International Hospital Kampala Review and Costs


International Hospital Kampala (IHK) is been operational since 2000 from small premises in Old Kampala. The present location is operational since 2004. It was been founded by Dr. Ian Clarke. He is a general practitioner and a medical specialist. IHK is the first hospital to do open heart surgery and also the first in Uganda to do Laparoscopic (Keyhole) Surgery. IHK also signed an agreement with Fortis Hospital Group (FHG) in 2012. The partnership benefits from skill-sharing and training programs. International Hospital Kampala has 100 private bed capacity and is part of International Medical Group (IMG – the largest healthcare group in Uganda). The major services offered since its opening are Antenatal Care, Physiotherapy, Pediatrics, Trauma Surgery, ICU, IDC Lancet Lab, OPDs, 24 hrs. emergency and Accident Cases, and Emergency Ambulance.

IHK considering social responsibility came up with an initiative and started “Hope Ward” in 2006. It aims to provide complex treatment. Initially, it was been dedicated towards medical and surgical war, but it turns out to be a pediatric ward as it is the most needed for an hour. Patients include Trauma Victims, Cancer-related complications, HIV-related complications, Burns and acid attacks, Fistula patients, and congenital disabilities. They also provide free treatment of HIV and TB through Touch Namuwongo Clinic, Community outreaches, and an International Medical Initiative.

About International Hospital Kampala

IHK is the only hospital accredited by COHSASA (The Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa) in Uganda and one of the two in East Africa. The hospital offers surgery in various specialty services such as Dermatology, Psychiatry, Radiology, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Reconstructive Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Nephrology, Cardiology, Urology, Oncology, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Neonatology, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Robotic Surgery, and General Surgery. IMF (International Medical Foundation) it serves as the charity arm of IMG since 1999. It includes IHK, IMC (International Medical Centre Clinic, and IAA (International Air Ambulance). Various partners work towards its development such as NACWOLA, Infectious Disease Institute, Comic Relief and Positive Action for Children, Target TB, Civil Society Fund, Apar Foundation, Kampala Audiology Center, International Medical Group, and Ministry of Health-Uganda.

Years of Existence 22
Bed Occupancy 100
Specialists 80+
Employees 367+
ICU Beds 10
Neonatal Beds 8
Operation Theaters 4
Critical care Ambulance 1
Vision Healthcare that meets International Standards
Mission To improve healthcare standards in Uganda, through research, innovation, education, and community-based services
  • Ethical and Sustainability
  • Excellence at Core
  • People At Heart

Latest New Article on IHK

  • International Hospital Kampala is been rebranded to C-care IHK. C-care is a multinational healthcare group, Ciel Group, based in Mauritius.
  • In collaboration with IHK, Rotary District 9214, comprising Uganda and Tanzania joined the rest world to mark World Polio Day by administering polio vaccines to 0-5 age children.

Radiology – International Hospital Kampala

  • International Hospital Kampala is one of the best hospitals for radiology services.
  • Radiology services are been accredited by COHSASA and certified by Atomic Energy Council
  • Provide the best diagnostic outcome.
  • Radiologists are been licensed by Dental Practitioners Council and Uganda Medical.
  • Services such as all-digital Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS).
  • Inpatient services include CT Scans, X-rays, Ultrasounds, Mammograms, Angiography, and C-arm as theatre-based fluoroscopy, and Interventional radiology procedures
  • Outpatient Services include X-rays, Ultrasounds, CT Scans, and Mammograms.


A general X-ray of the body is been provided. It is the technology used to examine various parts of the body such as:

  • Bones and Teeth – Fractures and Infections, Bone Cancer, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, and Dental Decay.
  • Chest – Enlarged heart, Lung infections, and breast cancer
  • Abdomen – Intestinal blockage, swallowed items, and digestive tract problems.

CT Scans

It uses to move X-ray tubes and computers to acquire images and analyze the data.

Some instructions to follow before the examination:

  • Well-hydrated body. No solid foods for 4 to 6 hours.
  • Inform the doctor if you have any allergies or Asthma problems
  • Any renal diseases
  • If you are pregnant avoid any exposure to CT and X-rays.


