Kadisco General Hospital Costs and Reviews

Today’s article is been based on one of the best hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The hospital is been known as Kadisco General Hospital (KGH). Patients visit this clinic from abroad too. So we will cover all the essential things about the hospital such as Location, address of the hospital, Kadisco General Hospital Costs, reviews, services and treatments the clinic provides, and the list of specialized doctors’ names.

About Kadisco General Hospital

A leading paint manufacturing company, Kadisco Chemical Industry, Kadisco group, and SMATARA forwarding company has established Kadisco General Hospital in 2007. Kadisco Hospital is also known as the sister of Kadisco Group. The hospital is been established to provide healthcare services to every people in Addis Ababa. The main objective of establishing Kadisco Hospital is to secure society with modern health care preventive and proper diagnostic health practices. It is situated in a wide flat area in the Gerji region also known as 46 mazorya. If we talk about the accommodation in the Kadisco Hospital, it has a grand entrance, wide reception, corridors, spacious health care units, bedrooms, medical equipment units, etc. KGH was been also established as Mother and Child Hospital. It became a general hospital with the consent of the Federal Ministry of Health.

Why choose Kadisco Hospital?

  • The hospital maintains its every space and corners clean.
  • Uses of staffing and medical equipment effectively
  • Provide visitors and patients comfort
  • Staff members are professional, and deliver health services efficiently and effectively.
  • The atmosphere in the hospital inspires the health of the patients
  • Hospitals provide credit facilities including Banks and insurance, ECA, etc.

Kadisco Hospital’s 3 Pillars


Kadisco Hospital’s mission is to provide high-quality healthcare accessibility to every citizen.


Their vision is to most efficient, courteous, and competent provider of comprehensive health care.


As Kadisco hospital has many departments, their goal is to expand more departments such as telepathology, ophthalmology to meet every requirements of the society.


In Clinical Services:

General Medicine

Surgical Services

Specialized Surgery
General Surgery

Diagnostic Services:

Ultraviolet Light Treatment

Auxiliary Services


Other Services

Nursing Services
Airport pickup
Local transportation booking
Medical records transfer
Parking Available
Bed Rooms
Cleaning Department


  • Gastroenterology – Endoscopy and Colonoscopy
  • General Surgery – Hernia Repair
  • Gynecology – Breast Exam and Pelvic Adhesiolysis
  • Orthopedics – Diagnostic Arthroscopy, Knee Arthroscopy, Bone Fracture Treatment, Ankle Fracture Treatment, Achilles Tendon Rupture, and Ankle Arthroscopy.
  • Spinal Surgery – Spine Surgery
  • Urology – Kidney Stones Treatment, Cystoscopy, Prostatectomy, and Bladder Stone Removal.


Laparoscopic surgery Appendix
Major and minor surgery Urinary problems
Dermatologic surgery Urine analysis
Dermatoscopy examination Bacteriology
Skin electro-cautery therapy Body fluid analysis
Skin Ultraviolet ENT and head & neck surgery
Skin biopsy Facial paralysis
vitiligo Mammography
Sinusitis Echocardiography
Epicondylitis Prostate surgery
Myalgis cystoscopy
Lumphatic system compression therapy Ureterolithiasis
Gum treatment Hemorrhoid
Root canal treatment Endoscopy
Oral surgery Colonoscopy
Full and half denture Gastric surgery
Arthroscopic surgery Gastroenterology disorder
Ankle and elbow disorders Allergy and asthma cases

Kadisco Hospital Doctors List

Dr. Kassahun Habtemariam
Dr. Eudaldo Gonzalez
Dr. Gada Lelisa
Dr. Fuad Temam
Dr. Samia Ibrahmin
Dr. Abraham Asnake
Dr. Adib Yusuf
Dr. Addisu Andargie
Dr. Workeabeba Abebe
Dr. Edom Girma
Dr. Husnia Hussen
Dr. Abrahman Tadele
Dr. Samia Ibrahim
Dr. Tilahum Zeleke
Dr. Alexander Mohammed
Dr. Getachew Desta
Dr. Kamilla Bartura

Latest Treatment in Kadisco Hospital

In 2022, Project Harar was been conducted at Kadisco General Hospital on a six-year-old boy Kassahun (Cleft Surgery was been done).

Kadisco General Hospital Reviews

  • Supportive doctors
  • Discussing openly and everything in detail before surgery
  • Staff are caring and understanding
  • Working accordingly to the medical ethics
  • one of the best hospital
  • Modern equipment and excellent caring services
  • One of the recommended hospitals.

Book an Appointment at Kadisco General Hospital

To book an appointment, you can visit the Kadisco Hospital website and contact them to book an appointment and get a consultant.
You consult KGH for treatments such as Pediatric, Laboratory analysis, ENT treatments, Orthopedics, OBY-Gyn, etc.

Kadisco General Hospital Costs

If a patient undergoes surgery in Ethiopian Country then on average it will cost 240 USD, and the direct medical cost with any medical insurance or something will be around 297 to 611 USD.
Some factors that are been considered while planning surgery costs. Such as:
The doctor’s experience
Quality of the hospital services
Pre-operative examination
Post-operative care
Techniques, equipment, and methods are been used
Room categories

In addition, some other important factors includes:
International patient services
teams of doctors and surgeons
location of the hospital and transportation, etc.

What is Kadisco Hospital Address?

Road to Gergi Giorgis, Gerji 46 Mazorya, Ethiopia

How many employees are working at Kadisco General Hospital?

Less than 30 employees

What is Kadisco General Hospital Industry?

It is the industry of Hospitals and Physicians Clinics, Medical and Surgical Hospitals

Visiting Hours at Kadisco Hospital

At Kadisco Hospital you can visit 24/7.

Rating and Reviews,

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Very good0%

Caring Cancer Therapy at Kadisco General Hospital

April 8, 2024

The cancer therapy I had at Kadisco General Hospital undeniably remained the best experience I have ever had to date. When checked in, I felt welcomed and gained the confidence that I was in safe hands. The oncology team has shown unbelievable compassion and a high level of professionalism with me during this journey, helping me through every hurdle of the cancer treatment process.

Additionally, the hospital’s cutting-edge equipment and facilities allowed for the efficacy of my treatment and gave me the confidence that the care I was getting was outstanding. Although it presented me with some tremendous challenges, cancer has been a more leisurely journey by the hospital personnel who were there to serve my interests and well-being.


Superb Nephrology Care at Kadisco General Hospital

April 8, 2024

My experience in nephrology at Kadisco General Hospital greatly surpassed my preconceptions. I am very impressed by their personalized care and high level of professional knowledge. From the comprehensive check-ups to the elaborate explanations of possible treatment plans, I sensed a sense of security and positivity regarding the care I was getting.

On top of this, the facilities were maintained consistently, making the place more pleasant when I visited. Notwithstanding the challenges posed by the intricacy of my case, Kadisco General Hospital’s team ensured that they personalized my attention and afforded me the best treatment that catered to my kidney health.

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