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St. Francis Hospital Nsambya also known as Nsambya Hospital. It is been located in Kampala, Uganda. In 1903 Nsambya Hospital was been started as a dispensary by Mother Mary Kevin Kearney, and later in 1906, it became a hospital. The hospital is a faith-based Not-for-Profit hospital. They got their first resident in 1922 (DR. Evelyn Connolly). Later joined the Franciscan Sisters under the name Sister Assumpta. She started Nursing School at Nsambya Hospital in 1935. Nsambya Hospital at the launching of the Royal Commission of Medical Services in Uganda was officially partnered with Govt. of Uganda. Sister Assumpta was an Internal Medicine Specialist in 1967. Nsambya Hospital leads as the first non-governmental hospital to train medical interns in 1977 along with Mulago, Jinja, and Mbale Hospitals.

About St Francis Hospital – Nsambya

St. Francis Hospital Nsambya is presently owned by Kampala Archdiocese and accredited by Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau. It operated as a large private hospital with a bed capacity of 440 and its mission is to provide sustainable quality care, training, and research to a health worker to who is economically unstable. The clinical care departments include public health, in-patient and outpatient services, and critical and emergency care. The hospital is been affiliated with Nsambya Hospital Training School which offers diploma and certificate courses. The specialist services that offer are internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics, and gynecology. And the specialized services are orthopedics, eye care, endoscopy, laparoscopy, urology, endocrinology, HIV/AIDS, mammography, emergency, and accidents.

Recently, Nsambya Hospital has built and expanded the OPD Department and Pharmacy. An average of 19000 admissions every year and 300 outpatients every day with 5500 deliveries annually. Uganda Martyrs University signed an agreement with Nsambya Hospital to establish PG Medical School at the hospital. Now they provide a PG degree of Master of Medicine (M.Med) in General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecologic, and Pediatrics.

Nsambya Hospital Radiology Department

  • Radiology is the use of imaging for the diagnosis and treatment of disease visualized in the body.
  • Technology that is been used by a radiologist and radiographers is Ultrasound Scans, X-rays, Mammography, and CT Scans.
  • Services offered

    • CT Scan: Vessel CT, Head CT, Heart CT, Neck CT, Limb CT, Chest CT, Pelvic CT, Abdominal CT Scan
    • Plain X-rays: Limb, Head, Neck, Back, Chest, Pelvic, Plain X-rays
    • Ultrasound Scan: 3D Scans, Pregnancy Scan, General abdomen scan, breast scan, blood vessels scan, infertility scan, blood vessels scan, children scan, abdominal scan.`
  • A patient needs a Radiologist when

    • She is Pregnant
    • Swelling or mass in the body
    • Head injury
    • broken bone and limb
    • pain in any part of the body
    • Any blood clot
  • Preparation before visiting any Radiologist

    • For Cardiac CT: If your heart rate is normal then it is good to go. But, if it is not normal then you will be under medication after you get the normal heart rate than you will go through the scan.
    • Ultrasound Scan: Drink lots of water or overnight fasting. As suggested by the doctor.
    • CT Scan: For Abdominal and Pelvic CT scans may be under dietary advice or overnight fasting.
    • X-rays: no preparation is been required.

Nsambya Hospital Pediatric Department

  • There is a long history of providing pediatric services at Nsambya Hospital.
  • The aim is to provide excellent, innovative, and safe services.
  • Pediatric Department is of 3 sections: Outpatient dept., in-patient-NICU, and St. Theresa Ward (for 1 month-12 years)
  • Bed Capacity – 80 beds
  • The team comprised of 7 pediatricians, 3 senior house officers, and 4 Junior House Officers.
  • Nurses, midwives, and staff are also present to provide care.
  • In 2015 NICU was been opened with an avg. 2000 admission and in 2017 it grows to 2500.
  • Treatment offers in Premature babies, epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis, chest and asthma difficulty, sickle cell, and pediatric diabetes.

Nsambya Hospital Internal Medicine Department

  • 5 Senior Physicians in the department.
  • Beds capacity: Male ward (28 beds), female ward (19 beds), high dependency unit (2 beds), OLF Private ward (18 beds).
  • Also opened for Medical outpatient, physiotherapy, and Rehabilitation Medicine.
  • Specialized clinics include Gastroenterology, Diabetes mellitus, Cardiology (ECG and ECHO Services), Neurology, and General Medicine.
  • Newly added ICU with 10 beds, and dialysis unit with 4 beds
  • Lab and Radiology services are also provided.

Nsambya Hospital Oncology Department

  • It is one of the newly established departments to address the need for cancer care in Uganda.
  • Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology opened Cervical Cancer Unit in 2009 to create awareness among mothers who came to Nsambya hospital.
  • In 2010, the Department of Surgery was also open for cervical cancer screening and paid more attention to breast cancer screening.
  • Nsambya Hospital was been supported by AISPO, Cytecare Cancer Hospitals, Apollo Hospital, Chennai, Uganda Cancer Institute, and Oncology for Africa.
  • The staffing members at Oncology Department: Oncology nurses, Clinical Psychologist, Medical Oncologists, Surgical Oncologists, Gyn. Oncologists, Reproductive Health Specialists, Nutritionists, Auxiliary Support Staff, Palliative Care Nurses, and Medical Officers.