  • Ultrasound scan is a safe and painless test. It creates images of glands, organs, abnormal lumps, and other structures such as muscles, joints, and tendons. And also used to check unborn babies.
  • To detect abnormalities of heart structures. This scan is been called Echocardiography (ECG).
  • Ultrasound scan is been used to diagnose problems in internal organs such as the Neonatal brain, Appendix, Bladder, Kidneys, Testes, Ovaries, Lymph nodes, Pancreas, Gallbladder, and liver. And external organs such as Vessels, Penis, Scrotum, thyroid, Joints, Muscles and Tendons, eyes, and Breast.


A low-dose X-ray exam of the breasts. A mammogram allows a closer look into the changes in breast tissue.

Some guidelines to prepare for a Mammogram:

  • Try to avoid mammogram appointments during the week before the period.
  • If you have any breast implants then make sure to tell the radiology team before the appointment.
  • If you have mammograms beforehand make sure to bring all the films to examine with the new one.

Interventional Radiology (IR)

It offers advanced treatment options. It treats with less risk and shorter hospital stays.

Interventional Radiology is been used to manage several conditions such as:

  • Genitourinary (kidneys, uterus, testes)
  • Abdomen (stomach, intestine, liver, kidneys)
  • Musculoskeletal (spine, bones, joints)
  • Central nervous system (spine, brain)
  • Heart and Vascular (Hemodialysis access, veins, arteries)
  • Chest (respiratory system, lungs)
  • Soft tissues.

Benefits of IR:

  • Minimally invasive procedures are been performed.
  • Minimize the patient’s discomfort and recovery period.
  • It requires local anesthesia.
  • Post-procedural care is also provided.
  • Techniques used are:
    • Ultrasound
    • Angiography
    • Fluoroscopy
    • Computed Tomography

Cost of Radiology Services in Uganda

  • X-Ray shs20,000-50,000 (5.33-13.33 USD)
  • MRI Scan Shs650,000-700,000 (173.27-186 USD)
  • CT Scan Shs120,000-200,000 (31.99-53.31 USD)

Services and Treatment

Accident and Emergency

– 24/7 standby Nurses and different Specialists for any emergency.
– The emergency room is been equipped with emergency trolleys, Defibrillators, resuscitation Equipped with Cardiac monitors, and a trauma room.

Ambulance Services

– Critical Care Ambulance is been provided with full equipment.
– Trained ICU medical doctors and nurses in advanced Cardiac life support, Basic Trauma Life Support, and other critical care training
– Basic Life Support – Nurse, Paramedic with basic first aid.
– Advanced Cardiac Life Support – Intensivists with high-tech equipment such as ABC Gas Analyzers, Ventilators, etc.

Children Center

At Children Center they provide services such as
– Respiratory, Neonatal, Sickle Cell, Neuro Clinic, and Pediatric Surgical Clinics.
– Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for handling critically ill babies.
– Child evidence-based care
– Vaccination
– Pediatric lab
– Radiology Services
– Newborn care for newborn babies
– Routine check-ups

Women’s Center

– Gynae-Oncology
– Antenatal Care Services
– Fertility Consultation
– General Gynecology
– Postnatal Care Services
– Antenatal Classes


This department provides a wide range of physiotherapy classes such as

– HIV Classes
– Post-Cardiac Surgery
– Core Stability
– Diabetic and Hypertensive
– Hydrotherapy
– Postnatal and Antenatal
– Ergonomics

Outpatient Services

– Wellness checkups
– General Doctor Consultation
– Treatment of Minor Ailments
– Travel Vaccines

Optical Center

It is been run by an Ophthalmologist who is been supported by optometrists and Opticians.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

  • International Hospital Kampala is unique for its
    • highly intensivist experience available 24hrs
    • Compassionate and highly nursing team.
    • IHK has the only ICU in Uganda with a CRRT machine.
  • Conditions managed are:
    • Advanced obstetric critical care
    • Life-threatening medical emergencies
    • Advanced cardiac support
  • Highly infectious disease care e.g.: Marburg, Ebola
  • Kidney Dialysis
  • Post-transplant care
  • Adv. respiratory support
  • Newborn intensive care
  • Adv. neuro support
  • Pediatric intensive care

Inpatient Care

Facilities or Items provided to patients:

  • Mackintosh
  • Mattress
  • Sanitary pads
  • Mosquito net
  • Toilet paper
  • Basin
  • Pillow and Pillow Case
  • Bed Sheets
  • Blanket
  • Private rooms with additional items are also available.

