Bethzatha has always been an advanced medical laboratory services provider with the latest technology and supported by professional laboratorians. All labs are been staffed by 21(senior professionals), 18 (mid-level technologists), and 20 (personnel).


  • Radiology Unit
  • Women Wellness Clinic
  • Sub Specialty Clinics
  • Advanced Medical Lab
  • Inpatient Care
  • Physiotherapy Unit
  • Dialysis Unit
  • ICU
  • ENT Clinic
  • Dental Clinic
  • Ophthalmology Clinic
  • Gastroenterology Unit
  • Cardiology Unit
  • Emergency Department
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics Unit
  • Surgical Department
  • Pediatrics Department
  • Outpatient Care


CT-Scan General Surgery
Ultrasound Neurosurgery
Digital X-Ray Gastroenterology Surgery
Pediatric Abnormalities Urology (Cystoscopy non-invasive surgery)
Orthopedic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Arthritic Conditions Endocrine Surgery
Sport Injuries Spinal Surgery
Audiometer Cardiothoracic Surgery
ENT Surgery Orthopedic Surgery
Tympanoplasty ENT Surgery
Tonsillectomy Vascular Surgery
Extraction Pediatrics Surgery
Filling Ophthalmic Surgery
Orthodontics Minor Surgeries
Optometry Clinic Vaccination
Comprehensive eye checkup General Medicine
Eye surgery Hematology
Cataract Eye Oncology
lid surgeries Neurology
Outpatient Clinic Cardiology
Endoscopy Pulmonology
Colonoscopy Nephrology (Renal Medicine)
Therapeutic Procedure Gastroenterology
Echo Cardiography (Adult & Pediatrics) Endocrinology
Stress Test ECG Oncology
SVD Breast Cancer Screening

Facilities at Bethzatha Hospital

  • Patient Accommodation
  • Good Ambiance
  • Quality Care
  • Courteous Staff
  • Outpatient Clinic
  • Daycare clinic
  • Infectious Clinic
  • 24 hours facility
  • Pharmacy
Medical Lab

Medical Lab



Dialysis Center

Dialysis Center



  • Department of Nephrology
  • Department of Ophthalmology
  • Department of Gastroenterology
  • Department of Urology
  • Department of Oncology
  • Department of Cardiology
  • Department of Neurology
  • Department of Orthopedics
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Department of Women’s Wellness

Bethzatha General Hospital Doctor’s List

  • Dr. Amsalu Garomsa
  • Dr. Abayneh Admassu
  • Dr. Ferehiwot Kebede
  • Dr. Million Kebede
  • Dr. Misgina Fisseha
  • Dr. Neway Tekle
  • Dr. Solomon Admasu
  • Dr. Tilahun Tesfaye

Bethzatha Hospital as a Specialty Clinic

The clinic has served the community for 20 years, and since then, they have provided quality care to the patients. Bethzatha Clinic specializes in Internal Medicine. It is been situated on Bole Road around Olympia. Currently, the clinic is operating as a specialty center as per new guidelines for private health services in Ethiopia. The clinic is medical equipment and the lab is also set up. The pharmacy is present next to the clinic. The center has 5(specialist doctors), 1 General Practioner, 6 nurses, 2 health professionals, and 40 support staff.

Latest Project of Bethzatha Hospital

In East Addis Ababa, a new hospital was been built and opened in 2021. The hospital is been constructed with advanced technology, environmental and family-friendly. The hospital expands to 150 beds. It is been located in Yeka Sub City. The new building is going to address complex healthcare treatments caused by poor facilities, and not avail of modern types of equipment. The hospital services and infrastructure, private rooms, friendly amenities, and new technologies are been provided efficiently. The department is also present such as the Emergency dept., critical care unit, etc.

Services that is been provided in this hospital are Nephrology, Oncology, Neurosurgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, and Cardiology. The strategy is to take the initiative to build this new building to provide more health services to needy patients who can access new and modern technology.

Surgery Cost at Bethzatha Hospital

At Bethzatha Hospital the cost of surgery depends on many factors:

  • Accommodation
  • Hospital Charges
  • Cost of the treatment
  • Before and aftercare, etc.

If we talk about the estimated cost of the surgery:

Surgery Cost at Bethzatha Hospital

Avg. Cost is USD

Neurosurgery 3000$
Orthopedic Surgery 3783$
ENT Surgery 2050$
Pediatrics 3100$
Minor Surgeries 1500$
Gastroenterology Surgery 4500$
Spinal Surgery 4500$
Endocrine Surgery 3550$

Note: The cost of the surgery varies. We have provided an average cost.

Bethzatha General Hospital Review

– Very quality services are been provided
– Modern technology and equipment are been used
– One of the recommended hospitals for children
– Health professional is attentive and takes good care
– Hospitality they provide to the patients’ are incredible
– Provide quick test reports
– Best doctors and specialists are present at Bethzatha Hospital.
– 24/7 services provided.

To book an appointment in Bethzatha Hospital

You can visit their website and book an appointment and get a consultant with a famous specialist.


The above article about a hospital shows that how much a hospital forms an integral part of our life from birth to death. A person visits a hospital for various reasons. It provides healthcare delivery, takes care in case of admission to the hospital, and gives us the services as needed. As we all know that Bethzatha Hospital is one of the famous hospitals in Ethiopia. The services they provide are the best treatment. It is one the hospital is growing with its technology and modern equipment to get access to the poor community. The hospital treats every patient with a positive attitude.

Contact Details of Bethzatha Hospital

Address of Bethzatha Hospital

Ratings of Bethzatha Hospital

Landmark location of Bethzatha Hospital

To book an appointment with Bethzatha Hospital

2Q73+4XF, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Next to Addis Ababa Stadium

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