Other Departments

  • Dental
  • Dialysis
  • Laboratory
  • Medicine
  • Oncology
  • OPD General
  • Pediatrics and NICU (Neonatal ICU)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Radiology
  • Surgery
  • Training
  • Home Care

Doctors at Nsambya Hospital

  • Dr. Maria Nannyonga Musoke
  • Dr. Erem Geoffrey
  • Dr. Nakibuuka Victoria
  • Dr. Martin Mugenyi
  • Dr. Nabankema Evelyn
  • Dr. Kabasindi Lillian

Nsambya Hospital Home Care Units are

  • Community Volunteers’ unit
  • Pharmacy Unit
  • Laboratory Unit
  • Counseling Unit
  • Nursing Unit
  • Psycho-social unit
  • M&E/Data Unit
  • Medical Unit
  • Administration Unit

Services Offered at Nsambya Hospital

Breast cancer screening
Cardiothoracic clinic
Cardiothoracic surgery
Conservative Dentistry
Dental surgery
Electrical Stimulation (T.E.N.S)
Endodontic treatment
ENT surgery
Exercise (well equipped Gymnasium)
General surgery
Heat/Ice therapy
HIV/AIDS treatment
Home Visiting
Laparoscopic surgery
Maxilla-Facial Surgical procedures
Ophthalmology / Eye clinic
Oral Health Education
Orthodontic therapy
Orthopedic surgery
Out Patient
Short Wave Diathermy
TRACTIOM (Lumbar and Cervical)
Training correct use of Orthotics and Assistive devices
Training good posture
Ultra Sound
Ultra Violet/InInfrared

Laboratory Test Offered at Nsambya

Biochemical urine analysis
Blood grouping rhesus factor and compatibility tests
Blood, stool, and urine parasitological tests
Bone and cardiac profile
Bone marrow examination
CD4/CD8 cell count
Coagulation and metabolism tests
Culture and sensitivity of microorganisms
Cytology, immuno-histochemistry, and histology investigations
Direct/Indirect Coomb’s testing
Fasting Lipid profile
Full blood count and film comment
Gene Xpert (sputum and blood)
HIV, Hepatitis B/C Viral load
Liver and Renal function tests
MTB culture and sensitivity
Pancreatic function test
Protein and hemoglobin electrophoresis
Public diagnostic camps like VCT
Serology and immunoassay tests for infectious pathogens
Sickle test and ESR
Tumor and reproductive markers

Training and Research

  • It comprises Nursing, Midwifery, and Lab Schools.
  • In 1919, she started to train midwifery to develop staff that would help to handle obstetrical problems.
  • The goal is to produce professional health workers and provide quality services
  • The mission is to provide health personnel enriched with theoretical knowledge and evidence-based practice.
  • Future courses going to be open are Bachelor in Medical Laboratory, Evening courses(Nursing), and Computer courses.

Core values

  • Professionalism
  • Mutual staff respect
  • Commitment to Catholic values
  • Integrity
  • Equitable treatment of external and internal clients
  • Hard work and provision of quality services

St. Francis Nsambya Hospital Review

  • Fast and dedicated services are been delivered on time.
  • Staff such as nurses are very caring and trained people.
  • Various types are lab tests are available and reports are been given very quickly.
  • Perfect hospital to learn and work parallelly.
  • Very good hospital to experience the best treatment.
  • The hospital is good at handling patients
  • The emergency and critical care unit has the best surgeon.
  • First hospital to work independently and provide the best services
  • Use the best technology
  • Their approach is patient-centric
  • The cost of treatment is very affordable.
  • The gynecology and Pediatric department are famous at Nsambya Hospital.
  • Cooperative and caring doctors.
  • Operations are smooth and taken care of very nicely after surgery
  • And at last Nsambya Hospital is also a highly-recommended hospital and an ideal hospital in Uganda.

St Francis Nsambya Hospital Cost

Popular Surgeries at Kampala
Avg. Cost of Surgeries at Kampala
Oncology Surgery 8000
Pediatric Surgery 2500 – 7000
ENT Surgery 2000 – 7000
Laparoscopic Surgery 8000 – 12,000
Urology Surgery 3000 – 5000
Orthopedic Surgery 1000 – 3000
Cardiology 3500
Hematology 1000-2500
Nephrology 4500
Endocrinology 1425-15000
Gastroenterology 3500-4500
Neurology 3000-9000
Obstetrics and Gynecology 2000
Dermatology and Venereology 600-2000

Above table shows the estimated cost of any surgeries. In general if you are going for any medical surgeries your surgery cost will be around

  • Accommodation charges
  • Food Facility
  • Therapy section (if any)
  • Consultation with doctor
  • Follow-up session
  • Medical charges
  • Specialist Doctor
  • The hospital you are opting for surgery
  • Pre-examination
  • Post recovery period

Frequently Asked Questions.

How much does antenatal at Nsambya Hospital charge?

In the general maternity ward, it is free services. But, support services such as food and accommodation, specialist doctors. All of them can charge you around Shs250,000 (67.64 USD)

Who is the current owner of Nsambya Hospital?

The hospital is been owned by Kampala Archdiocese.

How many beds are there at St Francis Nsambya Hospital?

There are around 440 beds.

How much C-section is been charged at St. Francis Nsambya Hospital?

The C-section can charge you around Shs1.1m.

How to contact Nsambya Hospital?

You can contact us or visit the official website.

What is the address of St. Francis Nsambya hospital?

Nsambya Road Nsambya Hill/ Box 7146 Nsambya Estate Rd, Kampala, Uganda

How much is the consultant fee at St. Francis Nsambya Hospital?

The consultant fee is around Shs10,000 (2.71 USD) for a general doctor and for a specialist doctor shs20,000 (5.41 USD)

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