Dental Care

-Maxillofacial Surgery
-Dental Checkup
-Dental X-rays and CT scans
-Dental Implants

Dental Care Cost in Uganda

Consultant Fees are around 15.99 USD. If you want any specific treatment you can fill out the given form on the website.

Amenities and Facilities for Patients

IHK cares the most about its patients be they, inpatients or outpatients. But inpatients are more careful because they have gone through the surgery and the patients are in the stage of the recovery period. So for inpatients they provide

  • Electronically operated hospital beds
  • Nurse call system
  • Personal Telephone for local and international calls
  • Bathroom
  • Cable TV
  • Refrigerator.

Medical Insurance at IHK

IHK accepts most health insurance providers to give the best treatment with budget-friendly.

  • IAA Healthcare
  • Prudential
  • UAP
  • Jubilee Insurance
  • Allianz
  • First Insurance Company of Hawaii
  • Cigna
  • International SOS
  • MetLife
  • Britam
  • Insurance Company of East Africa
  • Liberty
  • Aetna
  • BUPA International
  • GMC Services
  • AAR Insurance
  • SH International Europe assistance
  • Resolution Insurance, and many more

International Patients at IHK

  • International Hospital Kampala is been dedicated to providing a comfortable experience for international patients.
    Specially trained staff is present for effective communication between the providers.
  • Critical Care ambulance is also on standby to provide emergency treatments

To Refer a Patient to IHK

To refer any patient to International Hospital Kampala you can contact the referring physician at the provided hotline and gather all information. Such as scheduling and confirming the patient appointment, receiving assistance in case of services-related issues, and with specialists in IHK.

  • To schedule an appointment you need to submit information about the patient such as:
  • Demographic information about the patient.
  • Reason for visit
  • Once the patient arrives any special needs that you require.
  • Any insurance information (If any).

IHK Specialist Services

Cardiology Services

  • Cardiovascular problems are been caused by Abnormal heart rhythms.
  • It provides services to Pediatric and Adult Cardiology.
  • Services include diagnosis, prevention, advanced treatment, and follow-up.

Cost of Cardiologist Treatment

In 2018, the first coronary artery bypass surgery operation was been operated by an Uganda team, It consist of 14 healthcare specialists, and the surgery goes around 10-hour, and was been billed at Shs18 million (US$5000).

Orthopedic Surgery

Cost of Orthopedic Surgery in Uganda

  • Implant cost 137 USD
  • External Fixation 600 USD
  • Arthroplasty 971 USD
  • Non-operative Treatment 11 USD

Dermatology Services

  • It provides care related to the hair, skin, nails, and Genitals.
  • Treatment includes Eczema, Dermatitis. And common problems such as pimples, dark spots, etc.
  • Areas of Interest: Cosmetic Dermatology, Venereology, General skin conditions, and hair and nail conditions.

Cost of Dermatologists in Uganda

  • To visit for consultation will cost you somewhere around 150 USD.
  • If you need any specific type of surgery you can ask during the visit with the physician.


  • Provides a wide range of procedures including Laparoscopic Procedures (Keyhole Surgery).
  • 24 hours presence.

Cost of Laparoscopic Surgery in Uganda

  • In a private hospital, it will cost you about 4 to 5 million Shillings (1066-1332 USD)
  • And in government facilities, it will cost you about 50,000 to 1 million Shillings. (13.33-266.57 USD)

Nephrology Services

  • It is the branch of Medicine concerned with Kidneys.
  • Outpatient and inpatient general Nephrology and Dialysis care is been provided.


  • The dialysis unit provides both Chronic and acute therapy.
  • Specialized services are Vascular access for the conduct of Therapeutic Hemodialysis, CRRT contains Renal Replacement Therapy.

Cost of Dialysis in Uganda

  • In Public Hospitals, each dialysis can cost around 20 USD to 45 USD. Whereas, in private Hospital can cost you 90 USD to 150 USD
  • Continuous RRT costs about 2000 USD per session for 24-72 hours.

General Surgery

  • Reconstructive Surgery and Burns (Skin graft, Flaps, Abdominal Plasty)
  • Diagnostic Laparoscopy
  • Breast Health and Breast Cancer
  • Laser Surgeries for Varicose veins and Hemorrhoids
  • Surgical Gastroenterology (Esophageal Cancers, Stomach ulcers, Cancers, Volvulus and perforation, Liver, pancreas and biliary tree conditions, Colo-rectal)
  • Laparoscopic Procedure (Hernias, Cholelithiasis, Appendicitis)
  • Endoscopic Procedures including ERCP

ENT Surgery

International Hospital Kampala is been partnered with Kampala Audiology and Speech Center to introduce Cochlear Implant Surgery in Uganda. Cochlear Implant is a small electronic device that stimulates the cochlear nerve. The procedure manages from severe to profound Sensorineural hearing loss.

ENT surgeries are been required if

  • Injuries to the face
  • Head or Neck tumors
  • Swallowing Disorders
  • Tonsillitis
  • Vocal Cord Disorders
  • Throat problems
  • Frequent Sinus Pain
  • Frequent Ear Infections with Puss disorders

Cost of ENT Surgeries in Uganda

  • Open Revision Rhinoplasty 1679 USD
  • Closed Nose Job 1679 USD
  • Consultant fees are 144 to 268 USD

Gastroenterologist Services

The services of a Gastroenterologist procedure provided in IHK are

  • Endoscopic procedures.
  • Breast Oncology.
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Benign biliary and Gall Bladder diseases.
  • Hepatobiliary and Gall Bladder Cancer Surgery.
  • Surgery of Pancreatic Cancer and Benign diseases.
  • Advanced upper and Lower GI Onco-surgery.

Cost of Gastroenterologists in Uganda

  • Colonoscopy 79.97 USD
  • Endoscopy 1066 USD


The neurosurgery department is been equipped with advanced technology and facilities which includes

  • an operating microscope for complex surgery procedures
  • Advanced drill
  • Neuro monitor Neurosurgical diagnostics (40-slice Phillips Brilliance CT scan with automatic injector).

Nutrition Services

  • Specialized Nutrition care and Support for Sportsmen and women, Vegetarians, the Elderly, Pregnant women, Infants, and young children, and weight management.
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for
    • GI problems like peptic ulcers, oral sores, diarrhea, and low appetite.
    • NCDs example, diabetes, High BP
    • Chronic Conditions, e.g.., HIV, cancer, and cardiac disease
    • Under and over nutrition
    • ICU nutrition care
  • Nutritional Assessment

Specialized Doctors at IHK

  • Dr. Miriam Mutero-Musinga
  • Dr. Annet Kugonza Khingi
  • Dr. Charity M. Mubeezi
  • Dr. Shiba Nahurira
  • Dr. Irene Nakalema
  • Dr. Tiri Moses
  • Dr. Eduard Khandazhaphov
  • Dr. Valeria Nabbosa
  • Dr. Sekimpi Patrick
  • Dr. Professor Moses Galukande
  • Dr. Sharon Nassuna
  • Dr. Emmanuel Okullo
  • Physiotherapist George Irumba
  • Dr. James Kayima
  • Dr. Lakor Francis
  • Dr. Jean Marie Vianney
  • Dr. Tiri Moses
  • Dr. Esther Nakandha
  • Dr. Victor Amanya Akura
  • Dr. Racheal Ayikoru
  • Dr. Justin Onen
  • Dr. Faith Muhindo
  • Dr. Jacob Ntende

International Hospital Kampala Review

  • Follows their core values while treating a patient.
  • Provide great services
  • Radiology Department is the best in Uganda.
  • Take care of every patient
  • The best thing about IHK is that the patient department is also available. ( It is somewhat like a waiting room for
  • outpatients)
  • The facilities IHK provides are comprehensive.
  • Patient-centric approach
  • Doctors are been experienced and knowledgeable
  • A nutritionist is also available to take care of the diet (if the patient’s requirement is there)

Contact Details of IHK

Contact No. of IHK Contact Us or Visit the website to
To book an Appointment with IHK Fill out the form to get a specialized doctor appointment .
Address of IHK Plot 4686 Barnabas Rd, Kampala, Uganda

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